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When poems peep at you, their innocence resembling that of a child, you can no longer wait but dive in its pool.

Lyrical Sentiments

By Mansi Karna


When floors of fields were filled with fog Travelled I with my lamp of light Night howled like a howling dog

My lit little lamp kept lit all night


I dedicate this book to my parents who have always been there with me during the worst phases of my life in the form of a lamp showing me the right path.

Poems’ Pool

By Mansi Karna Smashwords Edition Copyright 2018 Mansi Karna

Poems’ Pool | 01


1. My bed is a marque of softness sound 4. Sometimes the will to eat the moon

  1. Sometimes I wish I was poor

My chamber an abode of gold

My house a hoard of heaven’s hue Which in it does hold,

A pearl-embellished curtain silk With beaded bonnie rims

I draw it, my chamber glows With moon’s ecstatic beams

Through ornate windows that enfold Wood carved with richly gold These are windows that help see The magic moon though old!

    1. I lie on the very softness sound In the very abode of gold

In the very hoard of heaven’s hue

Yet lie I very cold

For I can’t in the very moon now, See fairies insane

The celestial mystery of its charm No longer remain

For since, a lady learned old, Know I well, behold!

Of space and stars and of the moon, To be cosmic bodies bold!

    1. And not a fleecy cake profound, Like mamma to us told

When we were meagre kids small

On dying threshold

When, on a meagre modest bed We did hungry lie

And through a craggy hole in wall Watched in the nightly sky

The yellow-orange moon that looked Edible like a cake

A cake that we thought mother earth For us did fondly bake!

Came but we controlled

With no money we couldn’t buy Even if they sold

And as we pitiable hungry lay On a meagre modest bed

We wished to buy this moon someday And be well fed

Oh what good children we had been We never ever thought

By the time we got rich, the moon Would have been bought!

  1. And then came this period of youth Where we could behold

In moon’s radiance, love and blossom

Roses marigold!

Also it as metaphor served For lovers it's a boon

We would to our sweethearts say "You're as charming as moon"

A period it was that did enfold A mighty craze and thus

To ignore it’s being a satellite big Came easy to us!

  1. And as I sleep on this softness sound

I wish I did not know

Of moon being a satellite big Where walking we can go But since a lady learned old I do know it all

About it not being a cake But a crust of mound and fall

To think of the very fanciful moon With a scientific eye like this

Is mundane, monotonous and more Far away from bliss

With no abode of gold

With no windows that enfold Wood carved with richly gold But a meagre modest bed Where I may hungry lie

And through a craggy hole in wall Watch in the nightly sky

The yellow-orange moon that looks Edible like a cake

A cake that we thought mother earth For us did fondly bake!

  1. Provided that I can't be given The very fallacy back

Help me, sometimes, at least be

Little amnesiac

So that through the curtain silk With beaded bonnie rims Whenever my chamber glows With moon's ecstatic beams

I might know it to be but crust But in it fairies see

And see a million fireflies Staring right at me

  1. And see in it a wandering old With cane in both his hands Searching for his lady love

For me on earthly lands And I who on softness sleep His lady learned old

Wait for the day I'll with him go Abandoning abode of gold

So that one day we will rise As cake to some poor kid Until the day he's learned old And seek in moon what I did!

Lyrical Sentiments by Mansi Karna

Poems’ Pool | 02


  1. As in splendid sun I walked I happened to see

My slender shadow stunning sleek

More elegant than me

My eyes gazed in sheer joy What tremendous glee!

Never before had I witnessed In me beauty.

  1. My heart felt like leaping with joy My eyes with delight

My hands to and fro did go

To see the mighty sight

Of my graceful shadow’s hands Swinging to and fro

Its hands swung better than how

My very hands did go!

  1. Then suddenly something big Snatched away my glee

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