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When two fall in love

There is a cord a-binding

When two fall in love

On a pedestal, they are standing

When two fall in love

They don’t care if on their butts they are landing

But when only one falls in love

She is simply out-standing.

I know my business

I am not a-minding

But deep down in my heart

It is a-piercing

‘Cos before me

You went a-telling

And it hurts so bad to see you are still out-standing.


Trouble may last for a night

But joy cometh in the morning

You may not see the light

Even if on Mars you are sunning

The sun in the sky shining bright

You lay on Earth, every time complaining

You purposely shade your sight

While the love in your heart, you are curtailing

You should be as free as a kite

Let the divine wind your path be directing

‘Cause if you want to do it of your own might

Your obituary, you just might be contemplating.


I’m looking for someone

Who when times are good

I can lift high on my shoulders;

And when times are bad

Would give me her shoulders to cry on.

Is it you?

I’m looking for someone

Who would give me credit for my good;

The same way she would

Reprimand me for my bad.

Is it you?

I’m looking for someone

Who can dwell in my daily thoughts;

And live in my nightly dreams.

Is it you?

I’m looking for someone

Whose smile brightens my day;

And whose laughter resounds

In my ear for a week.

Is it you?

I’m looking for someone

To be my confidant, lover, advisor,

And above all – my friend.

Someone in whose arms I can seek refuge.

Is it you?

I’m looking for someone

By whose side, I can stand tall;

Someone I can fearlessly call my own.

Is it you?

I’ve had a few

The good, the bad and the ugly

As I look into your eyes

In my heart, I silently pray to God;

This time…

I hope it’s you.


Some of us are badly hurt

Because in times of trouble

In the wrongest places, help we sought.

Some of us never do as we are told

Because instead of a silver lining

Behind every cloud we expect gold.

When it looks like situations are clamping down on you

Leave it to Him

Who is just and true.

When to you, things have gotten critical

Hand it over to God

The battle is not physical.

When the rope gets too tight

On your knees, you realize

The war is not yours to fight.

You really cannot see the light

When hot tears

Continually blind your sight

In times of distress

Never forget,

The Lord is your refuge and fortress.


Even if old age can make you weak

I’ll still remember how you made me meek

You taught me to seize opportunities quick

Like a bird with a very big beak

Though I could have turned out a geek

‘Cause of you

I made me nice and sleek

Sometimes when I decided to be

As hard as a stick

The softer part of me

You seemed to seek

Just like when I gave my finger a little prick

You came to my room to peek

As if I were really sick

Even if you gave me a kick

I would have taken it

‘Cause I knew you made my life tick.


Far from now

When my life comes to the night

With my hind-sight

I would look back and see how

Like a very wide kite

You put my success into full flight

You made me see the light

Despite all our many adverse plights

You tried all within your power

To make sure I got it all right

Though I may not be the sheep that is snow white

When I’m so loaded and so tight

I don’t know if ever I might

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