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Roy Paul Shields

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Poetry and Other Musings

Just my thoughts; Since I was a young boy I have had somewhat poetic thoughts going through my head, or possibly better yet- thoughts that were somewhat poetic. My mom Vivian Shields was, and there is no doubt, my inspiration to write.

So, we would write poetry and things together, to be more honest, my mom did most of the writing and I did the learning! Well, whatever! Somewhere along the line I began putting these thoughts on paper. My life could never be classified as ordinary. I was always on the move, or run, depending on how you perceived it. There was always so much to see, so much to do; and when I ran out of things to do I would write.

I gave a lot of what I wrote away; I lost a lot of what I wrote moving around like I did. A lot was burned in the fireplace by a departing ex-girlfriend. I salvaged what I could and continued to write as thoughts came to me. I do not consider myself a writer. I simply write whatever and however it comes to my mind. Most of what I have written are just my thoughts the way I understand them.

I think there is a possibility some of what I have written could be turned into songs. I do not write music. So, if songs are to be, that will be someone else’s department. I have things that I have written scattered from here and back. I finally decided to begin putting them together while I still could. None of this would be possible if it were not for my mom working with me since I was a toddler. She would play different word games with me. She always made learning fun.

She encouraged me to write as far back as I can remember; in later years, inspiration was important to my writing. Nancy Crago, a dear friend of mine who read the first story that I ever wrote encouraged me to keep writing. That was “Love Me Tender A Story”. I wrote a few books and another dear friend, Joyce Kay began editing them for me. She not only edited, but she took over the logistics with the publishing companies. Joyce Kay was important enough that I made her a partner and manager of my writing adventures! I never liked English classes when I went to school, Joyce has had her work cut out for her.

So, Mom, Joyce Kay and Nancy Crago, Thank You for making JUST THINGS possible!

11/7/2017 “Just Things

Some things take longer than others; thus, my decision to put all of the poetry and lyrics that I have written through the years into a book. My mom, Vivian Shields was my mentor; she wrote some great interesting poetry of which I shall include in the book.

I have the original paper that I wrote what evidently was the first poem I ever wrote, with my mom’s help of course. Seventy-six years is a long time to test anyone’s memory. I am sure it is an original otherwise I don’t know why my mom would have saved it. It is called Dandelions.

I make no pretense of being a writer. English was my least favorite class all through school. I write the way I see, hear or feel it. One thing for sure, one does not need a dictionary to read and understand that of which I write. I have been told there is no rhythm how I write. Of course not - I am not a one subject writer; I consider myself a story teller.

I sincerely hope that those that read “Just Things” enjoy it as much as I have putting it all together.


There surely is a gold mine

Somewhere underneath the grass

For dandelions are popping out

In every place you pass.

But if you want to gather some

you’d better not delay

For gold will turn to silver soon

and all will blow away.

Since I was a little boy

Since I was a little boy

I dreamt of places far away

I’d close my eyes and catch a star

And away I’d go to play.

I must have dreamt of soda pop and candy bars

Fire engines and toy cars

I’d often be a cowboy and maybe a Pirate too

There just wasn’t a heck of a lot

This little boy couldn’t do.

Many years have come and gone

And so many things have happened to me

I guess I’ll always be a gold miner

Or a Captain out to sea

So long ago it strains my mind

To think of me as a lad

I barely remember me as a little boy

And this makes me very sad.

Oh, but sad or lonely not for long

Not a dreamer such as me

I’ll just close my eyes and dream a while

Of a four master out to sea.

So, fear not my life my Angel

I am really here to stay

It is only when I close my eyes and smile

And dream

That I must go away.

Roy Paul

About 1970 - I wrote this many years ago

Bad-bad boy; I had smoked a “tad of marijuana”! The silence was the same as always, except I missed the sound of the pounding surf. I closed my eyes to explore the darkness and found nothing but a void.

I lit a couple of candles and closed my eyes again; so many thoughts. Good thoughts, but no one to share them with. The candles filled the room with a soft and golden glow, and yet seemed distant. Night sounds filled the room as I opened my eyes again. Everything seemed soft and warm from the glow of the candles. My heart pounded as I found myself wishing that I had a companion that I could share this evening with.

My chest began to hurt and at this time I realized I felt tears running down my cheeks. My throat became choked as I wiped the tears from my face. Somewhere there must be a lady as lonely as I am. I try to visualize this lady, or woman, and my mind calls out to her; I can almost see her sitting on the floor with me; she may be strumming on a guitar, or softly humming a ballad; or maybe we would just lie on the floor side by side enjoying the silence together, watching the flickering lights of the candles as they danced on the ceiling.

Or maybe we would sit and draw funny sketches of each other; but then, I would find it difficult to sketch her, as I would not be able to quit looking into her eyes. I would want to touch her with one finger tip.

One of the candles flickered and went out and brought me back to reality. Once again, my chest and throat hurt from holding back the tears that filled my eyes. If this lady were ever to appear, I would tell her she was the rarest of the rare, and more beautiful than the most beautiful. I would look into her eyes, and yes, touch her with one fingertip as she flowed through. I would tell her that you are my soul and the very essence of my life, and I love you. Someday maybe?

I lived several years in the little town of Happy Camp which is in the beautiful Siskiyou Mountain range in the far most reaches of northern California. Those majestic Siskiyou Mountains were an inspiration for much that I have written.

Siskiyou Mountains

Soon I must leave these

beautiful mountains behind

But if you look and listen closely

It is my soul I shall leave behind

An eagle-yes, an eagle-high above

Soaring aimlessly on the winds of freedom

If you look closely his smile you shall see

And eyes gazing down filled with love.

Do not feel sadness

As freedoms wind carries him away

He shall return someday

But was never meant to stay

Many things are meant to be

The way that they are

So, gaze thee skyward and smile

That eagles not too far

Cherish his flight of freedom

And please shed not one tear

He soars with loving memories

of friends he holds so dear

So, no goodbyes

none whatsoever

I shall always love you friends

This day and forever!

The above was a beautiful memory filled day in the Siskiyou’s!

Roy Paul November 8, 1999

I never put all of my eggs in one basket

You can count on this for sure

Nor shall I ever count on one lady

Or things that never were

I am pretty doggoned contented now

And I find myself whistling and singing

excuse me for just a moment

I believe that is my telephone that I hear ringing

I will have to cut this short

Dang it sounds like that’s a winner

A sweet little cowgirl down the street

Just invited me over for dinner

Catcha Later!


Surrounded by autumns colors

Must give way to the dark of night

Ever so bright

At various times the sun peeks thru

What a warm pleasant delight

Silence is hidden by a beautiful sound

Of the wind in the trees

And raindrops kissing the ground

Than once again, another autumn day

must give way to the dark of night

and wet tree tops glistening

In the brilliant moon light

The lawn glistened like diamonds

Of moonlit dew

And a night bird sang so beautifully

And you, yes you I thought of you!


Gray skies give way

To the billowing castles of white

Oh, the magic of those mountain

It will be chilly tonight

Autumn days in the Siskiyou’ s

Are a long-awaited pleasure

Once again, the mountains magic

So filled with memories treasures


Gotta get up early in the morning

And try to catch a ride you see

Didn’t sleep a bit last night

Cause I got a whole lot bothering me.

Ain’t no sense in looking back

And got no place to be

Just gotta keep on traveling

Cause got no one missing me.

Can’t seem to catch a ride and the roads are getting longer

Shoes worn out and jeans are getting thinner

Twenty years of riding high

You bet I used to be a winner.

Fancy clothes and cars

With women all around

I wouldn’t be there long

And you’d swear I owned the town.

They say a broken heart can change things

I know about that for sure

Hitch hiking and a bumming I’m finding out

Sure as hell is not the cure.

I believe it is time to turn around

And go back from where I came

And quit this wishing and a hoping

I don’t ever want to be the same.

I’ll start a fresh and new

And by God I’ll hold my head up high

Put all of the past behind me

It just flat happened, and I’ll never ask why

Well that was all a long time ago

it wasn’t easy, but things began going my way

I worked long and hard

And found it sure did help to PRAY

Let’s lighten it up a bit- About 1977- 1978

At a table

Filled with sun

Four little kids

So full of fun.

A glass of milk

Spilt on the floor

A tear or two

Cause he can’t have more

Pancakes in laps

Syrup in their hair

Sticky goo

But they don’t care

He’s got one

can I have two?

quiet kid

or I’ll spank you

Dad I’m sticky

dad I’m mad

time to go

And boy I’m glad

Later that day

as I sat all alone

with kids like that

I’m a king on my throne

Can I have more

They gotta pee

Now a fight

Oh, woe is me.

I have spent the last couple of days finding more things that I have written thru the years. Many of the things that I have written were on scraps of paper, paper napkins or whatever else was handy at that time when a thought or thoughts came to me.

I have faced reality with gusto; but when reality became boring I would become a dreamer. Oh, my dream world; I have traveled far and beyond the wonders of our mother earth. Were the stars my limit? Of course not; I enjoyed the highs of my life and quickly and easily overcame any and all of the lows.

1974-75-maybe 1976 …. Marlie

Some children bring happiness

And some bring a lot of joy

some dads are wealthy

And tall and handsome too

But I have a lot more than all of the dads

Because I have a daughter such as you.

You were very special

My little princess, a shining star

It is difficult to find the words to describe

A little girl as perfect as you are.

My little Marlie pie

You were special from the start

And every time you said bye-bye daddy

You near broke your daddy’s heart.

Yes, like I said, some daddies are wealthy

And tall and handsome too

But I know I am a special dad

Because I have a little girl such as you!



Never before, nor ever again

It is a shame when only haunting memories appear; and yet it seems barred of sin or soul, with total nothing left, infinity hand in hand, not afraid to look back and smile, even if there were only one second left, it would be of my choosing if I were fortunate enough to share my very last second with you because never before, nor ever again.


I gave up looking long ago

And no longer worry and wonder and wait

But now don’t you take that wrong

Because I still believe in a soul mate

I always leave a window open

And for sure never lock my door

In case my Fairy Godmother pays a visit

Now could I ever ask for more?

It was starting out to be

Another one long night

When I received a phone call

That turned all of my darkness into light.

It was Laura

Laura was just a silly teen age girl

Who had been my neighbor next door

Those many years ago

Just kind of like somebody

That we all have seemed to know!

We talked awhile and then she told me I sounded sad

I told her that is a fact for sure

And she whispered, I am too

Then we found ourselves a laughing

About some silly things we use to do

She said I sounded so very lonely

And I told her that is true

She whispered softly

That she knew all about loneliness

And a lot of sadness too

But what can we do?

It was becoming very clear

That she was pouring out her heart

So I told her there could never be an ending

If there was never a start.

We met the very next day

And things have never been the same

We will never be lonely or sad again

And Laura loves her new last name.

We are each other’s heart and soul

Yes, we are each other’s life

And I am one proud guy

To have Laura as my wife.

Laura, I love you.

You will always be my ray of sunlight

That glitters like early morning dew

And that’s never going to change

I’ll just go on loving you

Because no matter what I write

Just loving you


If the wind no longer hummed its way

Thru leaves in the trees

And if silence were total

Where laughter once rang

If stars no longer twinkled

Up in the skies

And if little boys quit asking

Dozens of why’s, I would still love you!




A tiger

Full of whit




Full of surprises




A little tricky-but not that







A lot of fun

And watch how quickly he

can run







Glittering like a shiny Christmas toy

Yes, I’m proud cause he’s my Troy!


Fly thee away little bird

The first time I saw you

You were free

Such a pretty bird

Flying from tree to tree

You were like something

I had never seen before

You made me very happy

Flying around my door

Everything was better

Until you flew away

Every so often I find myself a hoping

That you will fly back again someday.


A few little things I wrote back in the early 70’s

I am slightly macho

And my eyes are blue

spent the whole dang day

Just thinking of you.

Now I am free

But I don’t want to be

You are you

And I am me

My total dream was

That we could be we

We like two eagles

Must fly our own way

Alone in the blue

But as I fly, I will be looking for you.

I fear not that someday I must die

but I will never have lived

and yet in my heart I know that loving is truly living.

So yes, I have loved, I have really lived.

Say now eyes filled with tears

as they gaze upon my face

smile your smile of love

For it is heaven that I found my place

I love you now as I always have

my love when you are near

So smile your smile that made me warm

and I will wait up there for you my dear.

I found these in an old desk top from 12-28-1990

I gave you my hopes and dreams

Thinking that you would stay

But even heavens rainbows

Must someday go away.

So fare thee well my pretty lady

I know that you must go

But before I say goodbye forever

There’s something you should know

I’ll turn around and walk away

And never wonder why

No scars shall show but I’ll still love

I’m just that kind of guy


You gave me your love for me to keep

And I’ll still love you in my final sleep


Out of the storm into a sunlit day

Hand in hand, we shall find our way


There have been times

When my back is weary

And my head hangs low

I don’t even know

which way I should go

Then I remember

how terribly small

a part of this world

I really am

so just let me be

and I'll thank you up there

for allowing me

to just be me.


This is one of my favorites”

Once there were fields

Now there are cities there

Where once there were trees

There are buildings everywhere

Once there was a mother deer

and her baby fawn

There was lots of wildlife

But now they are gone

No more howling of a wolf

Just the barking of a dog

The air once so clean

Has been replaced with dirty smog.

Eyes that gazed upon our virgin land

with pride are a disappearing breed

they have been replaced by many eyes

That are filled with profit and greed

The destruction has begun a slowdown

man knows it is getting late

protect the laws of nature

Or the end shall be our fate

I pray for future generations

there shall be wilderness for them to see

to share the magic of our land

That has been so precious to me!

God Bless America



Lying on the bank

Of a bubbling pristine stream

It was easy to lie back

And just close your eyes and dream.


Walking thru a tranquil forest

With the wind the only sound

Is no more than just a memory?

With so many people all around!


The cawing of a distant crow

Was so haunting and forlorn

I try to close my ears

To the honking of a horn.


It was magic to sit atop a mountain

And across clear valleys stare

No need to climb a mountain

As there are cities everywhere


The destruction of our forests

Really makes no sense

Most of our beautiful trees gone

Probably part of someone’s house or fence.



An Evenings Thoughts

I thought I heard a woodpecker

A knocking on a tree

I answered my door anyway

He sure fooled me

I stepped outside

With darkness all around

It sure was lonesome

So, I guess I’ll head for town

Friends and places

I’m gonna have some fun

Me and my cowboy truck

We’ll make a town run

Wooooee, lookee there

Her Levi’s stretched so tight

Giddiup Ford

Were gonna have some fun tonight

The Silver Eagles lights

A glowing in the fog

Look out truck

We danged near hit that dog

Reba McIntire singing to me

On my tape deck

This cowboy was ready

I’m gonna give it heck

I stepped from the darkness

Thru the front door

People were a two stepping

On the dance floor.

I pulled my hat lower

till it bout touched my nose

Pretty danged good music

And my blood pressure rose.

I never moved my head

But my eyes searched all around

The Silver Eagle was filled with people

From Happy Camp Town.  

Whoa now, wait just a minute

who’s that over there?

big eyes, big smile

With long dark hair

Howdy mam, may I have a dance?

or two or three or four?

I took her by her hand

And we headed for the floor

The song was a slow one

and I normally hold them tight

she held me back and smiled

What was happening to me tonight?

We never left each other’s side

it was plain to see we were together

before that night was over

I was gonna love forever.

Years have come and gone

and she has never left my side

come on little darling

Let’s take a little ride.

Our dreams on earth have slipped away

but we still dance on clouds above

and we still smile the smile of dreamers

because we are still together

and yes, we are still in love!


Another night in the Siskiyou’s

With silence all around

Running water in Indian creek

The only soothing sound!

I have spent many an evening like this, in my cabin far away. Not one single expectation; no horns or sirens to interrupt my thoughts. Being so far back in the mountains, I thought not what so ever of an unexpected visitor; that is, unless possibly a bear or deer wandered thru my yard

I have accepted tolerance to the silence of the mountains. Wishing and hoping seems to shed faster than water on a duck’s back. As I gaze out thru the darkness, memories begin to appear.

The serenity of the mountains has allowed me to exclude memories that could bring discomfort. I admit that I must be careful, as every so often I find myself slipping into a dream; I do not allow fantasies to interrupt a dream; it would serve no purpose.

The darkness and the mountain air began to mingle with drowsiness; loneliness cannot visit when I am allowed the comfort of sleep. As I climb the stairs to my bedroom I cannot help but to smile; there is that dream again.

Oh, I forgot to mention “That dream; the one where my phone rings; it is a lady friend that I enjoyed talking with in the past. She asked if she surprised me and I told her no, as I always thought that she might call once someday. She laughs and tells me she is tired of me talking of my mountains; if I would like to pick her up at the Medford airport she would like to see for herself.

I kind of chuckled as I continued up the stairs; I have never had that phone call. But then, who knows?

Autumn turned to winter

And then came signs of spring

I still spend evenings on my log porch

Was that the phone I just heard ring?


The yuletide season is very near; there have been so many gratifying events in my life shared with so many wonderful people it would truly take another lifetime to share this all with you.

As the magic of Christmas, yes, I said magic, draws nearer I find myself surrounded with memories. Oh, such beautiful memories that seemingly releases emotions from within my very soul. I feel I shall have squandered my very life if I somehow cannot reach out and share the warmth and love that I know I possess; Oh, if I could take away the discomforts and misgivings of those I have shared parts of my life with, even if it were but for moments, I would then understand there was a reason for my very existence.

There is something that I wish to share with you; May the gentle winds that wend their way thru our beautiful Siskiyou Mountains travel ever so gently to your homes; bringing with them all of the love, warmth and good fortune that I myself would like to be the bearer of!

Slow dance

Have you ever watched kids on a merry go round?

Or listened to the rain as it kissed the ground?

Followed a butterfly’s erratic flight?

Or gazed at the sun as it turned to night?

You better slow down, don’t dance so fast;

Time is short, and the music won’t last

Do you run thru each day on the fly?

When you ask how are you?

Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done do you lie in bed?

With a hundred chores running thru your head?

You better slow down, don’t dance so fast

Time is short, and the music won’t last.

Ever told your child we will do it tomorrow?

And in your haste not see their sorrow?

Ever lost touch, let a friendship die?

Cause you never took time to call and say Hi?

You had better slow down, don’t dance so fast.

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You missed most of the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry thru each day

It is like an unopened gift-

Just thrown away.

Life is not a race,

Take it slower

Hear the music before the song is over



Summer is gone

A thing of the past

It didn’t visit long

And was gone so fast

Spring is my favorite

time of the year

Everything is fresh

And new and so clear

Autumn is mellow

With burning leaves and their smell

That mingle with nights

That I remember so well

And winter is crisp

bringing snow with a flurry

I can’t wait until it leaves

I just wish it would hurry



Neon lights and girls in tights

That’s the way I’ll spend my nights

Sharkskin suit and blue suede shoes

A man on a sax wailing the blues.

Everyone moving as their temperatures rise

And then I noticed those big brown eyes

She wasn’t big, just kind of small

I noticed this as I moved from the wall.

I set my sails in her direction

This little brown eyes seemed all perfection.

As I moved up close she smiled at me

Things were happening, it was plain to see

I didn’t ask, I just held out my hand

We made it to the floor and moved to the band.

It seemed like weeks and months had passed

This seemed to go on for day after day

And it looked like things were going my way.

I guess I must have been in a trance

After brown eyes and I had our first dance

I was as happy as a guy can be

When a hand on my shoulder awakened me

I had passed out in a dive it seemed

Brown eyes wasn’t real but something I dreamed

Could it be possible she seemed so true?

Guess I’ll move on just being blue.

My wondering ways aren’t bad you realize

Someday I just might find My little brown eyes!


When the man on the sax had played his last


If the moon was full of tears

And the color of beautiful blue

It could never cry as many tears

As tears I’ve cried for you.


Pass the roach please

Pour the wine

I’ll climb that mountain

I’m feeling fine!


Oh, so beautiful

Yet where thee are

like a diamond

are you a star

I sit and think

Who you might be

And I often wonder

If you think of me

Sitting by

My pristine creek

Deep in thought

for answers I seek

No matter what

My thoughts may be

That shiny star

is interrupting me

Well alright

And with a smile

My shining star

We’ll visit a while

We laughed and danced

And just sat and talked

Thru wild flowered meadows

Hand in hand we walked

We can be here

We can be there

We can be anywhere

We are happy

And we don’t care.



Last Call

Now I have spent a lot of my life

In bars big and small

And I can’t begin to tell you

How many times I’ve heard last call

I didn’t used to drink

And I hurried home from work each day

To give my wife a big hug

And watch my children play

My family and my home

Were my hallowed ground

And we seemed to have it all

With happiness all around

Well I came home from work one night

Just feeling mighty fine

And stuck in my front yard

Was a for sale sign.

I hurried thru the front door

And there was nothing anywhere

Everything thing was gone

And my home was cold and bare

I sat on the floor in darkness

Just asking myself why

And I couldn’t hold it back

And I began to cry

I think I was close to dying

And could almost hear the Angels sing

But was brought back to reality

When my phone began to ring

It was my wife and she said it was over

There was nothing left and that’s all

And I just called to say goodbye

As this will be my last call

That was a long time ago

When I began my fall

So, don’t try and tell me what it means

As I know all about last call

So, my friends and my children

I love you one and all

but it is time to say goodbye now

Because Jesus just informed me

that it is time for my last call.

Last call!

Copyright #Pau 2-757-326

Some short ones I wrote thru the years!

You are you

And I am me

And maybe someday we well return

To our beginning by the sea

Miles apart

Shortened by our heartbeat

That beats as yet as one

If once again we should meet

Let there be no miles apart


If the wind no longer hummed its way

thru the leaves in the trees

and if silence were total

where laughter once rang

If stars no longer twinkled

up in the skies

and if little kids quit asking

dozens of why’s


You who are my very soul

Until once again we two are one

Shall be my very life’s goal

I would still love you with all that I am!


When I am sad or when I am blue, I think of you

Whether I am busy, or nothing to do, I still think of you

If I am alone, or with one or two, I still think of you

When I am weary, and my day is thru, I still think of you

Certain songs still hurt me thru, but I still think of you

When it is time I bid this world ado, I’ll still think of you

I have spent many years of my life thinking of you;

Yet I do not know where you are, or who you are; I simply

know if I ever find you I will love you forever. I do love you!


The first time our lips met my world burst into blinding flashes of light;

Possibly more precisely, blinding flashes of love; overwhelming as are puffs of clouds reflecting flashes of lightning on a storm darkened night.

My mind was whirling madly and lost in the winds

As perhaps like two leaves from a mighty oak tree

Such was I until you came to me!

My life is not measured in months or years

But in the completeness of my love for you!


Another day

Another hill

I’ll climb that rascal

I know I will

Pass the cheese please

and pour some wine

to heck with that hill

I’m feeling fine!


And with the blackness of night came the thunder and lightning, and pounding rain such as the heights of passion;

and just as it had begun such as the exhilaration inside me, it was gone.

As only a heartbeat can interrupt the silence of Darkness, I listened to the drops of water as they fell from the trees and kissed the ground.



Well let me tell you

I used to be a dude

That thought he was hot

That danced around the floor

like I had something

no one else has got

Yeah, I could dance

And I let everyone know

When I was on the floor

I was the show

I wore my jeans

I mean real tight

And a lot of gal’s eyes

Checked my buns all night

One night my lady and I

Half timed around the floor

And everyone crowded around

And yelled “show me more”

Now I mean I laid it on them

And they shouted my name

And I said let’s go baby

Cause dancing is my fame

Well a few beers later

they turned the big screen on

and on that screen for all to see

was that dancing fool me?

Oh Lord have mercy my jeans had split

And hanging out a flapping

like in a breeze

was my -------- DONALD DUCK BVD’s

Well let me tell you what

I still dance that floor

But I don’t wear my wranglers

That tight no more

So, check my baggy wranglers

if you please

cause I am still a wearing


My thoughts on this day

I don’t know where you are; I know as I sit here smiling that I could love you; and I don’t even know who you are.

I think about you at various times during the day, and I wonder About you often.

I would like to step out of my armor and bare the person I Really am to you

You are thru me always. I smile at you and you aren’t even there, and yet you surround me

I never give up hope as I know you must be real; you are not just a wish or a hope. You are there because I sense you, and yes, I do feel you.

It is you that keeps me going; when I am sad you bring me up, and when I am down you pick me up.

I love you so very much

Roy Paul


A rainy night in the Siskiyou’s

But that is my kind of weather

Haunting memories make me smile now

as I remember once together.

Rainy nights in the Siskiyou’s

Need not be filled with dread

There is a neat place called the goldmine

And I’ll just head down there instead.

Herb is doing the Karaoke

And Lisa is on the run

Steve belting out a hot song

And the evening has just begun.

Now the Goldmine is not neon lights

Nor is it girls in costumed tights

It is not a man on the sax wailing out the blues

And it is not sharkskin suits and blue suede shoes.

A city slicker may walk in

And I’ll guarantee well make a joke

We all look around and smile

Cause were just plain old mountain folk.

A glass of beer, a game of pool

And we’ll sing a song or two

Were just a bunch of friends together

We don’t need much else to do.

Good friends are few and far between

In fact, a good friend is downright rare

To outsiders we may seem a bit strange

But were just friendly mountain folk

And we don’t even care.

Yup, good old mountain folk are we

In the Goldmine just to be together

The Goldmine will leave us all with memories

That will take us all with love forever.


I watched a little leaf

A falling thru the air

It changed directions several times

As if it didn’t care

It touched mother earth so lightly

As if to catch its breath

It probably didn’t even know

Its fall may lead to death

Like so many leaves before it burning

Their fragrance filled the air

But this little leaf just rolled around

Like it didn’t even care

It caught a ride on a gentle breeze

And thru the air did twirl

Again, it landed to kiss mother earth

At the feet of a little girl

She picked up this delicate piece of treasure

And smiled with youthful pleasure

She said “Oh you are so beautiful

You must be of heavens treasure

She showed the little leaf to her mother

And her mother felt the same

Together they put the little leaf

Into a picture frame

Now many years have come and gone

Since the little leaf began its fall

The little girl is now a lady

And the little leaf is still her treasure

As it rests upon her wall!



Now five hundred miles

Don’t seem so far

Unless you’re fighting

A loose stock car

Slipping and a sliding

I’m hell bent for leather

Dang me and junior

About got together

Two hundred miles an hour

Heading into turn three

So, boys you better

Stay clear of me

Cause I’m as loose as a goose

And that ain’t all

I just popped a tire

When I brushed that

Four new tires

And a full tank of fuel

That checkered flag is mine boys

Cause I’m a driving fool

One lap around

Got me up to speed

Just ten more laps

Is all I need

Where did he come from?

Jeff Gordon in my mirror

Man, I could use

An ice-cold beer

And then Kevin Harvick

A drafting on my tail

Give me a bump Kevin

Cause I’m bringing home the mail

Kevin on my left

and Gordon on my right

side by side thru turn four

don’t nobody wiggle

Or it’s Katy bar the door

Side by side

one two three

Thank you, gentlemen,

that checkered flag

Now belongs to me

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