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'a paradoxical anecdote or riddle without a solution, used in Zen Buddhism to

demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and provoke enlightenment'.


All names, characters, images and incidents portrayed in this book are fictitious.

No identification with actual persons and places is intended or should be inferred.

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An Act of Faith’

then the Actual Experience.

A complete act of belief.

Relative ~ ripples below the surface of the season,

Karma’s subconscious response, always changing.

Hopefully not left acting at the end of the Cosmos.

Being with your Lover ~ touching by a sunlit river.


Fado Fun

marching in unison ~

through a sea of grapes,

crushing only the fruit!

Not doom or gloom ~

but consolation evoked.

Sharing of stories ~

of anguish endured.




Nakedness is Invincible ~

True Anarchy, Is such a thing possible?

Taking what you want ~ taking what you need.

Can’t you leave it where it is? Plant a real seed!

Non-violent héro, conscious of Universal, free Spirit.

Black hole

I don’t know who you are but I Love You”

You Should be very quiet

when discussing escapes ~

A million healers working together.

Reflections against tyranny ~

stillness on the Lac de la liberté


La Famille

An old man passed by on his bicycle.

Movement ~ slowly,

eyes of ages

riding by a pink, harvest moon.

Father ~

five sons and five daughters.

Sweet pears


Public Obscenity Is being Naked!

Default code, hereditary territory of Sufi trance memory.

Fine lines of Obsession, transparent as Cling film.

She’s lying with her arse and brains smashed ~

in the bulldozed, rose garden of a modern Safi!

Blooming Diamond Chakras at Manasorovar

Compassion’s Lake, my Mind’ s quiet, not thinking incessantly!

Prayer flags blowing over Lhasa city, Potala spiritual elevation.

At the highest altitude, bongs, bells, chanting, mantra sounds.

Serene elation of “Om Mani Padma Hum”, telepathic ringing.

Girlfriends, got to let it happen ~ that’s what you’re doing;

being Open in a Lotus, give & take, feeling her Magicness

in purest, Prana dhamma. What great conceptions to carry

in your Heart chakra ~ May they unite in the Minds of All.

Living poetry, MahaYantras & Mandalas of still, calmness.

Creating Peace, Sacred Mindfulness of the human Spirit.

Samsaras, dreaming in Ulan Bator; circles of life & death.

No evils to corrupt the ‘Mind’, from beyond is super clarity.

People built Stupas for the bones of many murdered Lamas.

No more Illusions, delusions; they’re dead, “Chelo the body!”

Communist bullets through the backs of their heads” - Genocide.

Chinese proverb ~ ‘Man is born to die, woman is born to give birth’.


The Light Nubian

& Kino set a trap for hunger ~

Hunger was defeated”

Desert songs of herbs & nymphs.

Love + ve, reflections ~ Evol + ve.

Feeling Life in dark energy Space


What’s the price

of a Human life?


Playing Hell ~

Setting up a battle!

General Brutus

what’s the price

of a Human life?

The Art of War.


In the World of Ideas

Piranhas and Angel fish in a Paris nightclub.

Gravity ~ Is this in the Public Interest?

Does she have a Lover in New York?

Waste a good question…

The sorrow of emptiness ~

Coffee, soothing you at dawn.

She buys me Sunflowers




Pathology des dogmatists.

Violets in a glass vase ~

An Indian Heart

Profit, cheating, clearing.

Healing the Unconscious.

John the Baptist’s Mind

Healing the body, Jivaka.

My Wife ~

Healing on the brave

Level of breathing.

Growing ~ fullness

Beautiful You.


Of Signals

The Yoke ~ Yoga

We have Contact” ~ Communicating.

What does it mean to You?”

Communication, ultra-deep space.

We have contacted what life?”

We have body, mind in touch.



Attractive beauty.

She told me she

had lost her child.

I felt her heart ~

Right Now!

One man came into town, killed and raped!

Imagine if it was a gang; happening in El Salvador!

That’s even worse, how to stop that one?

Is there an honest man left in this town?”

Oh, his brother and sister were hanged!

Anything else you want your Dishonor?

That’s what I call an Invasion of my-self.

Munich; thrown into an unmarked grave.

You’re a man that makes people afraid”


Finally Bread

A wholesome thought.

Good nerves, together,

coming over the river.

Shot the Illusions ~

Invisible histories.

Engraving Time

under the Sun.

Today is ~

a full moon

A Drum in Flames

I Feel Like a loaded gun, ready to go off!”

Everyone protected is a virtual prisoner.

Putting out the misery, the mystery.

That’s why you play the Blues ~

Putting a title to it, Great Giants.

Africa, living, that’s where it’s free.

Asia still evil, memories, US; Europe.

Where have all the wild animals gone?

Unbalanced, mad Fascists, American!

Where are the Cherokee, all the Hopi?

Australia, where are the dream timers?

Russian gulags, where are the free spirits?

Planting seeds in Nicaragua today ~

the people seem different, Viva la Vida.


Breaking Up

When do you know?

How do you know ~

Au Revoir.”

Au Revoir”



Statistics are on his side.

Where Is Your Mind?

Now ~ how did it get here!

White Tiger * Blue Tiger

Consciously, Dearest

Fear of birth ~

touches the petals

of my heart ~

Fear of me, touches the dreams, in my mind.

Fear of space, between us, touches my love.

Fear of these marvelous moments, here now.

Fear of the most amazing reincarnations ~

Fear of wonderful heroes suffering in pain

without really knowing why

One day being worshipped as the ancestor who ~

Do you work for the system that’s got out of hand or

do you make the system work for you and the Planet?

Ask fb, Google, DARPA, Cambridge Analytica, Lucifer!


Discovery of the Wheel





Screaming man,



Level ~

Come to the Centre of Wisdom


did it to me….

What are the drugs for then?

Altering ~ Your Consciousness

Altering ~Your subconscious

Causes and effects,

connecting the stranger.

Not much stranger than that!

Desperate times

Seem to be!


Anonymous Sunburst




Suffering ~

No more separation.

No more strangers.



Money is like meat.

What is a Koan ~

the whole family loves me.

No, Mad Is not a koan either

Love Working for People

She’s in the rizière ~

stooping deep in water, padi fields.

Looking at a green stork, drinking.

Sounds, coming from the house.

Sunburnt faces ~

working for people…

The village quietens

at dusk



Real produce from a social finca.

I stand amazed ~ at these beans

fresh ~ all the way from Nicaragua.

In 1984 more people died in Ethiopia

than in the 1st World War.

Seeds for the future ~

Who is enduring?


Des * Lilas



Nostalgia ~

Les mouvements des poètes


across the river

Slow Motion Telepathy

You get more burnt ~

when naked ~

bare by the Sun.

More peaceful,

are the lovers

being Natural

Creatures making lots of love.

We were naked very often ~

Seeing something else

I wouldn’t do it ~

If it wasn’t totally worthwhile ~

Lubricating photon holograms.


Energy Grove

It’s hard work being

a caterpillar ~

A change of dimension

for me anyway ~

Patterns on their wings,

patterns on their canoes,

these are the people, who

sailed them across Oceans!

Travelling, multiverse butterflies

What About Birth

Being born then ~

Artist’s lips, fabulous.

Pharaoh Princess,

Pharaoh’s Queen.

A Natural birth ~

on a lonely beach



Knowing their real name.

Knowing It ~ Knowing It.

Lights in the rainy night.

Children of the World ~



Depths ~

depths of the World

depth, taking everything off.

Rising naked In Stonehenge

Exaggerated, “Welcome”

A gentle, naked druid woman,

all the Time ~ teaching

you to respect

different dimensions ~

Strong for a strong wave

Meditator Meditates

Tuning ~ Playing

holding down,

Letting go ~

Being Conscious of Energy

The quarks, pulsars, strings ~

I work with drugs”

can make you high.

I must have been mad

to have left you”, OK!

Holding out a mudra


Where are you from Baba?

I need drugs to work.

No that’s not true

Crazy child ~

I Love Summer”



Knight Errant

Dans ses yeux ~

She is the mother of our children.

June smiles, bright new ribbons,

young, fresh, lovely girls coming.

Listening to women ~

Neptune’s daughter

Did you ever see


Don’t abuse children

down by the sea ~


If I had brains ~

would I have feelings?

Yeah, no doubt about it!



Thus, have I heard”

She means business!

But, she’s got a heart ~ of Gold.

Sleeping in natural power points

honest, human support.

Not an exile but a Hopi.

Thus, have I heard ~

A still mind, like still water,

yields a still reflection

of what is before it ~

Sat Speed

Faster than Light

Adjustments ~

horizon to horizon

Big rockets



Test of Insanity…

Press the button

back fires!

Test of US.

Democracy Is

being able to say, “No”

Suffering Truth until floating in Space.

Think small ~ sensations of the head.

Where are Sensations * Awareness?

You have beautiful eyes”



I’ll Love You as Long

as the river flows ~

Got to Love them,

to leave them!

The Greatest trip

I ever did


Healing vibrations of real flowers.

Misery is a Universal malady.

Breath is common to all ~

like the links between mental emotions

and disease ~ that women who suffer

from breast cancer

not infrequently have had previous

encounters with Melancholy ~

Stress is not the problem but how well

we are able to handle our stress.”

Psychoneuroimmunology & karma.


Acidity - Alkalinity

Oligopoly - Privation

fear and depression,

keep the middle path.

Natural child birth ~

right numbers for Pachamama.

The harmony of brown rice ~

papayas in Tegucigalpa, o.k. too

In season

Tough Is Tough

And poets working ~

on the Unconscious mind.

Rewarded from?

Maybe everything with you is ok.

Knowing how to think, right action.

Expectation of anything not everything!

Warmth of blue waters ~ softly lapping.

Manitou Screams


Is This Gabon?


Art Currents’

Couldn’t you grow ~

Abalone in clear waters,

not some White Elephant,

Capitalist, Invading Godsend?

Preparing for winds of RADIATION.

Each hemisphere’s breathing, rhythm ~

Equatorial Karma, telling where is Reality!

Dharma, passions of a Palestinian amour.

Welcome to Tasmania”

What are we feeding on?

Greeting five million hungry Lao,

still more coming.


Il remasse les coquilles ~

Advancing civilisation, run for your lives!

The most gorgeous looking

in their hands ~ debilitating.

She lives with a reincarnation

of Mozart.

He lives with a hypochondriac.

Secret recipes ~

to stir the imagination




I’ve seen Nuclear Bombs, explode before!”

Healing drugs and Varanasi’s burning Ghats.

Quality of the clarity of crooked lights ~

and a white crystal’s beautiful purity


Arctic Tundra

Snow geese ~

Spring visits

from Mexico

and to breed

Urantia * Telluric

Natural electric current flowing through

Earth ~ the Arunta’s direction and Intensity

varies with the Earth’s electro-magnetic field.

Solar and auroral activity, known as Earth current.

What of etherical webs, communicator, Psychic mapper,

uncovering, archaeology of the mind-sets of limited forms?

As you pass over the land into dreamtimes of the ancestors ~

between consciousness & matter; spirit-historical grids of Culture.

Yang loving Yin loving Yang


On T shirt

My Bible ~

Non-Violent Writings’.

what would you like the most?”

To make you happy ~

Peace on Earth and Goodwill

to All”


Oui Faites

Living with a poet

Freight trains ~

In a foreign land,

on a perfect dream.

Peut-être vous

Full Filling

Transcending our Inabilities

Is Painful


Gestures of Life ~

passionate sense of humour.

Transcending the Limits ~

Marvelous wave ~ eternal smiles.

Love’s desire


East Side Twilight

Passing the Buddhist Mission,

peeking into Tai Ch, in action.

A man, parked in a wheelchair ~

asked kindly, if I would like a cigarette.

Thank you, what’s your name? Dick.

I Promised him a book of poems.

Next time ~ we meet


Fungi Canon

Sensitive to Life ~

ejected to fresh pastures!

Missiles of spores, microscopic worms ~

beyond the Ring of Repugnance.

Completing the cycle of their life,

inside a cow

Hotel Belle Helene


Peace Movement

Acceptance ~


Sensual Arrivederci

Décolleté, bellissima, enraptured,

euphoria, dancing ~ approaching,

voluptuous, alluring, exquisite body.

The sultry atmosphere of l’Adriatica ~

Erotic, red fire, summer dress, at night,

temptation, assignation; “ti amo, ti amo”

Delicate, soft, gentle, light breeze, magic.

The perfume of the sea, parfum des fleurs,

profumare da mare, profumare di fiore.

Seductive invitation to a Jasmin tango ~

passion on a full moon’s violet midnight.

So sexy, no other, alone; “Amore, Amore!”

Touching her extraordinary smooth, olive skin.

Joyfully smiling, deep happiness, feeling inside.

Gorgeousness in her ecstasy, everything seems

as if it is for the first time, in Love’s divine unity ~.

Heart beats, hearts beating in excited synchronicity.

Losing myself in you, in trance, music, sweet romance.

I Love you with all of my heart”

Mia Amorina

Glad Death

Epidemics, tooth-decay,

Cancers, heart-attacks…

Greed and Nationalism!

#1 Killer.

Are you afraid of your own arrogance?

Ignorance, suffering beyond belief!

This Insanity of the developed world!

Another Victim, technological advance.

War of fertilizers, Round Up, Pesticides.

Who is in possession of this diabolic hell?

Yet another victim, agricultural, farmers’ suicides!

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are

novel organisms created in a laboratory using

genetic modification/engineering techniques’.

Famine is a Crime ~ Beatles need the fungus,

fungus needs Beatles. Scattering spores abroad.

Natural balance


Truth & Untruth

To be in a minority of One

doesn’t make you Mad”

I Understand How ~

I don’t Understand Why!

Greetings my friend ~


Ancient priestess

Minoan pictures

Thea, holding two snakes.

Beautiful breasts

No doubt at all ~

As if a frieze came

from off the wall,

shining like a bright Torch….

A wedding at the shrine of Kazantzakis



It wasn’t Paranoia only a tick!

We’re Surrounded ~ The Devil Is

Fear and Spies of Brutal Force.

Tortured horribly my friend

and broke my lovely gift ~

Paperweight from Murano.



Not Staying Alive ~

But Staying HUMAN!”


Universe Inside of Your Heart

Waves of Love ~ to the Infinite.


IN CREATION ~ born humanely.


Flowing by the Moon


Where did they get you?”

Do you Know Where You Are?”

Do You Know How Long you’ve Been Here?”

Do You Know Why You Are Here?”

Waiting at the Ministry of LO V E ~


Perspectives in All Languages

Intentions (Mental Objects*lighter shades).

The subtlety of a little darker ~ Contrasting.


My ambition is to buy a tractor!”

Poets Against <>The BOMB!

Touch and go ~ go and touch.


How Strong is Human Faith in You?

Am I an Emotional person ~

Spending all my time keeping my sanity!


Data Processing programs help to hide any Royals on the Take.

Data Processors manning the Wall; who’s the cleverest of them all?

Given us Programmes so that our Royal Stall persists

a little longer and keeps all these ‘subjects’ wondering

what goes into making this normally, wicked concoction.

(Imagine if the folks could only guess what transpires!)

They’ll believe only what they’re fed by us. Hypnotised.

Programmed as the Gospel from Absolutisms, royal lips,

who woofed down lavish Cakes made of People’s slavish lives.

This Staves the Soul of any memory, don’t question a hierarchy!

Your Poisoned System splurges gossip and gives us racing tips,

Christmas dinner forecasts, watching, silent grief at a Cenotaph!

Feeding out Your Propaganda for Our Memories and Identities so

no one will Know these Gross Rulers, Who Stole the whole Show!

Giving the People a fake Memory of what You want will keep raising

Your orders up to the Big Top; writing new myths for these times ~

They’ll accept it, grow with it as Natural if fed to them long enough.

Give ‘em all a free TV. License and jobs supporting Lucifer’s Elite!

How Long has It been diabolically mooching Now your Highness?

Eventually they’ll Swallow it all, those who don’t we’ll put in the Tower!

The King is dead long live the King!” Long live Conscious HUMANITY!

Served ‘Democratic Recipes’ and eating it as an accepted part of Reality,

as Long as their Judgement is kept Limited to the basic menu de jour that

is provided to them, our secret ingredients, to keep a populace enslaved.

My Lord and Psychological-warfare Master, and who are you serving?

What Cynicism and greedy selfishness by which you choose to captivate,

rule over your brainwashed, Ignorant Subjects, as a new, Global fiefdom!


What if I tell you - REALISE


Meanwhile you help yourself to All the Pie and say that,

We’ll find ours in the sky, in Heaven if we only conform’

Just through SUBJUGATION is Your Lordly place existing.

Your persisting royally, in this farce is a National Disgrace!

Don’t bother to feed us any more with your Power dramas,

Indoctrinations of Your Greed, Gluttony and Unjust Cruelty.








YOU’RE PLAYING, to MAINTAIN sitting on a THRONE of blood and pain.



Allegiance, I’ll Vomit your cake Into your face!

I’m Free of your gross demands, commands!


City People kept in their Place.

Needs an Army in the Country!

Green Revolutionary ~

New Seeds and New Techniques,

But the same entrenched officials.



Still the same Old linque, indebted Politicos.

Peasants survive and figure it shrewdly.

Suspicious of Governmental ‘Programs’

Finally Mr. Scientist, word came through

on your Agent Orange, GMO. Seed Varieties.

Give them a Chapati; by God, they’re Starving!”

Robber Barons are at it again, sinking profits into

their other off-shore, tax haven, business Ventures;

More, More, More; like good Capitalists Everywhere!

Nothing’s going back into the land, Green Revolutionary.

You make it seem like we Campesinos are incapable

and that we must rely on charity! Truth is the opposite.

Fiat money, what is the Motivation of those Green backs?

The World Is All for them to exploit; they are entitled to it!

Have crazy multi-dimensional Slavery. The most inhuman.

We are living on less than the minimum calories, salaries;

what interpretations do your ‘Energy depts’ make of it all?

Select Committees, Land-Lord bias, Development plans,

Lobbyists, Experts! These sociopaths and torturers are mad.

Psychopaths running the system, loaded against small holders,

simple people, the workers, Pachamama. Didn’t you hear yet?



Why do you destroy the very Beautiful ~

Stranger what is this disease you bring?

Power <<>> Hungry >Congress <



Dependence on your Chemical Agri-business Culture

You will let my family die if it suits your Master’s Plan!

Irony of these ‘New Miracles’ from ‘Developed Nations’

The end of the day it’s winners and losers, risky business.

In which way exactly are you DEVELOPED, in Congress?

Mr. President serving abominations of Conglomerations?

The poor have to sell more land and borrow,

just being in-Indentured, servitude, enslaved.

Its survival in these times of World Progress!


Agri-Culture is the Culture ~
of people living on the Land ~

the Mother Earth ~ Pachamama.

Demonstrating savvy of a ‘New Combine’.

Praying for harvesting your crop, nurtured from nature.

Intensification of suffering; army’s killing famiies. Steals It!

Wait Quietly in Obedience, Your Lord on high will give you

the Official Catholic Savings; your sins will be wiped clean!

Same Old Politicos, same tricks, same corruption, bribery!

Some New Techniques.


Growths to FEED Stock, on an Index of the International Markets.

Targets founded along American lines. Expansionist, say no more!

We don’t want your Agent Orange, bonds or GMO. suicidal seeds.

Investments, Commodities, Motivation of Yields, only for PROFIT!

Wars, the bottom line: They Want to Control it All, every last atom.

Ethics of Psycho-Capitalists? Gain regardless of any consequences.

Totalitarianism, Global Conglomerate, World Power-Monopoly cabal!

Domination, Now; Who Trusts Whom? Not even for Pachamama.

Do you even Trust Your Self or really Respect these Poor People,

Democratic Human Rights or only Genocide; Nature’s sacrifice?

Why this history of Killing, murdering, subjugating the Peasants,

It’s their land, what’s left of it, after being Invaded, conquered!

Why? How do the Rich get exponentially Richer with immunity?

How do the Poorest always get financially Poorer still?

The sociopathic manipulation by Elites’ Controls of Power.

Regressive, Repressive, Oligarchic, Government’s Policy!

Conquered by Fascism: “Give us It All and your children too”

Disenfranchised, faults in Social Structures of DISTRIBUTION.

Any Plans for Changing these basic inequalities?

Common Sense must be Organised at the ROOTS

** * **

*** Harvest of Destruction

Behind the scenes of Nature.

Mahogany cut for Germany ~

Transported down the New Road.

Massive Environmental changes!

Constructed an outlet to the Pacific ~

Economic forces of the jungle terribly exploited!

Fastest growing (Democratic)Governmental policies!

Filling their warehouses, all about making them Money!

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Paved the way by Innocents, a logging super highway.

Dependency on Exports, dependent on F.T. Index.

The Indians want to come and say, “Hallo friend”

First contact; Welcome to our World, our home.

Their Needs, newly created and Provided by

the commodities and Futures of Wall Street.

Most Wonderful Amazonia

Just a glimpse of them ~ amazing!

So much jungle was burnt that year

(Area the size of Portugal)

What have we lost ~

What have we lost?

No Indians live there!”

Who’s seen this Official Map ~

Redimensioning all the Originals, Indians, aborigines?

Again and again ~ ‘the Plan’ is to take over their land.

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Another Unrealistic, NWO. Global Capitalist Policy.

No small holders benefiting ~ So what?

Farming Against the Amazonian Jungle!

How about the heritage of our Planet?

Making it a burning Failure and tragedy,

the suffocation, subjugation of your beautiful family.

This Bio-Eco-System was very Vulnerable (to Man)!

Impoverished, truly deserving people, came for Hope ~

but Your migrant planners are not adapting to the forest.

Official Plot, Unrealistic, unscientific, unworkable scheme.

Senor, Governor you were Prospecting then, didn’t leave

enough time; deciding only for the rich, global corporations.

Who Will Gain from this slash and burn?

The Amazon Is on Fire, Amazonia Is on Fire!

There Is No Ecological Account

Cutting our Earth’s lungs out with a chainsaw!

No reverence for a trillion year sophistication ~

A four year Plan! A wasted crime. You lost; most

of the nutrients were there, washed away in rain.

Standing by while our World Is raped by evil forces!

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Sea breezes relaying clouds of cooling vapour

Water falling ~ through the trees, canopy,

reaching to the soil, producing Nutrients.

All this feeds the animals and birds which help again

the forest cycle grow and reproduce. Absorbing rain ~

clouds, which feeds another essential link of this chain.

Deforestation cuts the trees holding the moisture,

soil and nutrients and growth and seeds and food

and animals and birds and plants ~ for propagation.

There’s No carbon dioxide for the World to breathe.

No rain cycle to regenerate ~ Nature’s equilibrium force.

They’re washed away by greed’s craving Power, Comprendez?


They cut a Cash Cropping, price per cm;

Consumer rising, blasting a road through her.

Where is your vision, her heart is destroyed;

where was your sense of Human potential?

Were you only hypnotised by this Capitalist mirage?

Pachamama is being tortured ~ Nature’s terrible scream!

Couldn’t you assist an adult tree to grow up into the Canopy?

Now there will be no food for the animals who live here with us.

One tenth of the World’s species ~ Interlocking Equilibrium.

Protect a seed, where is the light, where is the Intelligence,

what is growing Inside you? Is it only insane, Corruption?

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”


Of course they will they name it, the Dow Jones Highway.

Swarming Army ants; who gets to eat whom ~ preying

on each other. Scientists Radio tracking, ‘beep beep….

endangered, jungle birds. Artificial Intelligence programs

on stranded monkeys in real-time, stressful situations!

Meanwhile we lost the Amazon without a murmur, bleep!

Was it worth so much destruction for your coffee, cropping,

International Profiteers? What’s happening are you asleep?

And who will buy this product from you now? Why…

did you abandon and ruin this land, Senhor Governor?

Frontier town epidemics have killed all the Indians.

Half the tribe died from measles, they needed time ~

to prepare, to understand your invasion!

Here was Man’s most precious heritage ~

Inheriting, nature’s codes on how we became ~

who we are as a Whole. Now its all gone down

the Über Road to the money box, Banco Mundial.

This is more precious than any Treasure house.

They were all blissfully naked, this was LIFE, ALIVE!


Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”


The Amazon Is On Fire!

Now harvesting all the expensive wood; Rondonia is

slashed to pieces, destruction of a once beautiful place.

We lived on the headwaters.” The Indians are coughing.

The Indians are Despairing ~

The Colonists have lost Hope!

Our (New) bequeathed land ~

cannot Produce enough; Adios.

All this Science but we’ve lost the Amazon!

Biological Communities have disappeared ~

Unprotected soil; Laws favoured exploitation!

Clouds picked up by satellites,

we knew the Modern View

but let her slip away ~

The Amazon Is On Fire!’

Our land was never able to be productive enough”

Fault of a Policy: or was it always a Conspiracy?

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Oh boy is there going to be a Revolution in Brazil”

Trustee, who put this Treasure into your Care taking?

The World’s Greatest and Richest factory of Life, gone!

Her Cosmic energy from the natural

* transpiration of the Sun *

Patterns of Neo-Colonisation -Taking 100%

New Dependency, campaneros: As Persian Gulf, petrol and gas!

Where is your wonderful Bio - Mass - $elf-$ufficiency policy now?

A New Financing Regime, Kleptocratic, dictator Governor wants a

New Cash Cropping, environment Consuming Amazonia’s ashes.

Devastated, burnt our futures, perished stocks of the rarest wood!

Scare-city making Highest prices, for whom of extinct; chainsawed,

Mahoganies, Cherrywoods! Thousands of years, slashed, cut - down!

How to pay our Foreign Debt to the Bank of International settlements?

Metamorphosing Giant Caterpillar bulldozers and dynamite, blasting!

The Sacred AMAZON to ASHES!


Emptying the horizon, Plants for Cash Crops,

add a billion cows! Producing beef ~ Chops!

Slashed ~ MILLIONS of hectares for it.

They say that there is, ‘nothing new under the Sun’

When will we see some SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY?

On a toxic New Moon! Polluted, poisoned Mother Earth.

This air is breathed All around the Planet, Sustaining LIFE!

Psychopathic, Internationalists of Wall street syndicates, cabals,

Corporations, Conglomerates, You are Choking us ALL to death.

GENOCIDE of a million species, Adios, vaya con dios!

Nowhere to breathe

No Man’s Land of multi-national Corporations.

Run for your Life Africa, Canada, India, Siberia!

Who can remember the Amazon? (the natives).

Unaware, certain Men in Power, with no feelings!

Deforestation’ ~ Cut it down, burn it, Kill it; Own it, sell it,

let me have ALL the deeds! The last rights, recorded by a Satellite;

Science’s Virtual reality, algorithms. Making, developing, Modernising,

Civilisation of Amazonia by Monsters!

You gave us another barren Moonscape!

Primeval ~ before there was lovely harmony,

Indians harvesting, respecting, no corruption.

Can’t last forever, Colonisers bleeding each tree ~

twice a week: Exploitation without demolishing Chief!

No threats! Does your violent, Ignorant Government

know that this bark will fight Malaria and much more?

Most of our food is grown from families of Alive trees!

Your Government’s Cash Crops, Orientation towards …

telling the Amazonians to buy their food in Supermarkets!

Safeway, online Amazon, completely destroying a culture.

$i, cannibals, it’s one of many delicate balances of nature!

No Seedlings from this Government, only want meat;

Importing Foreign GMO, products, what we’ll all get to eat!

Is it appreciated in your Spirits, Minds and Hearts?

All in natural beauty.


Financial destroyer ~ of a Continental Forest!

Bulldozers do it Faster, with ease.

No Conscience/Unconsciousness!

Dark Magic’s satanic spells, tragic.

Was it all just an Illusion of the Matrix eye ~

Greatest of Rivers, Pachamama flowing wild.

They left a few kms. of steam engine tracks…

for tourists, AM EXers. You have lost a Jewel!

Once self-sufficient transport, now disappeared,

gone over to Imported Fuels! A burning wasteland!

One fifth of the World’s forest was an incubator of LIFE


This Efficiency of a biological Community ~

completely washed up and All the Indians


What do you have growing Inside of you, your Mind?

National Government Policy for Exploitational Power.

Washed it All away, only Greed instead of planting seed.

Gone the Greatest Forces of a Super Natural Culture!


Haunting Music from the depths of the forest.


( *** Arranged: from ‘Decade of Destruction’ Central TV. January 1984)

Übermensch - Where Robots Roam

Lucina, advanced Product of Social thinking.

Sharp Minds > Cutting Out < any Violence!

Awareness, of attending to labouring Women.

In a Lake of tranquil sensations ~ developing.


Erasing, Craving and Ignorance ~ from your Ego.


In the name of Love and Peace I ask…

In the name of the Spirit ~ of Immutable Change.

Ever since, you’re so fascinated by Nature’s wonders.

Evolution of Human beings ~ Not Control Programs!


Freeing the Matrix Mind ~ liberation to Infinite Space


Beauty needs

Serenity in your eyes ~

It makes me human.

When you were Conceived

they must have been

Amazingly in Love

that moment ~

Free is free


The Subconscious Undercurrent

Life stream is the creative energy free flowing ~

Through sensations, essential for the human to live.

This also dictates how we react to the outside percived objects,

with craving or aversion. This blind reaction from the deepest levels

of the mind continues our ignorance and we create more negativities

and defilements which in turn effect how we react to the next cause.

We then continue on this Karmic wheel of ignorance and suffering ~

If we can become Aware, equanimously of the Sensations on our

body/mind, realising their nature is to always change, this allows us

to Free ourselves from this chain of reaction and for the defilements

to be expelled from the deepest levels of our Mind ~

Realising this relationship through the practice of Dhamma and

Vipassana meditation and it leads to a harmonious, peaceful life.

Trust the wholeness of life and be happy with no paranoia or fear.

Knowing also anything can happen anytime ~ that this lifestream

will leave when its time is right. Relax accept this natural existence,

let it naturally flow ~ just be aware and Enjoy the wonders of Life



Sign of a wealthy personage ~

Life is what you can really afford

to Live with ~ Magical Blue Tulips.

Being Love and You will be Happy”


Feeling the body with the breath.


Sharper >:< Free Flow.

Remain Equanimous ~

Remains of Equanimity

Inside * Outside

some don’t know; ripening happens.

Your whole body is sensationalised;

Your Mind too ~ You’re complete.

With Equanimity, Impurity goes ~

Bowing down to tingles in the toes.

Why do I Feel disappointed?

Do you leave a Temple craving?

The generation of those Vibrations.

Children’s Inspiration ~ reason to understand.

The Essential is of continuous changing ~

Not ‘Mine’, I craft not with Ego.

Dissolution in the waves ~

Surfing dharma’s frequency.


Revolution to benefit others ~ the true Motive.

By dissolving your own ego ~ Revolutionary.

Essence of Life ~ starting to become Aware.

Working on ~ deeper meanings ~ Artful.

Hypnotised having no control over Mind.

Go with Truth making Merit.




Clarity of the Illusion of Craving and Aversion.

If caught up how can you take the next step?

Forgive and Progress!

Everyone ~ understand properly.

Stop bad vibes penetrating.

Understanding always ~

this will also ~ change”

Life Is Simple,

Sharing ~

Loving Kindness from the Heart



From your sweet lips, to your lover.

Yellow essence of Summer.

Your right to refuse to Kill.

You are not my prisoner”

Blaise Cendrars

Full of the Adventurer

Born 1887, Hotel étrangère, Paris.

Prophetic beginning, a stoker.

Prose du Trans-Siberian’

Magic of the Orient ~

he never begrudged,

the others’ expedients


Nothing Artificial

Served in the carnage

of the Champagne trenches!

Where did you leave your right arm?

Adventurer & poet ~ unflagging verve.

Fortunately, at the time leading the vagabond life.

From his old valise…

until his death ~ stroke!

* *

Poetess in tranquility

Aspects of gorgeous, beauty.

Passive, quietly admiring ~

A sensitive poet, relaxing

softly, on soaked moss

Poetry is not merely an art of expression

but a Spiritual discipline’.

Giving Amnesty to the Illuminati

Help to Liberate the Queen!

Liberate the Royal Family’

Liberate the black Pope’

Bought and paid for Politicians ~

Are Political Prisoners, on Your behalf!

Their ‘HUMAN’ Rights, absolutely denied mate

for a Political Objective, that’s suits only the elite!

Liberate them from an Undemocratic Imposition’

Liberate them from their own Autocratic Injustice:

Their God-given rights to have Human Equality:

to speak freely, to think freely, to act freely;

taken away in the name of some false duty.

Democratic-Monarchial, dictatorial subterfuge!

Figure heads hung in gilded cages not on pikes!

WTF. FFS. Let them go and let us go too!



Fools barge in where Angels fear to tread”

Bail out bitterness ~ Kiss Vortex.

It’s there even if you can’t see it;

I’d be so lucky to tell the difference.

The Realisation of your Perception

Empathy, mirror neurons, a taste for fairness,

helping others, reading other people’s minds ~

programmed to Mimic other people’s brains & feelings.

Most sophisticated Instinct is to Communicate,

the Language ~ Not as Slaves to Our Instinct!

We Learn, We Reason, We Choose

Instinct is not thinking, Judging It!

And who’s protecting your genes sweetheart?


Rising consciously above our Instincts.

Transcending morality, mortality ~ Spirit







An African, a child, an Orchid


What’s the sound of one hand clapping?”


Birth of Venus, Showers of Scarlet Roses


With Tahitian beauties and Gauguin in Paradise.

Natural ~ be nature, clear Spirit,

awareness of the sands of Time.

Destiny, ever changing time keeper

lyrical, harmonic, poetical life, divinity.

Jemanga, sea goddess, eyes popping out of your head!

Natural abstracts, symphonies, harmonies, Primavera ~

celebration, escaping to paradise; refused a Christian burial.

Riot of Colour * Light to Light


Evaporation ~ Shades of blossom

Out of the kindness of their hearts.

Successive waves ~ les libérateurs,

a group of poets on the themes of Love.

Realising the conceptuality of Equanimity.

Feeling closer, la historia del’amor, Lucia.

Heart’s full of nature, your Lover is a poet.

Wandering in the Spirit of haiku ~

discovery of strong undercurrents.

A Taoist classic ~ egoless nature,

portraying visually, beautiful scenes,

invoking magical spells of Chinese recluses.

With rare beauty, increasing sensuality, homage,

many lovely courtesans and the troubadours of peace.

Condensation L'idée d'égalité ~ Ocean Lagoons

Worldly’, hampered the set mind to unwind.

The mystic scenery evoking poetic memory ~

Heart’s content, distant, supernatural element.

Was living simply, then, a carefree life?

Pleased about their rice plants, light hearted.

Finding a small chai shop in a remote district.

Lifelong wandering, playing in waves on sunny days.

The shadow of a flashing butterfly ~

Children are wonderful, their true innocence.

Readers must use Imagination ~ Ideograms.

Brevity, concise qualities, nature and classical

communion with a memory, emotions entangled.

Sharing the same attitude of life and Inspiration

Sensitive inviting a lover on a short journey ~

Like the heart a poetic mind, gentle, originally.

Befriended at a noted tea master’s residence.

Travelled far to meet them, far away from home.

The God enshrined, Immersion in Nature

Visiting ruined Temples with a spirit artist.

Everything he sees becomes a flower”

Everything he imagines becomes a moon”

Occurrences along the forest road ~ Creator.

Submersion within nature, haiku at Ise shrine.

Visits Pacific coastal home, along the riverside,

native, ancient pine trees, overflowing Nirvana.

Gazing at a harvest moon with a Zen traveller.

The ultimate secrets, impassioned vibrations ~

Appreciation of imagination, captured in a river.

A poem on cuckoos, indescribable beauty

a peasant child; enjoying a wanderer’s life.

After a long journey full of enriched experiences.

Showers at dawn, the sky cleared, serenity of mind.

Sound of refreshing rain, the recluse awakened ~

Throughout, appreciated Nature’s sublime beauty.

The union with past poets. sharing tea, landscape.

Purpose to see the harvest moon, remembering ancient poems.

Kashima shrines, a scenic Lake’s reflections, recalling his emotions.

Submerging his sad ego into the Universe ~

Observing calm waves, everchanging nature.

Sunrise evoking the isles ~ poetic memories.

Enjoying from a distance ~ revives his heart.

Admires the view, open, didn’t hamper the mind.

Out of kindness their hearts were free ~

A leisurely way of life; keep the arrows.

After another Nuclear disaster, baby’s tears.

Composed the following haiku ~

Instinct, Insight, Imply, Intuition…

New Year’s Day Image, heat waves from a rock.

At Fukushima, taking shape of a Buddha Ki ~

Anatta Emerging

On the whole happier, confident,

more carefree ~ than ever before.

Rustic verse, desire, stronger each time

to go and see the pink, harvest moon.

One cannot kill something eternal.

Metta, centering, wind recurring ~

concludes with a lovely view,

when aware of all this


Inheriting the Earth

Poverty the legal form of Slavery’

People whom they could exercise ~

their dominant, authoritarian Power over!

Reveal revelation, sacred sight.

Divine caretaker ~ free will,

dream timer, creating only Now.

Reflex, reflects in sacred pools

Developing the highest qualities.

Consciousness, sharing ~ feeling.

Take Refuge, tap into ~

Wisdom seeks Expression

Eternal Intention and Earth Celebration.

Exiled Illuminati ~ anyone who is living

disconnected in this greedy, Ignorant,

Destructive, Fascist World

Better Butter

Brilliance ~

Mr. President

this is a Koan

And this is an Open

hearted person ~

And this Gun

will Kill

And this is You!



I Love your scars…

signs of healing ~ becoming.

Awareness of your wounds.

Feeling ~ your suffering.

Dramas capable of enriching.

Introduced vibrations of a literary figure.

Truth’s humanity, better understanding space.

Clarity, lucidity, consciousness of the finite mind.

They and I may suffer from unknown insecurities.

I may pick up their incomprehensible complexities.

I want understanding, being able to give it ~

Making Love in a summer meadow of buttercups.

Sparkling, feels so alive, holistic senses of direction


We Love you and Support you on the journey”

Natural childbirth, natural, final Celebration ~

Happy, know, Divine Oneness, Cosmic Ocean.

Know > Life force, No fear Universe < Spiritual.

It’s not haphazard but unfolding patterns, fractals.

Faith, have no paranoia, knowing, naked in the rain.

Freedom, absolutely, don’t need things ~

Ignorance of possession, being possessed.

Natural wealth is never taken for granted,

honour; You cannot kill something eternal.

Freedom, selfless, no selfish ~ Spirit.

Not limited Mind, no ego, no suffering.

Disengaging of Your Self-Delusory Mind.

Oneself, myself, the self, itself, himself, herself,

Idea of Self, Incessant, esteem, self opinion,

self preservation, self respect, self sacrificing

yourself again, self styled, self trust, self worship,

self wrong, self winding, self will, self tormented,

self sufficiency, self betrayal, self fertilization,

self sown, self satisfied, self seeking narcissism ~

self reverence, self restraint, self respectful, self reproach,

self repression, self reliant, self regard, self love, self made,

self important, self imposed, self educated, self help, self immolation,

self indulgent, self interest, self involved, self justification, self profit,

self mastery, self knowledge self glorification, self mortification, self elect,

self raised, self conceited, self absorbed, self consumed, self hate,

self congratulations, self abnegation, self obsessed, self possessed.


Big Question, ‘Why does Man go to war?’

Perfect * Combination << Lotus >> pond.

Xochipilli’ ~ Aztec ~ means flower prince.

Solar deity and patron of feasting, music, dance, poetry,

generative powers honoured early in the growing season.

Another aspect ~ he punishes sins of excesses


Self, No-self-contradictory’ ~ can’t deny itself.

Self-detachment * Ego’s virus won’t let it truly be.

Not programmed for that viewpoint, don’t you see?

The Self-Centredness Concept ~

Ego dystonic, only one that means

anything to it, this isn’t a paradox.

All about complete self-evidence,

self-absorption providing the high!



This provides MY IDENTITY, Sense of Self with which





A completely opposite understanding ~ Unselfish



Where did this Intrinsic association ~

of the Self come from?

How did it get so much control,

power over human, egoic MINDS ~

(to hide our Infinite ~ Cosmic Spirit)

the World, the consequences on Life?

Sotāpanna, supramundane stream enterer,

into the ‘no self’ flow and the ethic of


How do you do this in practice?

A good beginning is to explore vibrations,

Vipassana’s meditation path, dhamma,

in Spiritual ways; a Poet’s painting.

Pink lips’ adoration, Earth Mother

a crown of wild roses in her luxuriant hair.

Oceans of sensory, Love frequencies ~

Lights up the sensational mind brilliantly!

Harmonic seas of peaceful, tranquility.

Dhammapada’ ~ ‘Let it be, let it be’

Respect, gratitude, genuine praise

Equanimity the moment I realised

Enough Is Enough!’


Demand for Perfect beauty.

She is pretty Gorgeous!

I like them Real”

I like them Real so I can feel

the fathoms of their life force ~

and talk with you of Timbucktoo

and other trips that we might do.

~ Creation * Reaction * Recreation ~

Reaction collective * consciousness.

Universal Live and Let Live


If You Truly Love Someone,

You want them Simply to be ~

Perfectly Happy and Enlightened


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past fifteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:


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