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Pomace Dance

Collected Verse 2003-2007

By Norbert Tasev

Smachwords Edition

Copyright 2018 Norbert Tasev

Copyright © Norbert Tasev, 2018

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The poetry ,,, huge, life-giving power of magic. They will open the gates of our soul and expand the previously uninhabited peninsulas thought, and continents. "

Budapest is still on the track I am very newbie and novice young man who professed such love of poetry and life-giving, amazing miracles.

I started in the small housing estate, and loved me. to roam around in endless, vast jungle world adore respected my parents and try to find the answers to employ me in difficult and complex questions.

Poetize already in elementary school I started, but you can only play the poem for me, it was not the determinant formula. I really realized the high school classes in the English poetry, magic and power of chaining himself.

It is to a large extent. My further learning world of literature, all respect and love. So I was enrolled literary arts in the capital. Although I crossed the gate of the university, great strain ruptured, and spiritual has been in preparation until finally until the class I push ones way a graduate.

If my poet experimenting compared with that for a moment, we can see and it is probable that university my friends saw what a fine and sensitive may be my soul though poems by subscription only very limited to embrace.

The Annex XXI century as I conceded, , the life he hesitated”- slid out of the solid ground and from under the feet of the men living. He was getting fewer have been concluded marriage, sure, and pursues a world of family homes and more rugged became more and more difficult to establish. I confess that the man ,,,, and value storage, value creator born and at the least should approve a tiny footprints in the world.

To do all this has contributed to that in spite of my youth trying to get to know and closer to myself, I want to cover up my soul ,,, the innermost spaces”- and I will change, I could found my make experiments that my individual morale, my voice.

I even began to try to see if high poet’s ancestors though avowedly at the trades strangest workshop’s secrets, my ground-note pessimism, gave me a little in all life picture obscure, and modestly and quiet shy person or animal honor I image. Yet I wish the hot offal and trying to plot to me my dear family everyday pleasures’s sadness sorrow, and to me the most influential experience the search for happiness in love with the tone poems devotion.

2008 almost all my eighteenth year nor even the book stores. The poem writeing, or as your favorite name is always mentioned ,,poem made”- such attempts, them hobbies but attention devoted to the free expression of thoughts and i poems by subscription is therefore often took out and later than the diamond I could cut that to me beautiful-voiced composed the end and then he’s lovers.

The poetry, and usually the creative processes are uniformly are specific to the less successful, very failed or weak tracts, poems, but these wing guessing and using the we walk the writers development, was to all important hosts and a new path.

This ,, experimental humor collection of poetry” - is designed to work for the attempt made to ensure that the widest possible theme of subject sorting and submit applications for the poetry fans, provide interested parties, and wrote.

Because each man is a tiny knell, and we must learn to listen to the voice of…

Norbert Tasev



Was a tear in the sky, but it was cold,

rigid deprived me even my bones that out in

the open air to move.

The opposite side of the street me cried a vegetable car,

this quickly the memories between imprint him back, and I went across the road to the grayish

during rushed immediately to the bus. Your favorite chauffeur came up and opened before me a huge giant shabby closed and then competition ran the give the shabby and rubber wheels.

Wings they even waking thoughts and

open eye I dreamed the miracle,

but suddenly my dear I call it demeaning stood in the regions of

which milky way’s name: Terminus and my pilot rough s hard voice calling me: , And bus coach-house goes touchdown!”


Here where the stones to tell the story of many years their existence stories, the landscape: As great hand constituting the peaceful valley-country he covers his own close, and containing all the soul-voice what the man experience only a single tear, a single betrayed!

What is the update of the rain ice blessing: The waterfall, as though the knocking and a subtle piece of raindrops’s bridge would have been very happy. Here is the heaven and the earth and one with a bald head and a melt, and Nature breather shoulders rests in peace.

I am only I listen to deep and the fundamental interconnectedness observing the pure crystal silence I wonder how they talk between themselves in a low voice and submissively: The trees and rocks and plants, and as increased by saluting ruddy their hats to the forest mushrooms of the many things before incumbency fa-old men.


First glance was enchanted as easy,

S velvet voice speaking to me.

My dear he was the eye of a very hot,

and yet so in delicious buried

lingering virginity that her beating from her rose,

radiated love.

Soft singing voice burst out laughing all blossom.

When only the evening lips I looked at, I thought of

a fragile o my love up to the light wind futta

reed, which she curtsies calm slowness to kiss

the lake washroom mirror.

When he had been the man would have thought radiant in gloria shine the crossed, and a faint toes as clouds soft shoulders, the walking was easy, his pace, a tiny elf watching, but

carefully, quite unnoticed,

that people that do not unguessed,

he gave his life that wishes to


My dear royal descendant of the always fresh, and smiling

was now suddenly burst into her soul

and the ocular points of rest silver beads

It seemed that the formerly so hot and dawn face

now the time iron tooth sitting, and distress, alone,

sad turns into changed his body, and yielded

to what happened.

My dear, gold-soaked in his soul, now piqued

passes through the chill of fear.

As he and our own day the aching memories, appeased,

and thinking how wasted soul,

and did not notice his companions: fairy-girls attention.

I found myself that my dear black of eyes,

glorified in the blinding sun, and clutched his soul again in

rainbow dresses.

And again, my dear, because I can see how happy:

to the happy.


The time has been picked his shabby,

sa draped in nature,

I ‘had little sunlight that life

it sparked abdomen character.

When it was there in minutes to run over

the clock face and gentle smile reflected

back, much slower paced cheek

walking sticks.

The feeling that fused infinity

It took almost a reality,

and mockingly laughed at the wall, walking

tiny cuckoo: fast asleep and my head

I drove, and he did not feel staying awake.

Suddenly, for the moment, as the tiny clown-faced

he laughed, everyone knew that the slower clocks



The dish took wings

fast, winged footsteps watching everyone

gríma greeted screenplay carefully,

I casually asked screenplay: How old ,,,

I like to? “- And his calm voice reported

announces that: point fourty!“,, don’t joking!” - But I say to the workers

for the little woman is a pretty quick thinking than the storer spider!”

They said - and well they thought, because what them bread

enough nor payment: he both aside,

which by little and spare wisely divide - and not

thrown out the money, for we have the man knows

a ninny, if not to a small section of it!

If the account, he is a very silent was

because he loved her, if he rings gas or door handles

the aqueous, counted small abused fingertips,

which the man-work always gained

him and his hands between defiant,

so that you do not see that he alone

is the one who counts up to him.

His grandson, who this illustrious lines has acquired sure

he adored, adore caressed him, kissing it,

loved, low on the blessed world all the

grace of God and His goodness that was the grandson of this ever

to thank recompense: that this dear

lady and pretty quick thinking the grandmother.


Saunter I went before me staring

my dear passers-by, a quiet green-lawn,

huge his mouth into a smile opened before me and

I looked forward to me to see the

oblong and green grass-colored language.

With the tiny sidewalk corner: ice autumn breeze

softly and pleasantly stroking the flowers in your footage.

me even blooming, s compliment fairy

said hot treading in his voice,

I was not in the state that

my dear attentive leer sufficiently

return: sleep slumber my soul

stirring feeling, and my dear

blessed smile has taken the sunlight,

i into place and only I

and my heart’s with all strings I felt that

his voice came out of the lambs of tunes

for globus golden-sheperd.

And as if my ears clearly for audible struggling to

have my mind, a sad birch tree shadow remained

only the imaginary fairy,

I sought where she may be, but he had already,

are you sure you want far from here to the upper in turquoise-blue

choppy, quiet bellow sea at rest.


Always, and I felt at that moment up to the calendar only fertility tax collected me thy soul in the form of a thousand in my heart that fragile your consience hallowed pearl-string you! The angels with a mischievous play i was in love with your face that as purple rose came to me!

Cherry lips was fine and sensitive. Little soul drove at my brain and my head and my entire soul to him sigh she rearranged the chords of my heart that tiny musical to my soul your feel quite achieved my heart was surely!

An orphan and awkward raised an outcry of vultures sun your brown sky eyes out searched for and it is your day-tears blessed circuit flew primrose, and there I was your slave for ever and ever.

Sighs tears did you deliver me which was dear to you that I also ask one snug gray thou calledst upon thy soul! I hope your heart told you Truthsayer seer that always as yet have I, I thee, I stood beside you and often I was supported you!

And if you would be true friends who are howling’s invocations mindful of the wishes of your heart, you know that I always I will be. S I was faced had been the eternal fact that burning your love already you sign away anyone else! If disease or problem could lade one with your angelic glance than serious rock-steady load, let me that I was pregnant to share tasks!

In exchange for I pray you: It is not necessary - small enough not to me the infinitude of moments that blessed halo arose and that you lovely and at the same time to come to thee. Yet as brown moonshine magnetized apparance increasingly oncoming thee to thine innocence and a single minute nor I forget your kindliness! Because it is important for you, it is still important or me!


How careless was a hedgehog,

he took off his house, and his body muffle,

soft velvet blanket.

Cheerfully flattered himself, that will not be patient,

only kind and happy.

Fragile body has reached the have germs’s black flow-mass,

and only his lungs sought a thought,

thick, and muffled complaint-sigh to relent the pain.

How naive was stomach only meat, sweets

gave way and the twinge of vegetables left that do not

have to eat it.

Choking crammed into his soul of malicious poisons,

and the poor thing unfortunately from vitamin cure

he forgot: trying to overcome

throat burning computers of generosity and tantalizing bite,

but unfortunately it provides aside, and then drown,

the blessed nature would ‘been sad,

if the at are threatened with death so close

dark throat.

And then to put the patient’s body: for help

could care tea to her throat,

the two-hand with the ailment,

his gentle smile and charm,

with ample and our stumbling-knight boy he became the flower,

snuggled beside her fluffy bed,

comforted and kissed her lips,

and our hero was extremely fever: it was his

his betrothed bride.


White angels virgin-bedclothes I looked at the outside, which slowly fell out of my head out of the clouds! The swans celestial our dance went the mirror-ice, and I felt that my soul perched on in silence, and was in the cold. The world: which broad and complex did not desire to understand! I wanted to know if the mirror-personality must then be reconducted to myself my roots - I stare?

The sky was a pale bride - face pigeon-quickening spirit. It was beautiful. The bitter frost merciless eyes I looked out what was free and what should be the unconditional I was did: Sounds of the eternal love should have listened silently and still noting any moment.

The current Mirror world through the tiny particles, which has been changed in the eyes of crystal were diamonds over the entire universe: The man struggle remains only a dream, eternal hallucination!


He came out of the blear-faced fireball! It was enough the time was sleepy and eternal life wall hanging as dark prisoner a little room to spend! Suddenly pounding the for sun-corona usurper raged in the cool north wind: In his throat and cold this pacific and fragrant cortege appeared in the dark!

The men in the world of shadows as serious’s whispers walk at the same time at concealment, and hide in the curious villain! Secretly I hope, humane men writer as one man I can do to make a confession to my conscience, and I could found huddled up in the eternal peace: Fear and in so doing imperils my life!

Free will that the blackness to find my cosmos the light-ray! Find themselves penalized linger myself one-eyed my shadow stifling sensation of sudden pluck at my skirt, and suits my life of a creature is melted in the body of a single statue as soon as golden-drops as sheet spreads the sunlight me!

The dark self reflecting the controversy of the day in her radiant look dissolved and vanished! More important was to me the backbone sincerity than either the well-sounding falsity! In the interests of the world and catch calculations have been! I wish success for nightmare would always do I look it and I were not a mere dream and vision of a lifelong learning and wall!


(Margittai family love)

The church was quiet dignity Ujpest stretched out in his heart. The her bridesmaids at Merry with angelic choirs bouquets smells and in flowers’s bouquents dressed her in the festival intimacy! The Celestial chorus, organs also picks up bellowed love songs, everyone watched how the arms of the filthiest cuddles compliment each other.

The dews it shall color clothed me with the perfume of the bride is the kingdom of heaven is merciful inherited the crown, and his hair drawn on it under those soft Southern California diamond flicker in the sun. The trooper gentleman thank the shebang that pearl flower eyes morning iris selected superstitious heart, and they kisses love sanctified in eternal forthwith to each other has been granted as a gift,

as offered and accepted sacrifice that dripping moths they flying one soul! And now he would have been a good drunk happiness, that the whole world is low on a miracle that this sublime couple secrets that carefully hide, closing. The happiness in the country even the sad-face bells sang, and it was so hot the darling unlawful worshipping of idols love as the sultry summer in dog days a drunkard. It was beautiful in the divine pair.



Varies according to the season or is merely a deceitful? The sunshine might now be calm slowness drip houses the weary tears, and the late vine variety of purple with the heady like nectar overcome by the foolish people! Muggy maturity even in the summer, and the gray leaves golden roads of the autumn weather like golden hair, ripe girl knocked at the right on our doorstep!

Everyone else does the autumn! The poets rainbow inconceivable distance, and renewable rich imagination. Ladies: love dreams, and rich passions gashes often will be painful a series of great disappointment! The wise man: The wheater-prophet, people’s calendar with a volatile and capricious It expels the weather shows a typical admiration!

To me as a change in the year, it varies in my soul the moods a cast of thousands of color, and yet a new experiences and insights every man and I experience can display imagery such as have gathered myself.


The capri blue heavens clouds loomed, magic dance for it had been the swift house-elves the celestial sheep! Sergeant days long past, and the sky a quiet writes the tears which might have warned an observant stranger. Flooding the land was full of rusty furrow-hair and the dams struggled with the feeling the joy of’s survival in vain!

They were innocent they have sinned against them only in heaven the lightning secret fighting with turmoil, although they could only hope the altar of the pity that person even a speck of silence-world, but as if the peace after the war would have been postponed!

And a man in the struggling in vain looked resolute will faced with the wild natural forces: He could not because he had to act very quickly - that the skirt break down flood - until I could!


Of many years were already in a low voice leaves

my soul-flower’s half-enveloped breast, I put my hand in prayer

that should I remember, and I could love you.

Why do good to you that tears you see lost

scramble along a desperate my soul?

A painful and forced feeling worried perhaps

porcelain heart?

Please do not wait until had the desire of other after

only listening to you will feel and understand

the your pigeon-soul tune.

Live in your heart that thrives!

love the good, whether you are able!

Thinking learn to live and exist

metropolitan jungles, and share my soul

to love, open your soul all the ills of torture

kissing: that you worship mistress.


They are my mainstay of my sorrow, my loneliness and love. I am their”in their eyes the world, and for me they are the stars of the world! Watchman who guarded comets meteors, restless dreams! My father was a huge rectangle could drive all day! Screaming and puffed but could not ask because he was carrying only passengers with four wheels!

Even the most beautiful dreams of my poor father thinks you when I get up to work, and has been quietly fussing that we avoid giving up, and that the work carried out by well - because at two o’clock! Blessed Mother gets up early to treat yourself and me breakfast before the hustle and bustle of life.

I was sad when I feel that my mother my health is more important than your own heart and unselfish caring heartbeat!


On Saint Andrew’s Eve greeted me on the third day

an elderly auntie on the bus, was tormented tiny hands,

s eyes when I researched transfigured soul,

I saw my grandmother suddenly.

I conceived as what this woman abdominal pain

Memorial to who has served the time, and who quite

abdomen sadly forget the children: why for configuration the memory of

depriving the ghost? - Because it thrives

intellect and the purest sense: Love.

We need to i shall lay my head on the found heart sounds,

we all certainly surrounds us breathing

life-lanterns for configuration is kept in both,

because the soul, which rootlets explorer

their hands sprouting emotions and flutter:

your own personal, inner space: the world.

I quoted in my memory of Aunt,

and when he also happy together, and laughed family,

and many of us thought, and watching over our thoughts,

I like it the cherished aunt’s stories.


Honey, just keep dreaming! Effusive your desire-dreams

please let me, let me feel my body,

Relax quietly beautiful, innocent, inside

my roseflower, dense forest of scrub my chest.

Do not on the sad, and do not on so angry at anyone,

please just fine with my soul, to reach out

found secrets of your heart to me,

the soft melody, I shall lay my head on the brown crystals

memory, just open your lips sounds brother

gentle kiss, and let me through the maddening ghost sigh

in your look out shy and childlike.

I shall lay my head on this moment, when the White Swan face covered

tears petals painful wreath,

Jones please to love every single one eye,

and become the light cloud of flowers, the sky is merciful wings

you walk the ocean, our Savior himself as crystal,

conveying the melody variegated moods us, not

we only want to that the unseen imagination

deliver on. Or as a Zephyr wanders, or the diamond,

thy name, and the belly of the times your being

never remember longing, modest dream after you.

Let your hot kisses fine’s nectars,

wake myself up and life spend please listen to

my heart than beat increasingly steam-iron horse speed,

s drum essence divine look at herself in her mirror, sweet twanging flute

voice please give deaf violoncello.

Your hair advocate waves I feel though,

we guzzle the dregs of the moment with my dear,

s essence of pure feelings, I pray you give me love,

we blanket one maddening loving, and we melting

with our hearts scorching heaved out each other intoxicating

senses they swallow up beautiful dreams.



The bright stars as though they would have been only angels, they peered from celestial folk down there driven from their homes by: The dark paint-canvas sky! The lake along the water lilies staggering rillet also came to life while flirt heads resorted to the admiration of the swans and the generations before!

Among them a young and brave angel looked slowly, and gently out of the burning rain, while white head-crown s innocent body, with human being has been replaced: He was the everyone bewitching holy, foreign unearthly phenomenon, whom I admired looked up to a million times a not yet known guests and strangers.

I was very much frightened that my being tiny sigh music, perhaps - the dragons and then my hide-out - and then only vaguely listened to my heart when I was already sufficiently hiding the inexplicable s in magic dropping individual emotion, and that my heart sounds of curious jangle, and not with a padlock closes fast dumplings like I swallowed my preference.

The feeling that had suddenly up to the kitten-voiced violin-melody or harmony tax harpsichord, - finally only could not mine, uncertain and startled lovesick swain at his age was root I stood in the ground, and waited. And he looked at me a gentle and infinite sincere kindness, as though his conscience with sensitive auditory duct always would have heard him sensitive soul groans.

The magic of the moment - I am afraid - not last forever because the darling I saw sincerity s clarity and he shut me perhaps forever the gates of the glory of his soul, and seeing that the does not with compassion swan-figure dawn threaten him, fin peral-colored pens lowered his arms flew wing inspiration- like Muse, with the rising of the sun in his eyes!


Goad muse my heart beautiful word

that false word not only the

true to say Poseidon high realm,

water-lashings we must remember, please listen including,

consenting to concern my words that poor

Merry, and always smiling face do not spend painful

had burst into tears because it is only able to you or

you accept that baring sufferings!

Let me ask to please, whether the emotions which are

the soul of the golden and the noblest parts, why is it so hard

up to the rock or the barren ridge?

because it naturally came to power only tears from heaven

they can revive!

Purest and brightest glowing your blue weaves

Do not wasch the giant shadows of oblivion, continued to live alone,

and always thought the euphemistic.


Miracles that happened once they fly my window,

I was in bed and I was slumber thing I hadn’t yet forgotten on the glorious day,

everyday family: my past.

Feverish dream tiny fairies began between troop skull convolutions,

I saw poor sad countenance and valiant knight who has acted in over

moments ago, and I by filling it in my heart pins provide who that-day visited.

but somehow it was good to feel hot kisses lips

He warmed to the passion of love,

it was worthwhile to exist, and that corrects a corrupted gaze,

and even to long for the endless millennia to

‘inherited this moment.


Are capricious in November in the clouds, like snow-painted with heavenly who are, and their tears thick pearl-spirit spread the vast blue sky of the ground. The air balmy and the fresh smell of the rain-elves also song start and update their tears with waterfall perfuse the sorrowing s phlegmatic people!

The breathed the halo angels were watching the sky far away to listen to the palace of rainbow what wonders whether the rain-elves? Perhaps the And Eden’s promise of ecstasies bride - the off such a bitter tunes were wakes you up our hearts secret hiding, or perhaps only melancholy s the melancholy of our minds seasons change if the snow?

Hair! - I wish I grab menumit pregnant weight of my soul to the ‘I should of yokes’s chain uncomfortable that merely sweet dreams and wishes are introducing - good sense had forgotten suddenly I still wake up and the warm sort of how the fall!


More fear the secrets of my heart only

longed to betray them! But ye se be beheaded!’,

my wild graces, please do not be angry,

gay a heavy burden of your melodies, let

me sent cold at ease.

Rain toast let me get sore my heart and

give my heart blessed the emotions of

an adage,

here my body is hidden caverns.


Party four he has already been in the gay clown-face cuckoo voice,

when cold weather threatened and then, in

a cheerful voice began telling me about sweet voice my dear’s, hangbag.

He told the sufferings and sorrows, and she’s hobby, the word of truth,

that up to give his life for them to the love’ ve now

and I so sitting all alone with me the ebook,

that though I wanted to read the bag in his mind the

tangled thoughts I

was good at the same time memories rock and know

the true word is the power to believe the murdering whomsoever they chose,

and what was a relief when he adored

her toward us from


We should believe in the invisible, we do not thouch, insubstantial shadow s disembodied silence, yet the soul, And tempt her child-life grim than chiling goblin or ghosting! “Yes, what is always afraid of something! In respect of its own goods of a traitor suffering that we disapponited, sometimes our own works like the stand-offishness at liberty and the martial condition!

And when everyone is about to leave in secret from a nightmare or do not let alone! Fragile inside my soul - yes - and often I, too, that the idea of restless hours pulsed angrily due uneasiness in the gathering of the heart of the wilderness, desperately shaky when dearly beloved her goodness once and then permanently and forever destroyed and leaves me!

Whether it was the fear in everyone there breathing in secret, and only the man does not want to know of it? Everyone in terror of him, only prescient cleverly conceal an unpleasant and perhaps they hope they quickly out of the window through which felt pleasantly like! As a hopeless prisoner, who feels that it is the last hour troubled times, will not be in vain, only a my single moan alas bitter my worldpain, REMAINS IN PLACE OF IRRADIATED HEART

The death of me always been stolen by someone and went! My years in dewy numbers for twentythree I will yet more fiercely gloomy tone stirred in my mind the thought: Oblivion had looked him in the face!

“They are still sounding my earthward windows dark-jacket shadows: The night of the mysterious children calm assemblage of destabilising weird, trees’s shudders arms! Whether the haunted visions they fear us or their imagination magic tale-born? Everyone shall decide how the party alone and shivering rustled beneath her in the world! Whereupon he promised with an oath, and I am afraid often hopelessly, but there is always with whom to confide in …. my fears were confused roots!


You Zephurus proud’s metals dancing muses, and who are

there in the remote empire,

blessed and she has yielded, I pray you give me

an answer.

That worthy in my melody I could reserve dearest the treasures in the world:

my parents. Because they all blessed chance,

when only with them I I feel that option, gift

I trust the fate, and my feelings flames solid,

for roses alter the love and my soul tears give

appealing heart when only my s honest our voices,

I hear, settled me the nightmares dwindled and the cases.

My feelings with them I console prayer worthy of the place that

they are.

They sell a worthy image Do you remember and then the last era of

children and will be able to always what it means a humane man,

and if you would be donation which health some one would save

laity do course until it runs away from me in the

restless time.


Do not know that was the time to remember what traces

Pose, but only of a feeling sorry that one

O my love may forget indeed.

My soul I wish to fight a duel apparently with hot strings

My hidden secret: love, what is more my whole life.

My feelings are an impenetrable veil I want cover up,

The dreams that I see in the stillness of the night whisper,

See it in the light of the reality of the truth,

That he could always listened, and it will have to listen.

The many and difficult due to the weight of the word, blunt, however,

Only myself easy connoisseurship blame you for standing by your own,

Because as soon as his eyes on me,” said, beaming lashes,

From the brilliance of chestnut strike blind jewelry eyes,

And all at once I knew what it might mean when the

Pulse shall melt away and debauched put on dear confidential,

His eyes and graciously.

It may be that perhaps blunt my flirts,

I hided, even to the scorching passions,

And I thought that his dreams and fragile desires

Why else covet. I go down and listen now

For a while my dear button curses.



As regards I feeled searching eye as soon as,

stared me at a rebuilt,

apartment house summit, full of strength and detailed character was

connected to the head of the halo.

He looked at me the in immortality marble, and ever so kindly as though,

, and me a divorce,

the house-cove transparent eyes above listened and watched the incessant,

if he had landed on the night or day of the district.

Up to a Happy Isles Virgin love in respect of

my mother, my dear bairn hugging his arms I saw

as the protective look forever to protect me.

Because tired sadness, grief I was forced to

wrap themselves often, but my mother heart noises, at the

same time I forgot my grief and did all the

merciless masses.

That wept and poured out his heart lilies of my mother with me

as my father who had a solid character and sometimes

a little child and quietly cry.


Forgive please chaste veil dressed thou Muse,

you physiognomy formerly than breath born and now

even fools and ignorant young, but a merry I am a man,

you with your song includes feelings.

Please do not suffer thy heart than Merlin demonic

mother, only a dead mirror or long rock,

I pray you, feel to the moment when only the

first time I let you that cobwebby

my brain’s universe freely, and

regardless of step, explore for, and get about,

because you know the man himself restless

Ringle-burn, itself rányitja actions, but

he was not the one who shall decide on because the law which

was alone in the choice and as

already mentioned other: the victory ends.


(p.e. to love)

Once a bomber on his palm, the

petals opened to the world of s with emotion,

rapture, stared at her lover.

The passion if you will remain lit profits the wire,

up to the arrow penetrated the dear heart,

and doe thy worst blinde Cupid, doe thy worst blinde Cupid squares of the divine arrow-rain,

until the connection is fine, was true.

Spanged that And Eden’s promise of ecstasies lips could touching,

the hot desire and feel how to heat the bosom of

strong love song.

And only heats, heat was almost shining even more of

the heart, up to the crazy, and again feel that just now

that the destiny to reach, and when the eyes his eyes

became the air already inspired, and the two wished the moment that

by their hearts only wish that they may be

free to the emotions in the valley.

The heart will not lie, ever beat, strikes, forge,

as the emotion he was touched, and was touched when

young lover who already has the blood vessels also aboard started boiling into,

and his heart was almost explode.

With bloody eyes-cove sensual and dangerous lady,

already embrace you can believe you want to every inch of her,

and all parts of the body of body, the reddish romance-miror,

to obtain the true, sincere happiness.

Because it is only the faithful and true who the

in snowwhite dressed innocence with ease,

for pie honey-red lips,

the mistress.



The water droplets soft sounds of flashed

the huge Poseidon marine realms,

when a her wonderful perfume sprawled beside it,

like night-colored Pegasus.

A huge angelic wings the horizon

lifted and at the same time the harmonious in motion,

appeared on the waves of love,

and ever the divine fairy casts a halo.

Beautiful silver-gold mane a parrot his arms,

and sat a humane erect it like bomber

on his palm or Blue Fairy Godmother,

s faithful memories I have seen her shine him.

The girl brown-diamond crown wore her hair,

while swan-white, balmy body, beautiful

lioness body bowed, and it was good to such experience,

, was as turbulent emotional storm,

which my dreams,

and I almost quite drunk I lay upon the shore

heady Sea dunes of, my dear angel-was warmed,

and I admired her this great moment.

Then slowly into sleep falling sunface incineration twilight

I admired the reflection from the sea,

musics, Muse tax my wonderful Pegasus ,

and burning with love of yearning his Venus away

the dawn and wanting to fire-dawn,

clean, s And Eden’s promise of ecstasies in recollection.


Larks sweet’s sonnets listened to her beloved blue

foam-crowns graceful billows.

The horizon flame-bosom, and enveloped the fiery kisses,

my dear bright smile.

The huge empire tears million

overflowing, and tiny compliment watered My Venus perfumed skin.

As if only the burning rain would have been made to the ground of

the soothing waves curled-leaved the caresses of my


The angelic crystals esque ballad glittered in the

honest eyes, and I did not think the dazzled

eyes holy as my dear, it was in when you purchased the

pretty scales rested long on the beach.

Strange in my mind island of tales,

because I saw before me in love with my darling,

inviting nymph in music whispered:,, Come I await you.”

Reason with no creditable song I summed

desires between compliment-set,

but past a everlasting day,

and landed on the black shadows of

the stars he slandered him blinding,

dearest had disappeared, and no one had seen him.


The holiday hot love greeted the twenty,

and a young man, the happiness they were cheering almost s

forgetful desired him many good luck, and grace of health.

My eyes and they all gathered round the feeling them before,

the parch up tears my soul in sweet cot,

and it was good to cry I wept through the love of

limitless, receding from the pleasure of

crying about them who had gone to the long journey

because for my soul treasure become,

sorry the consciousness of the thought that

must lose once the wonderful new

wonders full terrestrial Lyceum.

But I know that he remembered someone upstairs,

and watches gone I fancy that each in my birthday. Such thoughts had tormented me.



Sadly dying pacing up and down the wall at the Dutch clock,

only the robat-work bad-tempered , melancholy

bells of all those lovely, suddenly awoke,

almost in the midst of all the hidden secret.

Work marched march, up to the weary

dog-faces the busy machines, the sober people and the ants,

force struggled with the intelligence of the nothing for papers,

bowed and grovel your beasts got within fifty thousand kilometers.

In a low voice, hardly clearly luringly whispered dreams:

the money. ,,,, If you use you buy me everything! - Said

in my pocket my wallet of mine, only one little

care forgotten foolish my money,

if all paper what retained the in my pocket I will use it will

not be food for the money I never

work because the job will add, and thought,

that slightly better than machines at dealing with we fight through the everydays.


Dear grandad, out of the north, high and cool originating

moisten it with your tears love hold out the men’s goodness,

hear, please have patience humble servant sigh.

white, shovel supplant the inhabitants of the city that robe.

Please protect them magic-willed with your sheep-hook,

wise and decent ' wrap shivering children,

let me ask you to the spirit world without love your holiday,

because you must be “forever!

My dear old Santa Claus the disinterested love,

I pray you love eternal time solace, to

shew the free made my heart that

shall receive amnesty,

volcanic thy mercy.


(Mother love)

Stroked the dawn and indulged him rose-scented skin. In the early morning wake up each moment, preventing the always Racing Days infinite rushes blessed-minded good mother! It was the voice of my mother musical instruments - up to how many times only called home phone! Unless two capri blue eyes azure seas called me. Two eyes: The brilliance of ocean-thunder!

His heart was rocked by kindness, and if I was afraid of the dark rooms in solitude to be alone, or looks beaten at the school the maternal kills sweet hope than babe instructor dear caressing solicitude she shook me my tears veil-waterfalls!

My mother face water lily-flowers, up to how many times only smiled. Transportation of the diseases becomes murderous thunderstorms, and a with furious man balzes of anger, 2-color from venturing into the people as sensitive and frangible treasure. You were the shelter of the archangel who my soul a devious ways of humane encouragement always you travel.

Protecting your arm and sincere as well as a clean my own heart: An irreplaceable! Eternal true love-star of his own spirit shines and shines in thee one faithful my mother, for goodness obsessed the spell. I think that the moment for fear: What will be with me if I shall be left on in the ground uniqueness dearly beloved? My only comfort remains only into which even violently I clumber s hope: The Discovery remembrance!

In the evenings always relieve oneself ever excited my feet, and I was myself and perhaps the world also affair than fluffy lamb lived in the lap of the mother love naps!



They are my kind friends will maintain an angel squat the chameleon

In heaven, and diamonds fascination smile at me,

When all the day visited self-deluded by dreams of the night,

Such as soft heart my bridges compassion


their faces the glint of the luminous pearldrop grace,

The dark duvet night they consider having a bright points,

When I am alone in the gay streets

Rainbow-colors I look up every moment,

and I know that a single my dear blessed his face there’s.

Because fairy s angel alone may be only my rose filament,

Which is a huge realm blessed kiss to cover her lover lips.


Glory to thee God child, who in the heart of the eternal

love and the flame of heaven, I pray you give the feelings in the absence of sufferers

peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year, because today the man

may be impaired and emotional-lost, only the benefits and you,

prosperity you are interested in, please give housing the feelings for rush-light,

that safety and calm could migrate on the

people in trapped hearts, the trees justly star-pearls

to love the warmth of

in the tree-crown decidedly marked out send us a little Jesus, behold the

tiny, cripples children sweet dream because the blessed ones are they who

love for theirs is the kingdom of heaven with an angelic happiness,

the purest feeling the spirit of the scorching:


Coming down from heaven and the angel of

the turquoise blue horizon diamond-eyed

stars tears lit up when harp-voiced virgins,

sang the people hidden his soul.

From heaven worrying shouting at the pigeons and smells sweet fairies,

while ruddy their faces shone in the huge cheese moonlight.

White garments in the nature that doth it was cold now

mirrow-picture changed to the angel-soul, clear swans graceful’s afloat,

seemed cold as ice on the surface of the lake.

Blessed seemed chaste their eyes they were the

flake-tear shapes as the angels in heaven, sainted,

angelic lever, ye friends of i when they were gone.


In snowwhite dressed, winged angel

smiled at the celestial blue, just cushion he might,

dewy dimensions of the cloudy’s flue, and

dropped out of the clouds, the crystal-pearls ,

froze in respect of the December Wind Chill.

The flakes of thick, intimate and idyllic wedlock,

silvery diamonds are the flakes.

Stiff changed the ice queen’s mirror-palace,

it was all a sad sound melody,

and sleep magic-goblins dreamdust upon the earth

quietly slumber angels head.

All in dream-look thought

and softly said to the Christmas Day bell, bongo

heavy bell sighs, and when my dear my love among

she flapped wings, spoke of the clouds in the depths of

my friend: The Santa Claus.

Eight reindees her ironsides drew his way, and it was good to

see a long beard my father love and happiness broadcast,

and the man of her heart a little moment only fell away the

rock loads.


Quiet night under the burn began to love feeling his candle,

the eternal flame was careful to humans,

they called us soft and my voice to chapel, bells

rang in the jolly-throated boomed hollowly, sad organs.

Christmas Day for every man to the heart of the edge of

the forgiveness and eternal love voice saluted

us with light, and all the jingle of the heart of the

angelic tab of the innocent bug-eye.

The Celestial tent, in intimate hymnus

message was sent to the angels

and the man toasting birthday the

manger, redeeming your baby.

The child to everyone in the spirit with sigh humanity

he talked and pierce only thick beads cheeks,

that involve concatenation we could lived an eternal

shared with the sky.


Deep and gray silence was thus hung with black crape? fell between the stars, and glancing on the climate of tears in the drip, the black cloud languages as proud knights, or wandering Donok they walked like a black like colossal in the night under cover of black! It was a stormy cloud, which drew seeming ugly crystal grinder-voiced eyes, and the thunder of each cloud-lamb to dance around and caught a glimpse of a whip-lightning she courted, a sly bridges.”

A furious angel blew’s alarm gray wings from behind the clouds which has already wild gray wizard kind! the startled horizon, and the human and the fear of the lightning knife of his hands he had woken and a single moment my heart rate gets in flag running also horses began to beat so madly, and angrily.

And that is the tumult died amid the mask of the Gaiety in sky-zone slanted because she looked nervously and sufficient awkwardly, but the sunlight to dislodge gaily he came out and my heart reassured relaxed!


The dusk fire-lashes out with gold-branch kiss-petals sent me the westering sun. The tide of its talons outspread stream the wistful tears, with straw mats in front of the ways of the earth, and my face with tears in her veil of raindrops I have seen when only the wounded heart was bleeding, and was not in the way or which would have been could binded up burning pain!

The Mirror where gentle hum of astonishment’s pingeons love him conversing and a rich hair humbly curtseies made the lily of narcissus it before! And in the middle of the garden mother and willow branch arms spread the slumbering in ladybirds! The solitary boat on board boat two incorporate heart, and they stamp our kiss millions of his love is the eternal pledge.

Adopt an eternal matter directly to each other the cheese-colored in the moonlight.

Peaceful festival day

great gray land of the month Christmas

me bowed large snowflakes flew into the frosty winter.

Poor sparkling wine nature that once in his life,

flower-rain now he was the most beautiful wedding

bride dress took up, and I made

the fertile Eden, love is the power of the

brilliance of wreath font the sky the holy tree with

kingship again at last.

And gratitude’s pearl-tears raining on the ground

while star-smiled moment moved into the darkness,

and hoary, decent hands in prayer his arms, kept the

love of rush-light, and the happy memory.

Watered the one the Happy Isles of waves of love, the

families and the people, and finally became clear of the halo

child: Jesus, and that everyone could toasting the babe,

eternal light, brilliant star-wreath led the Wise Men.



I looked out of the white angels chaste sheet,

which slowly and gently fell on my head out of the clouds,

as though the swans night dancing them the mirror ice, and

I felt that my soul was silent perched and

threatens to cause the cold, and are. It was beautiful,

this muse innocence which before the wedding

Bride - pale face for pingeon-soul.

A great mirror I saw the bitter frost

frosty, and merciless eyes looked

out what is and what should be the

unconditional I could do of eternal love in

this guise’s voice every minute.

My dear children merry smile winked at me,

s eyes radiated the kind of care

for the heart: it was his goodness, charity’s magicpower.

Went, laughed, and he was glad…

and gave me a kiss red goodbodies on my face.



Now such the smoky city, when that sound asleep

winter sleep the bear-built captain of industry, HUF,

chimneys looks after itself, warm’s cloud may be admire,

as soon as the leap from the smokestacks or wagons.

s starts, with unbreakable energy the daytime, robot.

It was late in the evening when the lights St. John’s bugs also yawned differ

go bed, the streets gape, and blink dully,

the shadows black panders, stray ghosts,

all the frozen silence serves and listening to

the killer fog. me thank a dark shape,

shape just as I shape: my shadow,

which was still terrifies, browbeat and when only

the blackness I mix up goes out.

The heavens without knowing whence they proceed; the night messengers,

the little goblins the stars as the hour of

the day was a long time ago snore snooze when

Uncle Tom is already working on the moon-Ace.

The shepherd of clouds also switches off the lights

and his sheeps go sleep differ with him.


From Work I came busily home, when

red goodbodies elephant I saw

requested that seems highly his trunk and

use him because he was the enemy of masses,

the purity of tough protector.

My dear, dear friend I handed it to

your favorite destined to the port and the gray washiness

fine handsome something, he had he inhaled, absorbing

and swallowed that only the ground all scratch,

and I meditate I was happy that helped my work.


Water born once the soul, of which the substance,

Is hereby established, gentle sun-body warned the nursing gently,

A pure heart CHAP. Gold lever by

I protest I must take her gently.

It was cold then his face because the sunny feet do not

As the marble harden in cold-water I was diped, but when

Clean the bright sunshine smile came the day,

Moved into the heart of the warmth and the could dryed.

He threw his eyes upon me, and he smiled up to the Narcissus

The smell of balmy, and suddenly my heart is full of the happy

Truth my tears. It was the little fellow,

As the ground was spotted, first fervour will little ladybird-angel,

Her tail spots painted on the cold ice-drops.

And then when he was blond hair dried the flame-souled day,

His eyes were merry sighs woke me up breast:

A single, love.



They glimpse our’s mists sky-colored dressed surface of the virgin the muses. Bride —clad gracefully thought and the twilight of the angels in heaven with a mischievous look. I could not believe a Truthsayer my eyes when among them I saw him, whose nimble an enormous beetle or legs smiled at the beautiful flowers

and snowy white virgin body were dancing in the beads. I stood before him like an awkward hedgehog, who sees the game, and the sweat of my heart and a dull voice bury my. Seven minutes I waited for the angelic sound so touched my soul as my face and caressing blue ocean foams.

In the confidence and sweetly enticed me into a soul sweet sense that my heart a tiny was rung rang and shuddered. Chestnuts as embrace was military headdress petals gentle shoulders. Torch, and set fire to the bomber eyes washing machine parts of my heart. She was the daughter of Venus had packed with purity and virgin girl in the swinish too highly favored by heaven of unfettered!


During high-spirited violins, and I against

tweet than the crickets conductors.

He had landed on the clear night, and boiled the millions of passion,

the water lilies, lilies beautiful lake down,

they and their spirit voices faded frightening the dark.

The St. John bug cavaliers were an escort,

for ladybirds, they were the shining night’s balerinas,

a halo fairy-far far away.

As the letter invisible fingers of fire it rushed down, crackled

the ladybirds fiery disquietingly visceral skirts, and even dance pulled out of their hearts

the dear had fixed their loves upon another, the midnight in the moonlight.


Tiny baby doll I was brooded my hand,

tiny pumpkin seed was his clothes, sweetly smiled at me.

When the letter from the cold, crusty ground I her bed,

and he was clothed in the spring smells red blossoms moving.

Gently fertilized it him in the dewy water veil

her tears, and I prayed the day that armpits,

s cheek. When the knot of the sheep-clouds

golden-haired horse, even the time a smile.

Small my little bug then he woke up the spring, cloudy out of bed,

and was glad to see that at last abloom so.

his face ruddy silk, with the sunlight,

s reddish bulb, all thinking soul.

The folded out greenish wardrobe the blooming emotion,

and he knew also that his heart was guarded as to what it

is love.


Of my dreams the choppy sea of all

it reflected in up to the fable, eternally blossom

my darling I admire spirit of thick forest.

It was burning in his bare cliffs high point,

small bug I threw another and another in the bosom,

he is the light and the happy hope that soul you encourage me,

all the glory of his gaze only crave and not

I could may rest until my arms in the warmth is

there in love with my dream.

Take care of heart! Do not hurt him

burning soul gentle with tulip-voice,

put a feeling for me, when he was in the heart of

the harmony revolt, gently However

a your single rose filament.

To be sure foolish heart that troubled

soul whereas must calm, because if essential oils

drop lips could easily be that this

will be his fatal night.

I pray you heart. To expedite these proceedings soul

chains to bear even Herb’s flowers,

and if you feel the eternal feeling: love,

take her to that end.



You were a faded flower Patient tears orphan stare you enveloped,

So you were the sweating, smoldering lilies,

Thy soul full light value did not lose but

it was beautiful sparkling in your brown eyes: the light.

Like an innocent shudder your voice-waves, gently,

yet steadily pursued the decayed and brightly colored gray shedding,

soul tinkle, as well as the water lilies melodious music, the

stillness of the morning sunlight dawning.


Breath painfully some removed being i close,

it owes its attack in at my window,

I just have respectful, when the comet peeps

lit up to a candle in my eyes alert.

Love is the eternal, my dear, patient,

beam, let me ask you you

to keep my family, forever watching

your eyes and mind.

The fire which the heart of hearts peeking through

hiding once always blow out,

but in our souls the flame could reborn.

Everyone is good and bad flame,

man is to his character how

perfecting, refines s furthermore,

my dear, illustrious past time, please add the light,

he might have won., my comet slowly away

acquiesce ought to be.


Nimble an enormous beetle or legs smiled at the flowers,

white wings were dancing in the pearls,

if experienced already that clouds is

the easy wink, I stood in front of him,

as awkward a hedgehog who game,

I stood with sweat on my heart a dull sounds

I heard in my mind, and seven minutes I waited,

because he touched my soul the angelic voice,

as the ocean blue rolled if touching him

my face. My face was slipping away my soul

fine noise and balanced the love and


There was my dear swan chestnuts crown,

which it was like the petals

my dear gentle shoulders.

Presented in font his clothes,

torch, and set fire to the bomber

eyes. Oh! The blue gem that

passions all his thoughts and

the hot-melt, And hoar-colored his face showed

it now bright radius watered,

balmy skin strawberry-colored perfume.


Purple cloak the Day brilliant,

red face when he spoke of the night brother,

Moon Marci that it was time to go to sleep.

The diamonds millions of winks,

smiled at the dark night render,

watching my dear life or smile -without saying his pace.

Quiet-rumble, with silent flickers,

was perched on the calm ocean pretty foam,

like the smells of rich flyaway hair,

dance stride the indigenous land.

The evening gray mourning costume aspect, rest returned,

only the midnight musicians chirips even,

your favorite song which the forest inhabitants,

woke up pillows sweet cones, peered out from among

the children of the gay-colored happiness.

Among them: red, yellow, violet, green, and my dear:

Flakes and white.

The oh forest magnificence reporter that closed within three feet of his ancestors, a hundred years old,

creaking tune playing trees, roundness is a

great repose to preserve the nature of childish treasures.

My dear honey on his face were playing the sky-colored tears.

A single pure fountain sealed before they bowed to the fungi,

their hats on hook resorted to, and then the dawn of brightness

in the messengers of the St.John bugs life has been in

the dim dimness. Lived in the heart of the forest a

heroic virgin, who believed in glorious hope

and heart angelic warm vivacity strong will cast,

the inhabitants of the lost belief.

Blessed my jasmine-flower of hope and his eyes so power,

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