Excerpt for If You Dare by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

I got my piece of mind back,

And now I'm feeling mighty fine,

Everything is going good,

And now the weather's so divine,

I'm finally moving up,

And nearly halfway up the ladder,

All them haters tried to drag me,

I only fucking mad em madder,

I got a brand new look on life,

I'm moving forward down the straights,

Feel my grandma's holy essence,

Shining down from pearly gates,

Keep my head up to the sky,

Reach out and touch a fluffy cloud,

Gotta make my voice heard,

And gonna sing this shit loud,

So put your stereos on blast,

And all your headsets screwed on tight,

We bout to get this bitch jumping,

And have you feeling just right,

It's a party up in here,

It's a party over there,

It's a celebration fest and we gone show them if you dare

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