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No Celebrities

I can't stand celebrities,

And all their gripes and silly games,

Can't even fathom motherfuckers,

And this word they call 'fame',

Always getting all the dick,

And getting pregnant by the dozen,

Where's the love for underdogs,

Here working hard while you fussin,

Everybody starts somewhere,

Case you bitches done forgot,

Better know bout where your heart is when you rise to the top,

Fuck your reality dramas,

And all your shitty ass movies,

All you fake ass cons just out here searching for booty,

Then the ones who raised you,

You turn your back on us now,

Don't wanna hang with old friends,

You suck a dick for those clowns,

Is it worth all the attention,

And a sea of fucking green,

Leaving loved ones in the dust for the 'American Dream',

I know I've said it once before,

And now I'll say it again,

Right down to hell with ya'll celebs,

And let the little guys in

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