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By Stephen Allison

Introduction / Preface

The poems and writings I selected for this this book were all created during part of personal journey through depression to the return to be an emotionally rational human being, if that is at all possible?

The poems do not specifically fall into any traditional metre or resemble any specific style but were all written in quite an autonomous manner which helps the poetry to organically flow, form rhythm and brings an ease to their reading. The poetry is gentle and whimsical in its character whilst referring to complex experiences and reflections of love, life, and society, as most poetry often does. The poetry spreads across a two-year period and presented in chronological order, emphasizing the highs and lows of living with depression, and giving the book its substance and its character. A handful of the poems hold a dark undercurrent though are mostly comments and depictions of the loneliness and anxiety that depression can cause. And which can force an individual to become closed off from others, including friends and family members. The ease of reading and the rhythmic style of the poetry is a playful antidote to its often-melancholic verse and is one in a series of three books of poetry written whilst experiencing depression and the outlook its can force onto an individual.

The series includes; ‘The Crux’ and ‘Sunny Side Up’

The Nyx is for the Nyx before us

Round and Round

Fresh and green you spread for miles

Built upon you concrete hard

Round and round and round I go

Only back to my single home

The war it rages far from here

The trophy sure to cost so dear

Round and round and round I go

Only back to my single home

Old Flame

Hello again

My old flame

You travel far with the dancing light on your shoulders

Words are never your answer

My old flame

Your ebb and flow answer everything I ask

I want to join you

My old flame

I want to join you, I do

For better for worse

My old flame

Fill my lungs and take my breath

If I get past this will I meet death

Take me under

My old flame

Take me round and round

Let me now answer the questions

Like you answer mine

Let me tell them

Of history, love, and time

In fleeting moments

Of day and night

In ebb, flow, and tide

But I stand on ground

My old flame

Some soft, some hard

As I watch you tell me

Not this time

In A Scarf and Hat

The waves splash hard at the old wharf walls

As I walk the same path that I always have

Up and down the Thames in a scarf and hat

Two lovers entwine though one craves more

But I imagine being seen to peer not adore

So I walk the same path I always have

Up and down the Thames in a scarf and hat

The Single Swan

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