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The Sculpture of This Day

by Ibrahim Honjo

Silver Bow Publishing,

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The Sculpture of This Day

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I saw the angel in the marble

and carved until I set him free

~ Michelangelo


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ISBN: 978-1-927616-72-7 (electronic book)

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Honjo, Ibrahim, 1948-, author

The sculpture of this day / Ibrahim Honjo.

Includes index.


Issued in print and electronic formats.

ISBN 978-1-927616-71-0 (softcover).--ISBN 978-1-927616-72-7 (PDF)

I. Title.

PS8615.O497S38 2018 C811'.6   C2018-902269-8


Silver Bow Publishing

Box 5 – 720 – 6th Street,

New Westminster, BC



I would like to extend my special thanks to my dear friend Candice James for editing, her

advice and support and special thanks for her help on the cover design.

I want to thank my daughters Una and Stella for their love and support throughout the

years, and last but not least, thanks to Silver Bow Publishing.



Askance look from planet Gamajata


No Other Women Like You Muse

Poem About My Darling

What Bothers Me

Beyond the Sea

How to Grow Together

Glitter in My Eyes

Waste of Hope in the Eyes


How You Can Fall in Love with Me

Light Eyes My Dear

This Way You Can Stay Mine

Key for My Heart

Last Night

When I Die, Leave Open Doors and Windows

Warning: Do Not Ever Fall in Love with Me


Syria in Blood


What Are We Doing to the Air We Breathe?











Soon, bells of silence will break dreams

the day of departure will come

from this to another dimension of the universe

I created planet Gamajata for myself

and my irresistible darling

traveling from one to another constellation

on the planet Gamajata

eternal solitude is waiting for me

you'll hide in my solitude

my only one

and watch me silently and helplessly

the queen of my heart

will run away from her shadow

there, where she becomes

what she really is


On the planet Gamajata

no night

my birds and I like Robinson Crusoe

collecting the remains of the past

from their dust we build the shadows of the future

my beloved spills light from the sapphire eyes

by Star Trek

in the hope she will restore herself

from my restless heart

on the planet Gamajata

a wicked queen prepares a gala reception with love

forgotten by the multi-gods and sleeping kings

in the last battle of life and death

who knows which century ran astray in their hearts

love is reincarnated after the flood

and slowly drowning in life

it is autumn on the planet Gamajata

love is ripening and should be collected in its essence

only my last dear genuinely loves me

and keeps all the secrets about me

only she knows how to love my silence

and how to reach me in the nonexistent dreams


My little bird is singing on the first front line

for the errant and deluded

the world is slowly but surely sinking

humanity sinking into delusions

eating strange dreams

to survive

it is day on the planet Gamajata

dreams have long since died of hunger

and we do not seek their graves

I am in the body of Robinson Crusoe

sunken into solitude

I keep shadows of love

for a new generation of earthen-folk

the soil opens

and brings forth a new man

who will know how to like and love his neighbor


My unloved dear

sleeping on the other side of somebody’s bed

my heart and soul are on duty over her sleep

I have no more time for a new inferno

a lot and too much

all quickly changed

now death reeks of incense

you're not here that I may wipe your tears

I have no more time for a new inferno

you are the last and final

in me only modest sadness

immovably rises and groans

as good-hearted and spacious as India

at the time of heat and monsoon season


Someone's children still lie

on the dilapidated and hot pavements

dogs who find a spacious home on the streets


keep smiling to human greed

in a sweet puppy’s eyes

flashing big fat bone as sunlight

here is all in slow motion

minutes are much longer

who knows

how much sorrow boiling days have in themselves

and how much hope sweltering nights will bring


Here all is measured in slowness

even my thoughts have slowed

in order to arrive in time

to those with hearts and souls

permanently put in the big bite of a greedy mouth

somebody died of hunger on the main street of Delhi

someone's mouth foam

in me echoes an old song

and I sing in delirious fervor

take me death

take me once

I cannot look anymore at those crippled shadows

shrinking away from all of us

and drowning in their own white foam


Snapped in my heart of a soldier

a keen desire for peace

boiling blood flows freely

and you are not here

but you grant dreams my angel

all my hopes are in you my love

as the soldier’s hope is in his sword

hungry scavengers with a last bit of energy

make empty the rest of my womb

you are not here

day is drawing slowly into your heart

no way, I cannot touch that day with my gaze


Last night, we breathed the same air

bed to bed

thick invisible wall between

night without future mottled with my views

poured by my soul

humming something in me

everyone breathes for himself on some meridian

and turning the sleeping thoughts

this is the last night of my delusions

you will stay forbidden fruit

I'm not allowed to touch the night encamped on your lips

and your breast

from somewhere I pull out words like weeds

germinated from the seeds of love

I snuggle to you

but I cannot unchain my love, nor passion

because I don’t want to wake up anger

and fear of flying in you


Today you will travel far

and I'll go away

each will be a cocoon in its orbit

all will remain the same as before

hope will remain

that we will meet again

anytime and anywhere

and you'll become lost on the planet Gamajata

while I put on a mosaic about you

fan of love, in me, the same spinning

long ago awakened butterflies are still alive

nothing has changed in me

we have the status quo

I fight bitterly with myself

those strange butterflies

I am locking in my shell

we burn at the stake of love

shell, butterflies and I

I do not want to burn you in me

you will blaze with the brilliance of a thousand stars

above the planet Gamajata


This night is softer than any I can remember

somebody has separated it with the colors of fireworks

turning into bouquets of wildflowers

creating peace in my soul

I will gladly give you those bouquets

the sky is not visible in darkness

stars hide deep inside me

extinguishing its soft light

from which I built a castle to my fire queen

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