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Poems of Decrepit Youth

These poems are to remind me of all those young, just hatched, undeveloped souls who were unable to conform to obvious lies and were mercilessly crashed and killed, first by their own ineptitude, disappointments and lack of Spirit, but mostly by the invisible reptile-like servants of the dark light who constitute any, demonically possessed, doomed to perish society.
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Copyright 2000/Copyright 2018 Mar Shy Sun
Cover by Divant

to whom it may concern:
it was
about time
the light was constipated
shit! shit! shit!
how unlit it is!
sincerity is sun's nullity
sincerely, mar shy sun


two eyes
and nothing else


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...
we're earthworms
not in a bad sense - in a good sense
giggling, wiggling, blabbering
nobody hears us
living below in the loam
we still look fresh
some unseen serial butcher cuts us into pieces
we do all kinds of things because of the pain
but instead of dying
we're multiplying
endlessly trying to lose our serial number


my heart’s so frozen, so frozen
like this:
dfiuufd vhhhhhhhhhhhhhaivuhaaaaaaaaah vvhavr88vusvu savj cjzkjvkiv98888888uvvhhhhhhhhhhhha8re8re8r8ygv7y7tytyreuewu8e9w9aqp q[ [ 98s9DRURHHVCJCHVR8VGR88FRIDCJHVJVHAS:ISA;S8 98U:KKJZZD:”D_I((U9uWUUuIJJKJZkxzKCCZVZSZP JUAojgiiiiib9400-29029e48kjvs[q [ o; qqqqqqf0]’e3mvb\
3P4TRIIIGFBJ;JA’P’Oikkkkogber vm nbcmnbvvvjvdu88re’[A
0 02222222IUHFVBV7F66


what I had
i have lost
what I don’t have
laughed in my face
rain, tears, water, drops - always hit the bull's-eye
did you notice how time has speeded up lately?
so far I suffered my life on a sofa
monkeys on tranquillizers
fun - fun in the sun
no time to choose from
no time, no more
nothing hides
nowhere to run
explosions inside the sun
face the #1


like a couple dozen ants
are scurrying along
fulfilling their little chores -
we'll never know
anything about it

first you count them
then divide
you admire their

one morning
you find them
on your toothbrush
the toilet bowl
is their racetrack

one morning
you try to be diplomatic
you talk for a long time
you get drunk together

one morning
you feel like a mercenary
you squash
dozens of them

one morning - nothing
one morning they're back
you see them migrating
along an unexplored ant path
coming from nowhere

weakness lives
in my bathroom


the short ones (poems)
are the best
my friend remarks
i agree with him -
the shorter the better
P.S. you read in vain
you missed the climax


*i wanted to write
about "don't know"
that's impossible!
exclaims "i know"

how many times have you dripped after you peed?
how many times have you held back your fart?
how many times haven't you properly wiped your ass?
(oh, good lord, where is the smell coming from?)
"i want to know!" storms in and squeezes through

"don't know" takes "i know" by the hand
echoes of fear and death disappear into the abyss
"i want to know" feels ever so lonely and will always wonder
why did i ask? why?


*i'm the dreams salesman
i always dream
of what
you're going to dream
day and night
all lifelong
you see
i sell the stuff

i sell
you buy
that's how it goes
we're both in love with reality

you dream at night
forgetful of
your dreams of the day
or should i say ours?

in the day you dream
oblivious about
where you were last night
in your dreams
or should i say ours?

i sell
you buy
that's how it goes
we're both in love with reality

don't even dream
of your own dreams
there are none
buy mine
and pay back on time
it's easy
like a dream
to dream is to dream
yours is only that
what can be bought
hurry up!
buy on credit!
buy your dreams on credit!

i sell
you buy
that's how it goes
we're both in love with reality

dream! that's all there is
i sell!
you buy!


*pressure as wires
surfing through the void
moist diamonds
soothing through the skin
a bleeding bull's eye
is the target in the sky


i was sowed
into darkness

the wet mud like
an armor protects me
from mortality
it makes me look good too

every second
emptiness pulls out
the last breath from me
only to give it back
to me again

we are kids on a swing
exercising surprise

with a roar
of feared belief
the fountain spurts
out of my mouth

it is growth and decay
suppressed time
in its absolute virility
a frothy vector
shooting out
on the stage of
mind's painted scenery


these strange songs
of love we make
out of our longing
all that is spoken
all that is repeated
all that is unpronounced
is chained around my ankles
i try to jigger
i try to linger
my clanking steps
make the cats in the garden
squeal in beastly voices
and the moths burn
against the kitchen lamp
i know they're just love songs
sung by them
by us
songs of pain
and rage
we all
try to sound
men like

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