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Title: Windows of a Woman's Mind

Author: Fiona M. Khan

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

In association with

Mongwadi Publishing

To all women

Who rise after a fall,

Who have fallen

And seek strength

In rising,

Who have risen and

Continue to rise.

Fiona M. Khan

Fiona Khan is an award winning, internationally published author and poet. She has numerous children's books published under her name.

As an accomplished novelist, her short stories appear in many literary journals across the globe. Fiona is also the founder of the Global Forum 4 Literacy and the Traveling Books Project spreading digital and mobile literacies globally.  As an academic, she is a transformational mentor and coach. 

lower your gaze


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in fragments did reflect,

Personalities of mine I know not, yet!


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lower your gaze

Lower your gaze, Father of your Father.

For I am the seed of the Earth

The Mother of your mother

The Divine Feminine

Lower your gaze.

Lower your gaze Son of your Son.

As I heighten your fever and

Elevate your devilish brow

To rape me with your eyes

And tear the barriers with

carnal thoughts

When mothers walk in bazaars

And sisters strut across the catwalks

Of their lives

Lower your gaze.

Lower your gaze Child of your Child.

Do not undress me

Nor lay bare my frailties

Disobey nor dis-respect

my values, culture and heritage

for they define ME

while you laud in New Age idiosyncrasies

verbose profanities

and the intricacies of I want it all


Lower your gaze!


She carries her baby on her back-

her pride of love and possession swathed

in the muted tones of rural Africa

her breasts carved heavily with the strength of her milk.

The bundle of sticks under her left arm

the water perched precariously on her head

her fingernails gnarled embedded with earth,

heels cracked and cleaved with sand and stone

her right hand balancing a bucket of water

that spilled with every sway of her hips.

Wiping the sweat from her brow, still sweeps his hut,

Washes the clothes at the meandering river

milks the cow, grinds the corn, with uncomplicated content

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