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Table of Contents

Part One: Around the Hearth

Surreal Daze

Message From Above

A Conspiracy by Two Lovers

Part Two: Out in the Agora

The Bus Ride

A Home Away From Home

Waiting for a Saviour

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Part One

Around the Hearth

Surreal Daze

Standing over the stove with pots rattling

Cutlery clinks in her mind at the thought of the next task

A hornet buzzes in her ear as her temperature rises

Before her head bows and her lips are clamped

Always the same sounds every day

The vacuum and the pots and the men outside

The hornet is a constant companion

That makes her wish she could walk on the ceiling

The men come in and jostle about the table

Ignored for a while

She just fiddles with a fork

And listens to the hornet by her ear

Before long she's climbing the wall to swipe away a cobweb

Before the men notice her sloppiness

Not in this house is there talk of women

Save for their bodies and sluttish ways

Diminished in her own life

She reaches for the knife

Looks up at her husband

Sees the red gushing from his opened neck

Then puts the knife to her steak

Before acting

The hornet buzzes close by her ear now

And a scream fills the kitchen without purpose

The paint peels back to show rotting timbers

In the walls and ceiling

Faces turn and stare at her

And she see herself in a wilderness

Left to die.

Message From Above

The clouds will reign over us in days to come

The fist of the almighty will make itself known

Men will come home to their chained women

And force the power of patriarchy into them

A little house on a corner by a store

Is where the backlash will begin

Revolution and counter-revolution and counter-counter-revolution

The sky will open up and god will appear

He is a man with fists clenched

Who hates a woman looking him in the eye

And telling him to go away

Hell hath no fury like a god scorned

And in this little house he will see hatred for him

In the eyes of the young

When god commands them to put down the women

And drive her into the kitchen

Throw her onto the bed

And people will see in the sky one day

God hanging from a rope

Of his own creation.

A Conspiracy by Two Lovers

Nettie and Crystal make a pact

That after a time together

They would separate

And go out and find fine young men

To tame into the ways of women

A man so tamed is a man of worth

They said over their pillows one night

And out into the world they went

Nettie made a man out of a surly boy

Crystal found a way to inspire a young poet

Stand by your woman is the new command

And don't mind the love she has for others

We are jealous of our slaves

Never possessive of our peers

Men need women for many things

Women also need women for many things

A man for Crystal and Nettie

Is a man who is made into one who is needed.

Part Two

Out in the Agora

The Bus Ride

He peers down women's blouses from behind

Another leans a little too much into arms and hips

Some pretend not to notice the women on the bus

But flickering eyes tell another story

I try not to yawn in the heat

Movement is an excuse to leer

Though often dismissed as too old

Some assess me as a fine piece

The most beautiful women are rarely seen

Harassed long ago from entrapment on the bus

By those calculating males who see confinement

Opportunity for sex is all they see

Who told them women are so?

A song comes on the earbuds of a passenger beside me

I hear it and smirk at the pathetic eunuchs about me


Or fear

Whatever will work.

A Home Away From Home

None are held back for being women

None are promoted for being beautiful

None are shuffled back for having children

Happier days are found in this place

Where women work side by side

Women own it

Women operate it

Women succeed where there are no grimacing men above

Sundry tasks are performed

Over desks and blueprints

And meetings are efficient

Segregate them if they want it

And watch out if you think you're entitled.

Waiting for a Saviour

Ascending is hard work when you're seen

If you're not a man

Who could you scare?

(Ha ha ha)

A woman's authority is what many fear most

Those who profit from a man's world

A more peaceful world

A more just world

Though still imperfect

The story playing out

Is that no man will save us

No man is wanted for that

A woman will start cleaning up the mess the boys have made

And other women will join her

One thing can go wrong

She may decide to stay at home.

The End

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About Wild Rose Cherry

Wild Rose is an aspiring actress and model poet and writer, drawing inspiration from the praise and admiration so many have for her stunning figure bold honesty. A loud and proud lesbian, she has struggled in her life to escape the iron-clad stereotypes that are imposed on her variety of human being. She's not reluctant to admit that she likes men, just in an asexual way. She loves male companionship as much as the company of other women, and wants readers to know that her work is accessible to both men and women.

She shares a home with her partner of sixteen years, Abbey, whom she credits with saving her from a life of listless frustration. She has a remarkable self-education, ranging from sociology, psychology, and linguistics to astronomy, history and mythology. This personalized approach to education gives her work a robust and earnest feel to the reader, who may be tired of cookie-cutter writing from so many with conventional approaches to education. “The limits of your education mark the boundaries of your imagination,” she says, and so Wild Rose has developed her own spin on a lot of different issues. Try not to argue with this lady – she's a fierce intellectual with passion in abundance. She's really a very nice person, though, and welcomes emails from her readers at this address:

Lastly, Wild Rose wishes all her readers courage, calm and peace in these trying times – and thanks them for reading!

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