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The Desire of My Heart


Ruth Para Ndam

(Creative writer and author of inspiring, life giving poems, SFI Executive Affiliate)

Smashwords Edition

Copyright April 2017

ISBN: 9781370012756

Table of Content


Chapter One: Knowing God

Chapter Two: Unemployment

Chapter Three: Escape

Chapter Four: Freedom

Chapter Five: The Desire of My Heart

Chapter Six: Just a Mirage

Chapter Seven: But… God

Chapter Eight: None Is Like Her

Chapter Nine: Vanity

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This collection of Poems relays my deepest thoughts on God, life, love and nature.

You will find the poems inspiring, thought provoking and enjoyable.

Chapter One

Knowing God

Knowing you Lord

Is all I desire

I can see you in your handiwork

The birds of the air

The trees of the field

The sky and the cloud above

All tell of you Lord

The Air …

The sweet breeze

Blows forth your breathe

I am the testimony

The testimony of your image

The reality of your existence

But I still desire to know you.

When I read your word;

You gave me insight of you

Then I began to seek you

That I might know you

To commune and fellowship

To Fellowship with you

Then I discovered that…

You are the Great and Mighty God

The Kings of Kings

The Prince of Peace

The Everlasting God

The Strong Tower and Refuge

The Holy and Fearful

I tremble because

I cannot come before you

In my filthiness

But I still desire to know you.

Then, in the fear of you,

I found the knowledge of you

I bow and surrender

All to you Lord

I turn away from my self

My crooked self

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