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Title: A Duo Of Poems ( The Wheat And As The Sun Sets)

Author A J Junamb

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 ( A J Junamb)

Word count 201 and 212

Description – Two Short Poems

All characters appearing in this book are fictitious Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental

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Poem One 'Wheat'

In the quiet farmland far from the busy city lies a field of green crops
So beautiful to see and all arranged in perfect rows
With a long slender green stem stands a single wheat crop
The strong stem shields the inner wheat from harm
Harm from the rain, heat,winds, snow or even insects
And arranged perfectly within the stem is not just one seed
But at least 10 seeds - arranged perfectly 2 by 2 on top of each other
Nature's geometry pattern - a sight to see
Protected by the green stem which lets in sunlight
To help nourish the seeds within
The wheat within grows steadily
While rabbits pass through the field
Until it is ready to be harvested
And then the wheat emerges into the daylight
And the protective stem is cast aside
Having done its job - to just protect
And now the wheat is ready to be ground into flour
To provide bread to sustain life
A provider of nourishment throughout the ages
Loved by everyone in all its forms - bread, cakes, biscuits or flatbread
And any seeds which are cast on the ground soon grow quickly
To provide next year's harvest and food

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