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Listen to the Stars

Poems by C.R. McCormack

Copyright 2018

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For Mum, Evan and Leah


One day I sat at home

With my pen and paper at hand

I wished to write a poem

One with flare and style so grand

But the paper wouldn’t stay still

And the pencil wouldn’t work

My words refused to come out

They would only hide and lurk

So I dug out my typewriter

Perhaps typing would make it flow

But the buttons had all stiffened

And the ribbon made a bow

I dusted off my old computer

Now the words begin to show

I must write them all out quickly

And hope the power doesn’t go

House in the Forest

A house sits in the middle of the forest

Its people left it behind long ago

But it’s not lonely

The grass gave it a new carpet

The trees gave it a new roof

The ivy gave it new wallpaper

The flowers spring up through its creaky boards

Enjoying the sun its broken windows stream through

The leaves rest on its weathered beams

Protecting it from snow and rain

The vines race each other up its walls

Leaving flowers as bookmarks of where they last rested

The house’s people abandoned it long ago

But this is the prettiest it has ever felt

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