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36) My Impression- by anthony domanski

My impressions

By Anthony domanski

The impressions

My impressions get left

As if they where foot prints in sand

Where I go

My impressions will grow

Like how a sparkling river flows there for in my words we will grow

I have a destiny

To be somebody

In this world

But if I keep leaving my loving impression like foot print in sand

It will be like a music band

My word will be true and heard forever by my own loving creative impressions.

Threw my ashes I will stand tall

Tony d

My poetry I am leaving behind is a legacy

My words till go on for generations to come after me

Even after my ashes are spread my poetry will stand tall

I myself in words will never fall

I written spoken to all to show creativity can be

Your greatest friend till the end

But not like a whimper and become your greatest enemy

So the best thing to do is never challenge ones own creativity

My poetry is just for a way to bring good and a way to define me

Simply saying, I will stand tall in anything coming my way

Just to have a simple life today.

I can have greatest battles

By tony d

I can have some of the greatest battles some are true some untrue

But the outcome always comes out the same

Leaving me isolated and in pain

More fixing the relationship to gain

All the time to regret never taking the battle but seems a never ending story

For all the battles I bin in people I ruined I just wanted say I really am sorry

I hope we can be repaired like a growing rose to be blossomed just know

To never take me seriously im just going threw a phase and need space

Ill come back around to the person you knew and love like that rose blooming

Don’t worry everything is ok today not battling any more that is true.

To be alone

To be alone, means to me you not really alone, there is other like me

Wanting to be free from this duo of insanity when you in it its hard to sprout and grow

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