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Shattered Reflections:

Poetry in Chaos

By A.M. Sawyer

Copyrighted 2018 A.M. Sawyer

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Table of Content

Section 1: Reflections of Love

Section 2: Reflections of Struggle

Section 3: The Darkest of Reflections

Section 4: Holiday Reflections

Section 1: Reflections of Love

Soul Mates

On a street where two strangers meet,

But they feel like they’ve met before,

Suddenly passion takes the driver’s seat,

And peddle is to the floor.

They seem to know each other,

Everything from head to toe,

Sharing day after day together,

Through eternity, hand in hand they go.

When that special moment comes at last,

And he takes to one knee,

She says “yes” before he can ask,

And they embrace each other in holy matrimony.

Now a special gift is on the way,

As a little one starts to cry,

The new father just smiles with nothing to say,

And the new mother lies back with a sigh.

Two more to come, one after another,

Each growing up before their eyes,

Love is the bond that holds them together,

A bond that continues for the rest of their lives.

From the day they met,

They were always together,

But soon their fate is set,

Because no one lives forever.

He soon falls to an eternal sleep,

And she is left alone,

All she can do is mourn and weep,

Sadness is all that is shown.

Their children are there to dry her tears,

But her loneliness has set in,

She’s alone for several more years,

Until they are reunited once again.

After she passes on to meet him,

Their children, they know in their hearts,

Though in life, the book is completely written,

They know, for soul mates, the journey just starts.

I Love You

I love you with every tear that falls,

I love you with every heartbeat,

I love you every time you call,

And I love you every time we meet.

I love you with every breath I take,

I love you in everything I see,

I love you with every move you make,

And I love you every time you touch me.

I love you every time I look in your eyes,

I love you whenever you’re near,

I love you whenever time flies,

And I love you whenever your voice I hear.

I love you with every hour of the day,

I love you every second that goes by,

I love you no matter what anyone may say,

For I’ll love you until the day I die.

Love is a Beautiful Thing

Endless hopes and incredible dreams,

Just imagine how love gleams.

Delicate tears and fragile hearts,

Will determine where love starts.

Beautiful passion and an enchanting glow,

Showing how love will grow.

With a love always meant to be,

Love is a beautiful thing to see.

Family Blessing

Blessed be the ones,

The fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons.

A wonderful future for us to see,

Together, regardless of what may be.

Family is the most important thing,

Helping with whatever life may bring.

So blessed be the ones,

Who love their fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons.

In Your Voice

In your voice, I hear the truth,

And a hint of your sadness,

Blossoming are the sounds of your youth,

And even a touch of madness.

In your voice, I hear your hope,

And all the love you keep inside,

The will that you have to survive and cope,

And all the secrets you try to hide.

In your voice, I hear your strength,

And all the pain that you feel,

The power that drives you to go to any length,

And the faith that keeps you real.

With every word that you speak,

You know that you always have a choice,

The music of your soul will never become weak,

For this is the beauty I hear in your voice.

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