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I’ve always said that to finish a task, you must first get started.

And God said unto Moses; “Go forth and lead my children to freedom”

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If a man is blue-green color blind, what color is the sky to him?

Whatever color he perceives it to be, correct?

I say it’s blue and he says it’s gray

If I’m the only man alive that is not color blind does that make the sky gray,

or is it blue?

Finding Superman

Convince your mind and you can fool your body

Mind over Matter

Believe that you’re flying and you are

Grey Matter over Meat

Table of Contents:

Start in the Middle

No Regrets

Time Changes Everyone

Hearing Me

Cold, Rainy, October Day

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Twice

The Hunger

Three Times

Country Swing Set

Millbrook, My First Pet

She calls my name; “Michael”

My Dreams


My Reply


Weighed Down With Us

The Song

Juggler’s Game


The Bars of Freedom

Youthful Times

The Peace Found Between the Rows of Pine

A Look Says it All


Wasteful Clock Watching

The Second Hand

A Year Without Sleep

FUCKing Sunday Mornings

Upon Us, it Fell

Burning Bridges

Life of a Small Town

Six Squared

A Boys Lesson

Returned by Love

Barking Treed


The short, preliminary, time trial held before a race to establish a Leader

Pedal faster, bitch… own voice echoes inside my mansion

(“the version of MD that you don’t want to see”)

Inspired by NF….Listen to the words, not how they are presented

Stephen, are you still there? Hello, Stephen? Where did you go?

Time, life, accident, and pain wear us all down

Worn to the point of erasure


where the FUCK are you?

Chapter One; the only one

You find yourself in a room with two doors

One isn’t labelled and the other says “see the Egress”

Which do you choose to get out of the room?

The Shakespeare of marketing asked you to pick

Stop and ask yourself; “Why?”

I choose the door not taken

The door covered in Frost

The pages of this notebook challenge me; Write something better than before

Create something that needs to be read

Fill this space with emotion, straight from the heart

That is what the challenge is, heart filled pages for all to see

Start in the Middle

Here we are, stuck in the middle again

Chasing rhymes with this silver pen

Write now or forever hold your penis

In the end, there shall be a Hound of Hell unleashed

Ripping us all from this place of wrath and tears

“And yet the menace of the years

Finds; and shall find me unafraid” (Invictus…Henley)

No Regrets

Three old men sit talking

The first one says, “I spent my life working on a farm, seven days a week, 12 hours a day.” “I have no regrets.”

The second one states, “I married a beautiful woman and have ten wonderful children.” “I have no regrets.”

The third old man speaks up and says, “I’ve been a friend to both of you for fifty years and have spent every afternoon sitting here listening to your stories;

All that I have is hemorrhoids!”

I once shook hands with a woman whom had no arms

Thalidomide child, “what amazing feet you have”

She replied, “The better to shake hands with you my dear”

Time changes Everyone

Time changes Everyone

I’m not me anymore

I hope that I’m never me again

I suppose that I got everything that I deserved

I honestly can’t say otherwise

When building walls

A person should first make sure that they have a ladder

No longer stealing from You;

I once spent an hour walking in a circle around a square

Only to find that I’d gone nowhere

Hearing Me

As I lay beside a stranger a voice comes to me

It asks, “What have you done to me?”

The voice is my own

I close my eyes and try to sleep but I’m haunted by strange faces

Faces that I remember, yet the names I forget

Bodies of bronze and soft flesh

Nights filled with passion, Nights filled with regrets

Cold rainy October Day

It’s a cold, rainy, October day

The last of the leaves are holding on

But most have been racked into neat piles on lawns

Their fate is to be bagged and disposed of

Just like most of the beautiful things;

That man touches

While my four year old daughter told me who was in her kindergarten class she listed;

Jacob Lamphere, Jacob Wright, Casey Wright, Kirsten with no front teeth, and Erica

Tell Me Why

Tell me why we cannot love each other

When the softness of your hands touches me I tremble with fear

I feel the sense of nakedness overwhelm me

I cannot hide from you

We speak the same words at the same time and care the same way

Yet you restrain yourself?

If you are afraid, don’t be

I will not hurt you

I could not hurt you

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