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Leave it All Behind

I feel so damn down,

And shit I don't know why,

Feel like my head just might explode,

And like today I wanna die,

Tilt my head up to the sky,

And now I get down on my knees,

Saying lord Anubis help me,

Why won't you take my soul,


I miss my grandma all so dearly,

And my life is all in shambles,

Fucking with pills and needle marks,

It's a dangerous gamble,

Hide behind some Mary J,

Hoping that it would ease my pain,

But when I finish I'll diminish,

All fucked up it leaves my brain,

I just wish he'd come to notice,

And give me some kind of sign,

Take me out this cold world,

And leave the crazy shit behind

Lioness Second Wind

Seems like my stars are steady falling,

And all my sunshine turns to rain,

I don't know if I can go on,

I can't take this pain,

Niggas fit to turn against me,

They wanna see me hit the ground,

Nine inch nails up in my heart,

And the beat no longer pound,

Put this nine up to my head man,

And just fucking end it all,

What good is living on the edge all if you can't stand tall,

Just when I thought my all was lost,

And the dark closed in,

You came and swept me off my footpads,

A true lioness second wind

I Do Right

I do right by my cubs,

Do right by my fans,

Do right by all my works,

I'm in the kitchen making plans,

Gotta make that cake,

And got a brand new recipe,

Gotta start my day off right,

And can't get sloppy,

Messy me,

I got this rap thing under my belt,

It's working wonders,

Helps me escape from the storm,

And hide away from all the thunders,

I do right by my mother,

I do right by my friends,

We gotta always stick close,

And be together till the end,

We can dance the night away,

Go to the mall and have a ball,

Have a lioness night out,

Or dip some shots until we fall,

We just gotta stick together,

Cause we all in for this fight,

Make it last all through forever,

And just know we'll be alright

If You Dare

I got my piece of mind back,

And now I'm feeling mighty fine,

Everything is going good,

And now the weather's so divine,

I'm finally moving up,

And nearly halfway up the ladder,

All them haters tried to drag me,

I only fucking mad em madder,

I got a brand new look on life,

I'm moving forward down the straights,

Feel my grandma's holy essence,

Shining down from pearly gates,

Keep my head up to the sky,

Reach out and touch a fluffy cloud,

Gotta make my voice heard,

And gonna sing this shit loud,

So put your stereos on blast,

And all your headsets screwed on tight,

We bout to get this bitch jumping,

And have you feeling just right,

It's a party up in here,

It's a party over there,

It's a celebration fest and we gone show them if you dare

Mwezi's Here

There's always someone there,

Peeping out the other side,

When your feeling low and down,

Or when you've just bout all your pride,

When hyenas come to reap you,

Or when the hippos come to charge,

There's always some help,

Waiting for you upon that barge,

So if you're stranded in the waters,

Running from crocs along the Nile,

Just feast your eyes upon the skies,

And she'll come save you by the while,

The mighty lioness always turns up,

When you need her the most,

Just say the word and like a bird,

To your rescue I coast,

I got your back,

You got mine,

On a pay scale we equal,

Don't need no cameras,


A reality show sequel,

Mwezi's just really no different than your average lion Joe,

Some niggas think I'm rich and famous,

Living lavish,

But no

You Strike My Fire

You are my morning cup of tea,

You're like the sheets upon my bed,

Every night I gotta have you,

And if you stopped I might be dead,

You've got the key to my ticker,

The one true light that shines down,

And every time we kiss and touch,

You turn my frown right upside down,

You got me purring like a boat,

My stomach filled with butterflies,

Like a newborn cub,

You bring such joy with all your cries,

Like a moth to a flame you go and fill my full desire,

My love is blinded like a bat,

Can't you see you strike my fire

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