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(Volume Two)

By Urban Word Collective


(Volume Two)

By Urban Word Collective

Compiled by Shaun Clarke

© 2017 Urban Word Collective

ISBN: 9781912092574

First published in 2017 by Arkbound Ltd (Publishers)

Cover image by Shamile Haline and Emily Godwin

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Arkbound is a social enterprise that aims to promote social inclusion, community development and artistic talent. It sponsors publications by disadvantaged authors and covers issues that engage wider social concerns. Arkbound fully embraces sustainability and environmental protection. It endeavours to use material that is renewable, recyclable or sourced from sustainable forest.


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Upper York Street

Bristol BS2 8QJ



(Volume Two)


  1. SAJU AHMED – Stone Home

  2. DAN AUDIO – Be the Change

  3. NATHANIEL BENSON - Crimson sky

  4. KELLY BOYLE – Love All That You are

  5. MESHACH R BRENCHER – Climate Change

  6. ROGER GRIFFITH – In search of a King, Identity, and My Kings as Heroes

  7. TOM BURGESS – Evolution as Elevation and The Universe is as BIG as My Heart



  10. ANNDELORIS M. CHACON – Giver and Receiver and Love… Listen… Share!

  11. MILES CHAMBERS – I Wanna Be Treated Normal and Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?

  12. LUCY CLARK - When a Packet of Space Raiders was 10p

  13. MAMA D – Fearlessness

  14. STEVE DEEGAN – Safe as Houses

  15. JOEL DOUGLAS – Lyrics and Shade

  16. SUKINA DOUGLAS – Black Girl Twirl

  17. SHAREEFA ENERGY – Inner Peace

  18. //KABBO FERDINAND – An Ode to the Mask I Wore

  19. JASMINE KETIBUAH FOLEY - Tell us your Stories

  20. LAUREN LIVING HARRISON – BiPolar and Emerald City

  21. DOMINIC HESLOP - Floetry

  22. LAWRENCE HOO – Dislocation and Power

  23. DAREECE JAMES – Black Womanhood

  24. NATTYLYN JEFFERS – Free-Dem Fighters

  25. CHLOE ROSE LAING – Your Calling

  26. CHARMAINE LAWRENCE – Walk Through Me

  27. CLEO LAKE – Plucked

  28. ALEXIA LINDSAY – The Disconnect

  29. RUSS LITTEN – Apricity

  30. EMFYAHSIS MD – The Soil

  31. ROB MITCHELL – This Moment and Alone-liness

  32. SAI MURRAY – Kwansabas for Climate Justice

  33. SOLOMON O.B - Patterns of Behaviour

  34. DAVID PUNTER – The Ballad of Refuge

  35. RANA JAI RAJPUT – My Philosophy

  36. RAZOR – Can You Feel Me Not

  37. RICKY VENEL STONE – Let Me Write

  38. REBECCA TANTONY – Tiny Mountains

  39. ALYX TAMMINEN – Warrior Queen

  40. HANNAH M. TEASDALE – Requiem for a Dream

  41. WALTRAUD POPISCHIL - Donna Quixote

  42. TANYA MUNEERA WILLIAMS – Her Name is Hip-Hop


Contents 9

Acknowledgments 12

Preface 14

Let Me Write… 16

Dislocation 19

Tiny Mountains 20

Donna Quixote 23

I Wanna Be Treated Normal 26

Work Through Me 31

Plucked 33

This Disconnect 35

Black Womanhood 36

Requiem for a Dream 39

Power 44

This Moment 45

Black Girl Twirl 47

Alone-liness 51

Evolution as Elevation 53

Free-dem Fighters 55

Your Calling 58

Safe as Houses [LS6] 60

Be the Change 64

Warrior Queen 66

Climate Change 67

Lyrics and Shade 70

Apricity 74

An Ode to the Mask I Wore 76

Giver and Receiver 81

Love… Listen… Share! 82

When a Packet of Space Raiders Was 10p 83

Crimson Sky 85

The Soil 86


Can U Feel Me, Not? 91

Bi-Polar 94

Emerald City 96

The Universe Is As Big As My Heart 98

The Ballad of Refuge 100

Tell Us Your Stories 102

Patterns of Behaviour 104

Love All That You Are 107

My Philosophy 110

Kwansabas for Climate Justice 113

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot? 115

Inner Peace 118

Stone Home 120

Her Name is Hip-Hop 122

In Search of a King and Identity 126

Floetry 127

Celf 129

My Kings and Heroes 130



Humungous thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen:-

To the Publisher Arkbound, Crowdfunder supporters of our 2017 campaign, which raised over a third of our target: Barry Clarke, Becs Griffiths, Emmanuelle Guerinet, Gyn Smith, Frances Macfarlane, David Milward, Glen Darby, Rohan Cook, Chris Bishop, Renate Schipper, Claudette Clarke, Kev Bunn, Alison Gordon, Jane Cooney, Goosh, Barbi Lukas, Pete Concheeney, Nigel Boney, Michael Thaxter, Kath Hockey, Chris Bishop, Renate, Mike Steel, Jane Cooney, Craig Daveridge, Rohan Cook, Lee Gorman, Nick Halahan, and Mo Secka.

To those who contributed funding and other key work: Arkbound Publishers, Arts Council England, MO Shop, David Ward, Nigel Boney, Chris Bishop – not to forget our families for tolerating our perseverance!

Also thanks to Lauren Living Harrison for your efforts and encouragement, Diverse Arts Network and Ujima Radio for the exposure, and PoetintheCity for the extra support.

We are also grateful to Peter Kalu, Shirley May, Lawrence Hoo and Miles Chambers, FAWOHODIE, Tom Burgess and other friends and partners, including;


Full Flava Connection Show (Hull)


Streets to the Boardroom (Bristol)

Poet in the City (London)

Harbourside Festival Poetry Tent (Bristol)

Commonword Cultureword (Manchester)

Leeds Young Authors

Young Identity (Manchester)

Freedom of Mind (Bristol)

Hive South Yorkshire

BBC Bristol & Humberside

RISE Women (Bristol)

Diverse Artists Network (Bristol)

Co-Resist & Co-exist (Bristol)

The Hydro Bookshop

Spike Island (Bristol)

Finally – to all those who will buy this book and support the cause. We hope that these poems will inspire change and encourage creativity.


Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world…”

Percy Shelly (A Defence of Poetry, 1821)

Being part of Lyrically Justified has inspired me, helping my self-expression, poetically and lyrically.”

KayB (Lyrically Justified Volume 1)

Converging again with eclectic poetry and prose for the masses, this book involves non-traditional writers. It’s about raw and optimistic rhyme and reason, inspired by our times. Depending on the page it may be glad or sad, humorous or deep. It is often rhythmical, but always powerful.

This Urban Poetry anthology provides a fresh platform to promote brilliant, reflective writers who are committed to detangling a tumultuous world. It addresses political and socio-economic problems facing humanity, challenging injustice while questioning human behavior and provoking action.

Lyrically Justified connects UK-based poets from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds, who are empowered to collaborate further and to promote the book independently.

Contributors to Volume One (2016) have commented:

Superb new platform. Inclusive for unconventional writers of our time.”

Steve Duncan

"Lyrically Justified supports young poets by providing an opportunity to publish their work alongside more established poets."

Nadinne Dyen

Engaging in themes usually excluded from typical poetry.”

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol 2017

Volume Two adds to the growing community of artists making sense of the world and building a network, remaining an inspiring platform for positive change.

Let Me Write…

By Ricky Venel Stone

Let me write a soul poem, a travelling poem,

A poem going places, a poem about people,

About good, about evil,

A poem simple at its core,

About my life and about yours.

Let me write a love poem about the pains of love and loss,

About the cost of living to love and loving to live,

About giving not to receive,

But when receiving,

Knowing when to give.

Let me write a cliché poem, a head wrap, eloquent street rap poem,

A beat box, revolutionary head nod poem,

A prose poem,

An old poem,

A heated, hot, warm, cold poem.

Let me write an English poem, a distinguished poem,

A poem that doesn't mince with words,

An absurd poem,

A kiss the sky and hope to die before I try too hard poem.

Let me write a poem.

Let me write a poem about pigs and their wings,

Of policemen who do messed up things.

How each human must walk their own path,

A poem about the wicked, the bad, and the beautifully sad.

Let me write a poem about freedom,

A free myself so I can be more than self-poem,

A flow so righteous you've got to stand up and unite for this poem.

Let me write a poem.

Let me write a poem for the inside of your heart,

The lines to your favourite song,

The poetic drivel in a greetings card that some keep forever,

While others throw them away the very next day.

Let me write an amazing poem, a praised poem, an ego poem, a vent poem,

A bent poem, a straight poem, a zigzagging repaint rainbows.

I hate this poem - No, I love this poem.

I can't make my mind up poem.

Let me write a nice poem, a good vibes poem,

A back to my tribe organ grind poem,

A beat poem, a drum lick, kick of my feet poem,

A deep poem for the shallow-minded poets and a poem for the poets who don't know they’re deep.

Let me write a poem for the unknown poets,

The bedroom poets, the open-mic poets.

The poets who can really write poems.

Let me write a poem.


By Lawrence Hoo aka Hoo Law

Human categorisation is creating the declassification of our indigenous nation.

How did we go from…

One world, One people, One nation

To so much separation, segregation and devastation 

Mongoloid, Negroid,

Australoid, Caucasian,

European, American,

African, Asian…

Nigerian, Chinese,

Jamaican, Brazilian, 

Muslim, Buddhist,

Hindu, Christian…

Black, White,

Mixed, Albino

Dreadlocks, Curly,

Straight, Afro…

Human categorisation,

Is used to divide the masses, for the few,

For multi-levelled manipulation.

Tiny Mountains

By Rebecca Tantony

For the single parent

eating skinny so her children grow

into something richer than those shopping receipts.

For last years school shirts, small feet

and huge dreams.

We are moving tiny mountains together.

For the widow.

For the silence so loud it speaks

for weeks on end of the emptiness

their room shouts since his death.

For her smile, regardless, that smile

so wide the earth sits in the basin

of her mouth and whispers life.

We are moving tiny mountains together.

For his depression.

Wanting to change dead-ends

for motorways, a man so brave and bright

the sun blushes on arrival,

aware of all that quiet light

that illuminates in the centre of his skin.

We are moving tiny mountains together.


For it is from those potholes we stand tall

and shout caution to no-one.

These fun, sun-hung mornings

knowing we can see further from up here.

That the darkness was never anything to fear,

just full up of places to play hide-and-seek.

We are worth more than we think.

Hold everything close and climb steep.

Remember ourselves as golden,

as the promises we swore to keep

counting triumph on one hand

and the heartbeats in our chests,

until tiny mountains become cathedrals,

our bodies places to pray hard.


For Palestine, the men fighting a weary battle,

the children with skin as beautiful as tree bark.

For Gaza, the women with hearts exploding

as unpredictably as landmines,

for the unrequited romance,

his mouth an unsent love letter.

For the presidents with eyes

empty as motels, for all the girls

who think hip-hop’s for boys,

and the boys who think they are too weak

to ever speak in sentiment.

For the teenagers with barbwire

barriers to their voices,

voices that will never, ever fade.

For the overworked and the underpaid,

for getting up regardless of the tired,

for feeding mouths,

bloodshot eyes and yawning.

I wrote this for us all.

And the tiny mountains we climb daily,

so to see how far we have come

and how much more

there is left to discover.

Donna Quixote

By Waltraud Popischil

No, I’m not mad:

But I am Donna Quixote!

A proud woman chasing after real, important dreams.

No, I’m not escaping:

I am Donna Quixote!

Have more brains than all the top psychiatrists’ squeezed into one.

No, I’m not ignored by you for being a crazy, annoying woman:

I am Donna Quixote!

I know you are just kept imprisoned by demons.

But don’t worry you beautiful, enchanted, divine image of an angel:

I’ll fight all windmills till they turn against the lying wind…

I will skin all the wolves of their fake fleeces,

So you see the real faces of who told you to avoid me…

I’ll fly through the sky on wings made by my imagination…

Every shed will be a castle,

Every slave will be freed,

Every folly will be eternal truth…

My invincible weapon is eternal love,

My invincible shield is eternal trust in you…

I won’t be taken for a ride by demons plaguing me with false illusions that:

- I lost you forever - You don’t like me - That I am just a crazy woman - laughed at by all…

No, never, this universe and you deserve better!

Don’t worry, don’t cry, and don’t shy away…

Because I am Donna Quixote!

Will rescue you!

Will rescue our whole world…

I dream the impossible dream,

As others give in to their nightmares….

I reach for the impossible star,

As others take broken splitters of distorting mirrors for stars…

I am not mad,

Just the only one who sees that it’s madness which others take for reality…

And once I have rescued you from the demons that hold you,

I will also rescue you from the demons you hold on to…

You will be there,

At last, in front of me,

Shaking with laughter….

About a stupid woman like me…

Shaking off all your self-selected demons that way,

And I will be so happy to see you at last…

Just laughing and being amused!

No need to shake my hand,

Or even say ‘hello’…

I never asked for more, than to be able to stop worrying about you,

And see you in a good mood.

I Wanna Be Treated Normal

By Miles Chambers

I wanna be treated normal, whatever normal means.

Have an ordinary life and an ok time.

When friends say “How’s work, the family, and the house?”

I wanna say “Just fine.”

I don’t wanna keep beating you up about our history

I want everything to be safe and cool man I loved to see genuine unity.

Many injustices done in the present and past, But all this anger and resentment cannot last

I’m tired of you thinking I’ve got an attitude,

Chip on my shoulder, like I’m rude

I like to chill out with you,

Have a laugh,

Eat all kinds of funny grub,

I like to go clubbing, bust some moves,
Have a drink in a pub.

I said I just wanna be normal, whatever normal means!

I don’t wanna keep seeing black and white

I wanna relax…

Not worry about getting stopped by Police late at night

I don’t wanna walk past an elderly lady and watch her hold tight to her purse

I don’t wanna walk into a job interview and

have them look at me as if I’ve been cursed

I don’t wanna read their thoughts when they think he’s just like the ones on TV

Is he gonna sell me a ten bag, or get really violent with me

I wanna love a Woman; maybe we’d have sex,

Maybe we’d be celibate like monks in a monastery,

Maybe we’d go at it like rabbits,

Or maybe just a kiss once a day at half past three

Maybe she be black or maybe white

Maybe she’d slack or pray every night

I don’t wanna be taken to her house, meet her Dad and hear him shout

“I don’t want that sort in here, now get that black bastard out.”

I‘ll have my kids go to some posh school in Clifton, take 12 GCSEs

I want them to pass with flying colours and have their pick of the best universities

Not get in ‘cause they’re Black, White, Blue or Pink, to get through

But be given an entry ‘cause of what they can do

I wanna grow old next to an old English log fire,

Pipe & slippers from Marks & Spencers,

A fluffy cat…

I like to listen to Beethoven and Bob Marley, RnB, Gospel Music,

Have the Lion of Judah on my living room mat.

I don’t wanna debate on Proportional Representation, Positive Action and all that old hat

Define my Identity by ticking some box, like some misguided prat

I’m tired of being a number a statistic of belonging to this and that ethnic group

I wanna be recognised as normal, play football on Sundays

Eat boiled down chicken and oxtail soup!

I like vending machines,

Rubicon Mango Juice and Jamaican fruit Punch!

Love Jerk chicken sandwiches, and Curry Goat flavour Pot Noodle for my lunch.

I like to know that all my Bredren, Spa’s, my Idrin, my Bonafide,

My mates, friends – if they wished, could get a degree,

And get high-powered jobs in the financial centre of London City

Or become decision making executives on network TV.

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