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Essence of violence

Essence of violence

Violent tendencies surge through my body and mind, a anger ignited by created views of pride, fear and love, a oncoming icicle falling towards our string, connected to a piece of heart, a tragic separation coming into reality, defending what unbreakable with chosen reactions, caused by the creatures of brain washed logic, once angels of the softest hearts, terrified back into a stone of outlashes and seemingly secured, we want to be one but we know this is too much now, trying to break away to release these sorrows, true violence is the notion of it, it shown as the life, there is no need to defend when it can never be broken, when it is always there, is this the only way? When it happens, take a moment to think, to remember that it is just an illusion, that you are you, did you all forget your real passion and heart? Does this show my true core? I hear the essence of violence, blowing breezes of unseen peaceful convalescence, a believed luminescence hiding behind pain, the lifeless conscience comfort that makes us feel alive, where is your soul? Feel the pain of self decision, of reflection,The true real spirit of free dreams, of weightless beyond, a state of the highest magic and self, turn what you are into what you see, feel the secret invisible fire of violent love without, the nothingness you aren't your anger, your acts of self fear, as the icicle broke the string, the true one appeared as our pieces came together inside, where they always were.


A dragonfly and dragon, lighting up inside the fire breath, misty dreamy magic of rebirthing clarity and ghostly free infinite beyond, a dark line we must stay in between, when I reflect, she reflects, building a reflective world of another, all I see is magical acts of simple life, just looking through a corrupted created circle, sheltered into what is taught to be all, our true wonder, running away, run away to myself, my future rebirth, a escape of returning heart and soul, sensitive to what may be, any kind of disruption and non acceptance, when I get there, i'm not there, she prays to a essence, receiving false acts of comfort and truth, convoluted and contrived by the delusional insensitivity, straying us from our heart and soul, still so sensitive under those masks, you can't escape this self eternal will of feeling and reflection, to know true heart is to allow it all in, the growing poetic branch and root connect, spinning around as clock hands, watching and reliving old and new times of dark and light, always growing to prevent deaths, still must end as the whole, pull through the kalediscope, look through the collideascope, balancing on the lunar rope, every gate is a reflection, seeing infinite possible magic acts of minds contentment through selected eyes, see yourself and all in a interaction of stringed rebirths, dream the eternal is in temporary reconnection and invincible decision inside, what you see is you and beyond, it's all a sensitivity to all, self, life, its our views, progress and all that deepen and effect it, as we reflected back to ourselves, a boy and girl met on a circular bridge of infinite soulful adventure, we take away the scopes to see it all inside, the world reflected beyond the true one.

Eyes of this

A boy climbing up a ladder, a ballon floating away, chasing my memories of when I felt so alive and magical, a girl swimming down a painted hallway of new and old horizons, holding onto a dark far away space of seemingly freedom, a path where she can be herself, resembling a square flat curve of dirt and light in different views and ways, a painting reflecting dark substance below and a unseen one above, two dividing eye strings branching out into a growing world, reflecting killing acts and nightmares from peaceful loves and dreams, a normal reaction to a past or unwanted experience, anything can harm or connect to you with the same effect as you, separating illusive dreams and realities, Looking at a moving reflection of a moon, reflecting memorial dreams and returns of this moment, still in the same place, a changing moment world on another, moving in place, a changeless change of one through self, always together, were going too fast and slow, missing the true beautiful wonder in front of the inside, I see through the third refection and return of the beginning with my eyes of this beyond, only seeing certain variations of material, looking for that kind that seems real, see the essence, the feeling and core of the moment, the connective wonder, we base our abilities against another, how much more of the same we have over, never over as its one and it's one measurement, compensating for self security and discontentment, never truly better or that it matters, its your core and all that is beyond and the highest nothing, everything is the highest and lowest of themselves and beyond, life is you and can't be compared, its all you and beyond, we reflect and break through the spaces between, it is what allows us to be free, separate within without, in me holding this balloon, I hold you, just turn to the side, well meet in the side slide inside, the ballon returned into her painting as her horizon roots bloomed into a clear dark beyond, we were always one and another, our eyes of the connection and whole opened, in every part, we are truly alive and ourselves.

Restore freecore

The black crystal heart echos out a full act, full of our believed life, devoid of true soul and self, inside her space room, the white willow horizon, the ruby breeze pacing back and forth in boredom, disconnected to the beauty already there, climbing up her celestial ladder, stepping on smiles of false memories and hope, suspend in between them, at the end, it becomes another one, always going through a dead recovery, the selected living cemetery, breathing false revival for the highest thrival, to be accepted, just for one chance to be dreams, entertaining glimpses of mysterious control, unfocused on the real corrupted reality that never is, i'm tired of this restless rested cycle, am I really ever belonging to a place that decides what I am? Will we ever be at rest? Whats the point of surviving when you don't realize how much you want and need it? We run towards what excites us, something to get rid of this seemingly dead moment, creating distractions with our own attractions, just as reviving as it all, at the end, were back to that time of lifelessness, you can thrive in survival, every moment is you, your heart and soul release and wonder, make the darkest times restore, freecore, be at rest, just smile your freeing reconnection between the steps, draw the line inside, we have infinite freedom and possibilities, a effortless dreamy wonder of awaken rest, a calm release of infinite imagination, its all boredom and not, shine the brightest dreams without, true life and all is your decision, free beyond it, the crystal released the strings as her horizon reflected rooted from the farthest space in between, we were always free and together inside our thoughts and feelings, this story, we made it at every step and towards them.

Space scroll

From my painted horizon page, I watch every dark letter I write opening up another escape, not sure if its going to my true free heart, creator of my own end of others, growing a assumed reality of self, past souls and fearful needs, enforced by surrounding forces of deceptive securities, seemingly solid commodities, she looks at the outer world from a dark closet, seeing a obscence scence being played for us to move on, preventing her questioning and stopping before making a decision, feeling the real reason and all, these similar moments surge old fears of destruction and sadness, each one building a blue ocean world, I swear its not that, don't listen to the impulsive delusional memories that become now, lost in the space scroll, a unseen lighted place of beginning and end, a hopeful state looking back at another as one, decoding infinite oblivion of conflicting views, selected life and desperate validations, to see and know, you must spread the wings of dreams and reality, what I say is me, what I see and view is me and alive, put it all together inside and separate beyond, take it out of you and see it from a clear view, the one that reveals you and core, the answer is in you and beyond, if you are apart of everything then you are, if you are apart of awareness, reflection, then it is aware, alive and this is just a part of the all, a free infinite life and reflection always inside, as I expand the scroll, she opens the closet, she appeared and do did I, what was around me was solid, whats truly there was free and inside all along.

The air cavern

A sapphire branch and a ruby root moon, disguised as a earthly crescent, both reflecting celestial space waves of separate sorrows and loves, a familiar birth place connected to me, why am I sensing a old feeling? Always trying to perfectly align dead false dreams, made by the seer of self delusion, for rest, even when you found it, it still goes on, it all restarts like the stars, like virtual characters of a past life, inside a different kind of reality, they go unseen, yet still there, in the air cavern, the selected dark path of freedom and lighted clarity, her every graceful fall awakens me, every rebirthing discovery touches one moment, living nightmares from the darkest source of fearful jadedness, in the shape of dreamy entertainment, dark is light is one and not, follow the path of you, you are never and always beyond and true heart, that is light, is in full speed, another in a slow one, explanation is in being, your reflective soul and wonder, to see and feel the living time, it must stop to truly realize, stop and go your free all as one beyond, you are not your surroundings, you are not your materials, you are infinite and beyond, a decision, as my branch reached her root in between, we saw the true path for the first time, a reflective light of all as one, it was always inside and not, i'm always there for you my mother and daughter of a strange moment.

Suicidal tidal

You are a rising tornado of reflective return and release, going around in a circle of security and memories, never knowing what;s truly out of her bubble, all the things condemn her soul and heart, if she was another, she would be accepted and happy, their spinning us around with chosen confusion, the believed awareness, spinning in their own one of delusional setness, I await you at the oceans edge, a wavy leaf of fall and rise, floating inside, walking outside, living a life of rising nothing, associating the definition of freedom with what is, far away from it, a forward turn Around, in reaching out and connecting to in between, a eternal nothing and the space of reflective connection and rebirth, a love and fullness of reaching into a space of nothingness beyond, like our connection and love of goddess or beliefs that never die, here comes the voided echo, going through a suicidal tidal wave, a unseen death of a new breath, a deeper return to a future shore, we kill ourselves in life itself, straying away from the true life of release, to be born, you must kill off a stagnation, our selected consolation, when you fall, you still go on, you are still you and alive, was it a fall or just another self reflection of what always is? to grow or reflect the future you must know it at all times, I see a youthful view in a youthful moment, youth and certain things aren't their definitions, they are through anything connected to it, as our waves collided, the leaf turned into a tree as she broke out of her tornado, spinning our true heart and soul beyond as waves on the shore of all, we were always dead and alive, free.

Space tears: the space flower blooms down from a lunar horizon, growing yet not going anywhere, reflecting artificial sorrows, blocked by corrupted concrete, inside a clear hidden one, from a close by place, I lay inside a painted image of a ship, sailing towards her celestial vessel, the closer I get the farther she goes, a old world in non existence, fighting space ghosts of delusional pasts, full of oblivious clarity, crying false nothings, afraid of letting go so you let it fill you up inside, creating a sorrowful world for us to cry in, we cry out space tears, reflective dreams and parts of ourselves towards another, for rebirth, for embrace the rain of infinite youth, of dreamy compassion, every drop is a  memory, a clarifying moment,  this is my future of your past, this is her past of my future, I'll catch your tears, whenever u cry I cry, I hear you through the dark, cry without free memorial connection, release your deepest soul of weightless love,as the tear reached my vessel, it floats up to her flower, it bloomed memorial heart truly for the first time, we reflected teats of infinite beyond and dreamy comets ad one, we were always in the past future of one.

Ghost strings: From above a shadow of a tree, a space figure statue, she looks below, controlling her sorrowful show, flowing old memories and desires through their lives, forgotten heart and birth, a staged director, dead selector of eternal deception, like a puppet show, looking down to me, a drifting  dark stone, staring up at her breezy wonder, wishing I was up there, secure in this world of lighted dark, voices of her m stimulate my vision, altered by demonic waves of Interrupted light, never letting me in, letting her in, staying far away, a eternal life that never breaks, truth hidden in a veil of dead connections, moving yet breathless, you must be let down to begin, to be free, looming for free will, is that another unfree delusion of self? The more will i let go, the more i struggle and stray away, Like we gain and lose time, we gain that part, we give up to give out, its always surrender, I'm a solid ghost, past horrors surge through me as blood spirits, bleeding old horrors and
new sorrows into another world of you, haunting pasts of memorial
rebirth through the ghost strings, old fears and losses, reconnecting to old moments in one through lines, no difference from this state that the other, reflect the past into the future, flow the hearted rebirth
and free dream of chilling life and deadly peaceful comfort, with all, be beyond this ghostly comfort and security, the receiving of all, reflection, it's surrendering and fighting as one beyond, I'm becoming transparent again, the most terrifying thing is being filled in, yet feel so unseen and gone, true dissonance is dead essence, our strings broke out as they connected inside beyond.

Dream and reality: dimensional melodic wave, drifting to note to note, familiar sounds of memories and dreams echo, drowned in biased illusions of control, when I get there, another one appears in the distance, looking at a changing scar of reflection and freedom, Like our seed, it must break open for us to bloom, They separate good and bad, dreams and reality Their way, speaking faces of digital screens, hiding true dead lifelessness, They are memories of past and future, our escape,separate yet together, her wings of shadow and light, reflective space
voids of a lighted core and sky, gliding underneath her veil shade so far away, corrupted minds unable to distinguish heart and mind, truth and fake, every shadow is your reflective space
and beginning dream, the outline of the inner soul,
a opposite and similar separation, dual necessary and unnecessary
connection, creation, infinite pieces of one, separating and
unifying another through all, i'm a dream, so far away from reality, which one is my true core? Their always together inside,
yet another with every act, every desire and reflection, we are both
in connecting with it, the source of self dreamy rebirth, in the the forever of what was, a eternal forever moment of infinite others, always in it remembering and living every part, it can't be eternity without beyondity, we shine and are in dark reconnection and the shadow wings turned into a light it always was, our dream and reality came together, waving infinite spaces of reflective birth and beyond in between another.

Parallel paralysis

A horrific sound of oncoming deadly rebirth, the melody of fantastical oblivion already here, shes a vibrational breeze, distorting memorial desires that become corrupted, trying to reach me, a celestial note, releasing false rays of life,  afraid of new shocks, set inside her one of comforting shadow, breathing dead beats of life, disabled by delusional acts of control, in a parallel paralysis, spell of a para pharaoh of stunned secretly known, another life in a old dream, creating states of universal memories and sorrowful moments, effecting the others through the souline, a frozen moment of deadly love, breaking free from it as it moves on, be a moving free paralysis, paralyze the lies, it's where the eternal dream and life lies, the shocks are so terrifying, it's shocking, 's a Connection and core coming together in between that makes it free and Alive, the vibration revealed a frequency of infinite Melodies, awakening my note shell ray, frozen in a wonder of released, we never were shocked or not, just freely connected.

Crecent tail

i am a perfect weakness, In a form of solar mountains, climbing over a dark ark of seperated emptiness, falling away from myself, shining movement of strengths,  but the rays just bounce off, reflecting a sliver of false Soul, displaying corrupted dreams, spiritual releases of paralyzing escapes, created for their entertainment, they rain drops behind cloudy eyes, disguised for weaknesses so she hides them, the biggest one, You do it again in hopes of it being just as good and even if you never had it, you will keep going for it, did u ever have it at all? We need to break that cycle and know it's in us all along, feel and see life with the deepest importance, wonder and true heart, go beyond the constructs of it, we run away from different sides of self heart, forgetting our true core, every weakness is a secret revelation, a rising surrendering rebirth, swinging her crecent tail, reflecting another dead world down below and above, two lunar gates of dark and light, past and future, no don't go down there, yet she feels the light down below, reflect your all without, make them one, go through them inside beyond, if the sun stopped chasing the moon, it would be together, they would fly away, she walks through her gated circle, my ray mountains break through, reflecting our true soul and all beyond, there was never weakness or strength, just magical freedom and infinite love, the moon was always full.

ReFiery Frontears

In a dark gallow shell, on a deep plain, surrounded by blurry illusion of reality, a flat landscape of holographic depth, sinking deeper into nothing, all i need is here, yet i feel dead, holding in our soul sadness for a future new cure, only to be replaced with another shower of loss amd seperation, waiting for rain of her memories, in the distant view, I see a mysterious fox comet, swaying colorful words under and above its lines, waiting for its tail string to return, looking at the final frontier, the beginning of fiery Frontears, far away sorrowful rebirth, forever searching for seemingly new freedom, truly another tragedy, what you need is you, if you have you then it's all you want,  I'm between me, you in between it all, when I reached it, it rained as we met on the sorrow bridge, we were always in the frontier and not beyond, reflecting infinite others inside from my shell, I saw What was around me, It always there want to go out with me? Goes outside then leaves. The sun is a cloudy moon, reflection, past is always there, rebirth, it all is always the future, in being from one, we created it as we're part of it, without changes or the other, there can't be one or forever, in beyond all and another, we complete it.

Space melody

the liquid flower world blooms towards a noise, dividing out harmonies of Changing illusions, speaking of seperating true heart and soul, so free and open, devoid of itself, blooming a unseen dream Aimlessly out of control, the sound of innocent nothing, set by the gardener's of lifeless tyranny, secretly pawns of self, missing the real growth, reflection, far from its core root, inside my lunar garnet, a perfect unbreakable reality, reflecting the hardest perfection, a set Complexion, why do i feel empty? This life is suffocating me with eternal stagnation, never knowing the outside, magical wonder, gone is the essence of youth, life, what you create creates you, these songs of earth and moon are becoming lost in the static, I hear the silent space melody, a echoing oblivion of mysterious wonder, Melodies of space and beyond, living the language of art and soul, reaching towards the unknown as it does the same, we grow a unseen void to escape the seen hole, never escaping truly, this is where we are one, safe, go beyond them, her flower flew away into my stone as it bloomed unseen strings beyond from the first and last time, never there.

Oxygen box

The foxy mermaid runs through the ghostly town, burning up memorial dreams, breathing in old regrets and loves back to her soul, keeping a void of dark comfort deep inside below, showing a false side above, wondering about what's at the surface, torn between two escapes, all lead to the same, passing true wonder chasing others, i'm feeling new familiar places, a falcon alien, flying in a futuristic space of intellect, over the corrupted seas, still I feel low, lifelessly never taking a chance, a robotic setness, I see her mystery she hides, wanting ti go back to my dreamy beginning, devoid of all this material, the Going in and out of another through tunnels of self and delusion, two crecents circling through another, a high sky into an low dark ocean as one all a reliving and reviewing of itself in infinite ways, seeing and living what was in our way, Forever trying to reverse what never was, balancing between two times, reminder of true heart, in an oxygen box, feet on the air ocean floor, a unseen space of soulful suffocation, our chosen beloved breath, why can't? i swim away? What am i breathing? Breath beyond, without with your core,the breath and requirement of unseen seen soul, infinite Freedom and beyond self, a certain kind of clear birth and fantastical reality, it's all a oxygen ruby of sky ocean soul and unseen togetherness, Always reversible as it never was, your future change, view of it, reverse it, it's effect through life, we connect in dividing together, the box opened up as I landed into it, she flew out of her void sea, as we flew and swam inside and out of it beyond, the box was always open and free.

The spiral serpent

I am a silent space tower, a physical form of a spiritual going in a straight path, made by Angels of chosen venom, leading a lie of perfect life, to plant your seed, to keep strong, as I move, another moon line moves in a circle, she derails from the norm, not knowing it's just another corruption, right back where she started, chasing her tail of alluring return and temptation, a poisonous temptation of lifeless escape, of eternal love, forever going into nothing, never realizing  it's never complete until it's separated, was it all along? A touch of reactive exstasy, were together yet so far away inside, I feel the serpent spiral wrapping around me, releasing my desires of what is shown with deceptive tounges, seemingly happy acts, two separated vines of dreams moving as one, missing the true core space hidden within, a new and old unseen memory coming to, as my tower shattered beyond, her line  met mine, Alwaystogether shining infinite seeds magical soul and dreams.

Dangerously safe

Inside her flaming vessel of deceptive freedom and exposure, a swaying painting breeze of pressured composure, behind it I sense the vibrational insecurity, a distorting feeling of a past dangerous moment, a fluctuating horizon Of mist, shining shadows and lights with every entrance, all the while I, the open delusional visionary, juggling three worlds of past present and future, watching dark demons fight angels, shining a picture perfect image, gliding my Crystal of frozen heart and core, you and me are the same, always hiding our true soul and heart, sacred of repercussions and not being good enough, always are good enough for us, it is just you, true goodness is self free connection, distorting danger ahead, I feel dangerously safe, a chilling horror of safety, a painless pain of emotional life, far from it, were in a state of security, the most terrifying thing is a chosen way of safety, make the danger the true core, the peace, in this danger I am infinite and alive, its the life of weightless pain, a pain of free beyond, everything is another in disguise, they all reflected now and stories of my heart and soul as one, she revealed her true vessel of light as my stone broke out with her, reflecting a sapphire of safe dangerous essence.

A new death

Lifeless sad distortion, reflections of her rising comet flame, abiding to equations and precepts of false deaths, wavy senses of seemingly true reality come in me as they come to me, a falling celestial icicle of frozen dreams, breaking through, never feeling the warmth inside, trapped in my shell of deadly security, i just need a sense of life, a release of her cold youth, the little girl hidden inside, a gone missing to universal modern greed and beliefs, a contradictory force we make, it's a new death, shocking sorrow! Disappearing illusions, a life of dead biased views, here is the true rebirth and  revelation, death is just a igniting vision, a horrific peace of mind and reality, just one of infinite others, blocking the truth from our all, life is the true end, my icicle meets her comet as they become a flaming ice, reflecting the truest weightless memories beyond.

A false release

A bright celestial shell, reflecting insides out of pressures and deceptions , hiding shadow shapes as it grows a dark world to return to, a life of constructed pretend, you have it all, gripping on everything of delusional material, just a bigger fall, a vulture of chosen rapture holding you down, never giving yet heart and soul with it, a frozen wave, waving liquid freedom, disgusing it's solid false reflection, all our lives were made to believe that heartlessness and possessions are everything, losing the free true core inside, giving out dead tries, falling short of selected success, missing the real one, even when you succeed that way, it all dies, it won't give you free beyond, Infinite soul and decision, never stopping my desire to reunite with you, my dreams,  here we are again, letting out a false release, a comforting cry of fear and insecurity, a shelter of my true being, let out your all freely for you,  did I ever release anything at all? The wave of reflection and connection released as her shell truly flew away to Reveal her real self beyond.

Weepers of eternity

Frozen lines of what's behind stay in a space, dreamy loves and memories raining a set dead happiness, a chemical reaction to something more, just another definition, stuck forever in this state of said goodness, never knowing what it is outside? Playing virtual games of magical wonder, Looking at a world we use to be in, Remember when we use to run around the lunar fields of pasts in one? It's all so dull and full, something inside awaiting to be free, to know what we are, were the weepers of eternity, leapers of false happiness, crying a deceptive sorrow over any change, holding in infinite soul of transformation and return, cry your true heart and core, it's when we are alive and beyond, terrified of letting out our true core, a different way of what is always you and happy, the real happiness is reconnecting beyond, inside, we always grow together, the lines reflected energy of memories as we break away from this nothingness, crying free release bridges of discovery and return.

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