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Animus Mente

Chris LoBue and Jen Selinsky

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ISBN: 9781370357741

Animus Mente

Animus Mente takes its name from the poem which Chris and I wrote together. Chris, having studied Latin in high school, chose the title. It means something along the lines of a soul to mind, which sounds appropriate for the context.

The book was originally supposed to be published by Orpheus Press, in 1998, in chapbook form. I don’t remember how Chris and I even got started on the project or how we met the gentleman who’d gotten us involved, or even his name. I think that we might have made his acquaintance at the Barnes & Noble in Cranberry Township.

Chris and I were both eager, young college students in 1998. He was attending Boston University, and I, BCCC (Butler County Community College). This would be our first published “book” of poetry so, needless to say, we were very excited!

Chris helped me pick the poems which he thought best represented the bulk of my work. I also liked the selections he had chosen for his portion of the book. I’m not sure if he kept much of his other writing, but I’m glad that the great minority remains in this book. All my poems which were chosen had been picked from my growing selection of work.

We did not make any distinction between the authors. That is part of the mystery, to figure out who wrote what. The only exception to this is the title poem, “Animus Mente,” which is typed in regular type for me and italic type for Chris. I figured it was important to know who spoke what line in the poem. Even though all the works which I contributed can be found in my other books, Chris’s have not been previously published, at least not to my knowledge. Most the original wording, punctuation, and capitalization are as they appeared in the original document. Also, the poems are left undated.

So, without further ado, please sit back and enjoy this joint collaboration between two young poets who were very eager to publish and release their work into the world!

To God and my family for standing by, and to all my artistic muses. You’ve all been wonderful.


To God first and foremost for my talents, my life, and my faith. To my family, who never gave up on me, no matter how hard it was to carry on. To all those who managed to inspire me just once more. Finally, to Jen, who has been everything to me in literature and in life. My eternal gratitude to you all.


1998 Orpheus Press


Why is it that I so foolishly decided to leave

a heart that is willing to give the proper order?

You were obviously the highlight of my life

I feel as if my heart were ready to cross a border

The sky no longer contains the same color

and radiant hue

The sky no longer contains any hint of optimism

since I so impulsively left you

So many days go mournfully by,

and during all those days I sit and wonder why

My life isn’t content because I threw your love away

how much do you think that it cost your heart

because I did not see much reason to stay?

In life, as well as love, there is a lesson that one must learn,

one heart’s passion is willing to give, while another heart

has passion to mournfully earn

The Romeo Syndrome (Sonnet 5)

Where art thou, Rosaline? Dost thou still wear

That mask that makes me think you love me not?

I can still see you in the corner there.

You must realize I like you a lot!

Come to my arms, and thou shalt fin’lly be

Loved. No matter what’s wrong, I’ll make it fine.

And you’ll always know... Wait, who’s that I see?

She’s a vision... I’ll see you, Rosaline.

My dear, speak now your name. I am in love

With you! Ah, Juliet, wherefore were thou

For all my life? I canst not get enough

Of you. I’d lie and kill and die for you.

All love is life, all life is love, and so

Wherever fate should take you, I shall go...

Upon Whom I Thank The Heavens

Of all the gifts God bestowed upon me,

I have you to thank Him for the most,

for who else has loved me so?

All these years you have guided me,

and played a significant role

The past can reflect itself,

and always reveal your face

I can always cherish your sweet embrace

The true miracle is obviously the day of your birth,

and I’m constantly thanking God

for putting you on this earth!

To the Dancing Leaves of the Autumn Day

One autumn day, in mid October,

I see a misguided leaf falling fast from a tree

A thought has occurred to me

Why do I not have a burden or care?

Aimlessly falling in the thin air,

the leaves signify a mundane life

O if they only knew how to do it right

One cannot live and simply just fall

at least it mustn’t happen to all!

A middle stage must be present to lead a fulfilling life

O thank you, thou merry breeze,

For you shall guide these scattered leaves

Pick them up from the graves in which they fall,

and lead everlasting merriment to them all

Wind lifts them up and they start to dance,

if only they knew they had more than

Just one chance!


The eternal turning of the world is getting to me,

for I cannot stand the nausea!

Every day amounts to a change

and all those are intangible!

A rest from society would be a pure delight,

For the sky could contain a different hue

When all will agree to hold hands in the fall,

The world shall be at peace

Nonetheless, I am willing to give a heart filled with love

to a patient who has none to receive

Your embraces shall never be forgotten,

As long as I am here to receive

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