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The Hour


The Blue Man


  1. BlackThornE

  2. Mirror-Man Mask

  3. Looking for Significance:

  4. Traces of Crayons and Paint on the Wall

  5. KDS: Work on A Mess

  6. Wild Flights across Forever

  7. City States of Mind

  8. A Place to Remember

  9. Guardian: La Bête

  10. Rumours

  11. Untitled Sun

  12. RrAE

  13. PArt of This LGame

  14. Blasphemy Lane ~ Orison of a Pagan

  15. Reflection on Solitude

  16. The Third Infinite

  17. Remains of a Lost Soul

  18. A tear to be dropped

  19. Rainbow Clouds

  20. The Hour of the Blue Man

  21. Changing Memories

  22. T H M: Dances for Heavens

  23. ... ... /\/\/\

~ (Dots & Dots, Broken Rods) ~

  1. The Messenger Type

  2. Carbon Poem


Spirits grow high,

His paintings catch the feelings

Of the mighty believers

Who died, for their lands.

Heroes are meant to be used

For a second rent


In peace



They’ll find

In the end.

Black Thorn of mine!

Where can I find

The rest for your spirit,

The growth of my humble existence,

The growth of this self of mine,

Requesting for learning and fun?

Mirror-Man Mask

Inside your thoughts 

She found two rods 

Of blooming love with ruby thorns

born out of bloods'


They're spiralling out his twisted eyes

While shadows keep their haunting down,


Two candles light three windows up!

The church behind is bleeding out

The history of your Mighty God.

Beg Light!

Looking for Significance:

Traces of Crayons and Paint on the Wall

Voyaging scratches

Get-up from your feet,

You’re offering life with every move you make!

You’re giving a lifestyle

Imagined so far

By an elated spirit and a powerful mind!

There’s green and there are blues,

The crayons tell the news of some reds and magentas

Fulfilling all their dreams;

An orange finds some yellows,

the ochre pales near you,

The white of whites,

The sorrow, of all fine hypocrites.

It’s black, the great reunion

Of all those who have known

About your aching moment,

One sorrow to be born

To offer hopes and dreams,

Religions and great means

To cold sharp steels;

One sorrow,

Crayon peels.

The paint in painting feels!

KDS: Work on A Mess

Textures scratching down the wall

Of a basement, deep and tall;

Sinking down the couch while writing,

Moments passing by while fighting,

Mirror windows on the screen

Of my minds sewing machine.

Every foot sings marching lounge,

Music stops forgiving signs;

Smiles of shadows crying up,

Lights on spirals show full cup

Of Swayilence.

Touch my mind with sweet bee thoughts

Of smiles sitting down our throats;

Watch through bottles' emptied gold:

Separation of The Bold;

Human feelings lie their hopes

On our perfumed book of notes.

Now I see the work on a mess

In great need of a caress.

Wild Flights across Forever

Another day, another drawing,

Seeing roads across forever...


Living fever

Keeps us calm while chasing

The Love of Sun!

~ We all run! ~

Day for nights and nights for hollow


working for another pair

of students.

Schooling’s finally over!

They can play!

Ever thought of stopping to stare instead of posing?

Beware for he is staring!

City States of Mind

In a moment thought too weak

Tears of coffee light and sweet

Shown on trees, caressing sun,

Loving creatures touched my arm.

Bitter flavours reached my soul

Place for heavy coloured whole

That's myself playing more roles

Looking straight into the holes

Of these buildings in my world

Real or not? Perspective's call!

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