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Poetry On Parade

Published by Merlin Waltz at Smashwords

Copyright 2018

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This is a small collection of poetry. Some of it is sick and twisted. Some might bring a tear to your eye. Some may leave you wondering why. I felt the need to publish some of the poetry I've written over the years.

About the Author:

Merlin Waltz is from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He's an Italian/German/Irish mix and proud to be an American. He spent most of his youth on the family farm and lived in various places across the country. He's raced jeeps, stock cars, and open-wheel sprint cars. He's also built and flown radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters. He's a former adrenaline junkie whose passion has recently turned towards writing. His writing is based on a mixture of observation, imagination, dreams, and experience.

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Warning! This book is intended for adults over the age of 18.

Table of Contents

Story 1 A Fifties Wanna-Be

Story 2 The Universal Truth

Story 3 Are We Alone?

Story 4 I'll Soon Be Departing

Story 5 Unionize and Americanize

Story 6 An Expensive Inch To Fill

Story 7 Do What Thou Wilt

Story 8 Rotting Away

Story 9 The Bartender's Tails

Story 10 The Sailor in the Shoe

Story 11 A Memory Problem

Story 12 The Killer Gets Killed

Story 13 An Unexpected Gift

Story 14 Beer Buddies

Story 15 The Barn

Story 16 The Pond

Story 17 My Orange Suit

Story 18 Rock Around the Clock

Story 19 Number Three

Story 20 The South Side Slums

Story 21 Limerick

Story 22 Please Don't Leave

Story 23 Check Mate

Story 24 The One that Got Away

Story 25 The Rope

Story 26 Too Late

A Fifties Wanna-Be

It hasn’t yet made it in books of history

A fabulous time known as the fifties

My mother and father were teenagers there

Life was much simpler, very little despair

Whenever they tell me the tales from their youth

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