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Prism Tears

Inside a question the answers reveal.

Don’t worry, I’m not taking away your love,

That passion inside is all yours

My Premium Gold Line!

Don’t be scared,

I’m not looking to steal away your self-made miracle,

Do not be afraid!

I am not your criminal!

I only come in peace!

wanted to know if there’s still love left around here!

That’s all! “

  • I don’t understand what is that I did to deserve this! I still don’t know what was the wrong thing that I did or the very right one for this! Why do you hate me with this active hatred and resent? Please, help me with this? what was it? I’m asking because I cannot remember for sure. I know that an apology won’t help, still, I have to know: what was that bad deed and the sorrows I caused to you and your people? Did I kill for the pleasure of killing? Did I steal somebody else’s life and destiny? How can one do that, anyway? I don’t understand…” she spoke with tears in her eyes.

  • You should be more like your father, Sylvie, dear! Strong like an OK, brilliant and wonderful, unbreakable! Break their faces with the strength of your heart and mind, with the brilliance of the spirit you are … to become!

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