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No part of this eBook may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical (including photocopying, recording and any information storage or retrieval system) without written permission from the author. This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, business, places, events or incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, and actual events are purely coincidental

Table of Contents

  1. Shining Darkly

  2. Hell In Kindergarten

  3. Wide Deep

  4. Party Props

  5. Marvellous Beginning Of Day

  6. Mental Dental

  7. Happy Village

  8. Rich And Poor

  9. Splendour In Memories

  10. Melancholy Nights

  11. Wonderful Blowing

  12. Position Problem

  13. Tree Happiness

  14. Something Around

  15. Shining Black

  16. Feather Pen

  17. Playing Cards

  18. Garbage Felled On Me

  19. Burning Flames

  20. Come Again

  21. Morning Glory

  22. Falling Hard

  23. Crying Till Night When See You

  24. Beautiful Yesterday

  25. Poem with NO Ending

  26. Just Let Go

  27. Walking for Suicide

  28. What’s The Reason??

  29. Changing My World

  30. Lullaby

  31. Broken

  32. Loosing Memories

  33. Say Hello To The World

  34. Sharks All Around

  35. New Beginning

  36. Elbows on The Table

  37. Rhyme and Rhythm

  38. In Orchard

  39. One Day

  40. MOM

  41. My Lovely Sister

  42. Roaming Fingers

  43. Luck

  44. Ocean Death

  45. Deaf

  46. Darkness

  47. Hard

  48. Constellation

  49. Fake

  50. Went Away

  51. Star

  52. Andromeda

  53. Spring Love

  54. Running From Dark’

  55. Summer Wines

  56. My Soul Brother

  57. Y O U

  58. Flowers

  59. Bluff

  60. WHY

  61. Faint

  62. My Wish

  63. Always

  64. Paradise

  65. C R A Z E

  66. Earthquake

  67. Don’t Call Me Stupid

  68. Butterfly

  69. Your Last Spell

  70. Burn

  71. Collecting

  72. Brain

  73. Vanished

  74. Playing

  75. Peril

  76. MANIA

  77. Who said, “I am Weak”?

  78. The Perfect Me

  79. I Don’t Like You

  80. Fake Smile

  81. Brain

ABout the author

I belong to Sahiwal region of Pakistan. I got inspired from a very renowned poetess Elizabeth Jennings. I was really proud of writing pleasure thoughts. I started writing stories for different magazines. Later on, I started writing poems. My first poem was little similar to another author. At start my poems were like a toy and after time by time, my poems got matured.

Now I use to write poems on my experiences of life and somehow related things.

I used my sister to look at my poems and due to my parents and my sister’s appreciations, I stepped it up.

In my short words and opinions “POETRY IS THE BEST WAY TO EXTRACT YOUR FEELINGS”



about the co author

Hamza Haroon is a student in Grade 11 in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently a You Tuber who is passionate in showing positive image of Pakistan to the whole Mother Earth. He believes in the power of literature and internet.


When you begin toread the book,keep a piece of paper and a pen beside you. You’ll get flashbacks of stories you may have known about, a part of, or had observed. Keep on writing pointers. These pointers could be converted into stories and bound in a volume. So enjoy Shining Darkly.

Happy Reading !!




My life is an open world

No screams heard beside me

Black forked women caused

Throwing words like pots and pan

My classmates sipping sugarcane

And laughing in mirth in other tears

I buried my face in white steal sun

While children are funny things

Strange as dinosaur

As look as hen

Danger days

But pleasant night

Hell in Kindergarten

Now a world is little more my own

No need to remember the pain

A black frocked woman caused slapping my face

Like pots and pans

My classmates laughing in mirth in others tears

The laughing of friends were punishment for me

Children are funny things

But no had hearts

I buried my face in warm hedge of sun

And smell flowers and pain

For being a happy

But in heart pain still going

But don't know that is that continue?


Water has no end

But land has end

Correction of world is a big mistake

No one has right to done his work

But has right to choose himself for work

Life has end

But long life has no end

The screams of deep water

Fishes are swimming in water

But flies are stick to leave

Birds flown in the sky

But sun standing lonely in the sky

Long necked stretching faces

Are scared to us

Meanwhile a deep end

A wide sleep to deep end

But no has its own

All were separate


Having a great party

But a dull silence

All were having a prop

And all were enjoying

All were laughing quietly

But still in their hearts

What a peculiar party

No one be laugh

Still quite in their hearts

But while to me a hurt

No one know what inside of cake

A sleepiness of death

The dark shinning blue sky

But now as a dark cloud

Seems to be like a prop

But still quiet in their hearts

All were enjoying but some are still dull

Marvellous Beginnings of Day

Sometimes in an anger

Sometimes in gay

But marvellous beginning of day

Always starts from good morning

And you should know to do all better

Mental Dental

Once the teeth pick pain

Went to mental dental

He pushes pain towards me

I cry crazy and scrambling slowly

But still he watches and waits

Spreading bitter but fresh, cool medicine in teeth

And still he questioned about schools and teachers

My mouth was closed not want to talk

But he still asking

That's why called

Mental Dental

Happy Village

People giving

People forgiving

Birds flying

Kites Flying

People working

Animal working

Happily, happily

Quietly, quietly

That's why called Happy Village

Rich and Poor

No rich no poor

Just equal

Always sing songs of happiness

Don't think you are bad

Don't think much you are good

Just increase courage in yourself

There is nothing in life

There is nothing in personality

Don't think you are poor

Don't think you are rich

Only when the equality contains

It just made you happy

Forgive rich and poor and make love in both

Splender in Memories

The beauteous yesterday is fading away

Like a blushed twilight

Through nothing can bring back

The hours of sweat treasure past

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