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In T[I’M]

My Poetical (?) Non-sense

Purple Clouds projected on my window,

An image about Love’s consciousness is fleeting!

An image of nothing and all that’s to be,

the basement of a home entitled “The whole of Me”

Feelings and life

This legacy was passed to me

Through tears and laughter...

It’s all History!

Evolving genes are still writing

The destiny of who I am to be.

Feeling open and awake,

still building that fence...

Do you Remember the fence?

We used to call it “My Wall”

Reflection of a childish poetical nonsense!

Recurrent thoughts:

I’ll love you, forever

But don’t love me back

Unless you too need it

to make you feel alive.

-We will make it last! the poor demon cried

Then left.

Recurrent wish:

- “If he will be happy this way then never shall we cross our ways!”

The Story:

So, when she was happy he was feeling sad

But this only lasted for minutes that cut

Some memoire, forgotten on papers he burned

Along with his wishes to be loved in return.

She had asked for his joy and happiness full

Throughout all the life of one mortal fool.

And so, he was rescued and lived without her

The happiest moments one could have asked for!

One day he remembered her beautiful wish

and asked for her happiness in all great fullness.

Awakening one morning,

Great joy in her soul

With no other reason but clouds being born.

She’s hearing the crawl of one silent soul

While smelling the tea in her cup made of stone.

The smell of dark coffee is so far away!

Lost back in a time like a painting’s cold stare.

All pain was in frames now,

Still bound to forget

About this cold good medicine,

The pain’s new amend

“- I will let you be, I will let you live!”

I can only remember through tears in your sky

The flight of the angels

I once cried up and down

The spiral of thoughts and of feelings I had,

Resembling the music with which I was healed.

Reminders of the fights between the demons I wept,

Washed down with the movement lifting up their Faith.

Amnesiac hopes born back then are humming

Like a bee!

So, rescued I felt! And so well, I was



Amnesiac feels of pure love are still tempting me.


Continuing moving with full faith on my spiral

Believing in truths of One God’s Great New Power.

He’ll make it all happen,

So that I have some rest,

A break that’s too kind

From the confusing quest

of some peace, I don’t want enough now

Since I keep

Looking back at some old and amusing matters of grip.

They’re one of a kind,

Contradictions in my mind.

Remember me now, can you see that poor fence?

We once used to call it “Our Wall”

Then laugh loud through our tears!

While planting new seeds

Of kindness and care, pure joy, love and blessings

Sprung out of our real understandings!

An image of nothing and all that will be,

the basement of a Home which is

“The whole of Me”

Feeling open, still awake,

I’m building that fence...

Reflection of a childish poetical nonsense!

Have you heard about Irony?

It is cutting the veins of Eternity!

In T[I’M]

Among Grand Trees which have seen a lot

I heard the echoes of your smiles

Casted upon this pot of Dreams…

I dream among the clouds of hopes

That lost all battle against their freedom.

One Time, More Fractional Illusions

I heard the echo of your smile

Against all odds!

Such comfortable Reason

For my soul to be lifted-up!


‘am seeing echoes of your sights

and Treason.

Beyond these trees which have seen a lot,

Beyond these smiles and sighs,

Beyond the sight of Faith

In shadows of a plot,

I run a lot!

This Soul of Time, the shadow I am running from,

My own it is,


My soul…!

This Time has always felt faint echoes on our lives.

~ Why am I running, now? ~

Forsaken, do remember this Ant Reason!

Beyond this bending Time

And times that felt enough just right,

In spaces where enough was not enough to smile,

Where canvases of the good and kind

Lost tales of green, the greens were all the ground;

Still pawned…

Among warm times

Forgotten in some picture

We’re turning sounds alive…

We watch, we see, we touch but never learn too much!

~ only the necessary ~


in times of war

illusions of their honour, love and freedom

brought back

the life

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