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Pieces of Us

By Scott Christian

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1. implore to endure

2. courteous flex around mad-happy moments

3. terrifying

4. conviction in sublimity

5. what sort of purpose?

6. faerie

7. a little or a lot?

8. respect and adoration

9. one for you. one for me. one for academia.

10. sounds to the dumbstruck

11. the pragmatic pacifist

12. what’s built on steadfast friendship

13. glimpses of fun-loving ruckus

14. bioluminescence

15. peace and prosperity

16. stillness as going

17. a figurine with feeling

18. ode to barbers

19. heroes, transforming

20. as answer to the sun’s insistence

21. the wild end of wounded

22. informal introductions

23. people are so pretty

24. that we may know ourselves

25. chronometric revelation

26. life is a wonderland

27. open to the public

28. covenant of the sacrosanct

29. crumpled napkin

30. stargazing

31. hero and halfwit

32. vehicular pride

33. reclamation, rooted in thoughts

34. serendipitous arriving

35. sense in forgetting

36. body order

37. an eye to the skies

38. attentive cultivation and what’s persistently suppressed

39. divine boogie

40. comfort contraption against inhospitable climates

41. rewarded enduring

42. trifecta

43. rebellious muse

44. exuberance in enumerated leisure

45. quiet boom

46. a kiss on the forehead from God

47. recompense

48. ready for the next

49. love, facilitated by omnipotence

50. genuine or friendly false?

implore to endure

i will peel down to skin

that’s sweat soaked and heat softened

by your demands, lovely summer.

i will engage broad day weakly, as spent strength


emptying marrow to entertain

the convictions of your fervor.

lay your lashings square

on these blistering shoulders.

fill this body with usurping passions

to power me through numb winter,

through the death

of mortal landscapes,

into the sky-toll of your zenith season.

courteous flex around mad-happy moments

she trains to stifle belly laughs

when someone inadvertently reveals

pure truths

from the foundry of their soul,

where raw humanity is fashioned

by God’s diligence.

she trains to stifle inopportune tears

when someone unconsciously commits

profound beauty—

acts practically made like new life born in action,

delivered thriving into the bosom

of hopeful hearts.

she trains to mock no discrepancy

between expectation

and the alloyed fact of human action—

their medium accumulating as wisdom’s material,

dusted clean of obscurity

by deft reflection.


i can only imagine

what sort of elegant anarchy

my fish-tailed car

spinning across the interstate

bore in the minds of witnesses.

did they ponder the same death

poised to sever the exposed ties

of my life?

was there the same certainty that bones and metal

would be rearranged

in compelling grotesquery

as i revolved into the grassy median?

i wonder what they thought

as they drove by

and by and by

without stopping.

conviction in sublimity

i’ll count the unwrent flesh

and retained limbs

as part of your miracle, Lord.

that the car escaped

with no terminal malfunction—

that too i’ll tally in assessing your intervention.

you moved a mountain for my life,

proving me precious

when there were so many deaths


on that dark stretch of interstate.

today you are my hero, God—

there have been and will be other such moments,

but right now it is so easy

to look on creation

and see…


what sort of purpose?

she will not break from optimism to indulge compelling drama.

people are too used to things that create problems

so there is relevance to their solving.

she will skip stones on cool pools of reflected heaven

before snapping innocence across her knee

like it’s some dry and brittle bit of fortitude

destined for feeding incendiary feelings.

she retains the child, living to learn,

and loving, broad as the oak’s open arms,

broad as that same supplication,

skyward thriving with a million greens

motivated brilliantly to wiggle

in the span of God’s fostered intimacy.


for your enthusiastic cordiality

and the staccato timbre

coercing and conceding

in the life of your words,

for this and other finery between us,

for the battles where we’ve triumphed

over foes that sprang madly from some betraying wound

too deep in us to predict—

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