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The Comfort of Screams is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Poem copyrights owned by G. O. Clark

Cover illustration “Universal Judgment” by Marge


Cover design by Laura Givens

First Printing July 2018

Alban Lake Publishing

P.O. Box 141

Colo, Iowa, 50056-0141 USA


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Table of Contents

Contents of the Horror Writer's Carry-On Bag

Parting Shots


Just By Using the Resources At Hand

Reading Between the Lines

The Comfort of Screams

Postcard from the Night Desert

3 to 4 AM

The Dark Man

Decapitated Rabbit

Survival of the Fittest

Nesting Habits of the Mutant Crows

If These Walls Could Scream

Polaroid of a Killing

Her Apparition Walked Right Through Him

Scents upon a Delta Breeze

The Dust

The North Wind

First Rain/Last Rain

Ghost Town

A Tale of Blood and Gasoline

The Experience Was

Fallen Angel

Dark Angels Descending


Feeding Frenzy

Match Made in Hell

Cthulhu's Checklist


The Mortician's Daughter

Designated Smoking Area

Horror Con Snap Shot

Rock On


Things Come Out of the Fog

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs


Twisted Imagination

Gardens of Death

At The Manor

Don't Go Into the Woods

Corn Maze

Graveyards of the Living

The Coroner

Tattoo Art

At The Spa

A Death in the Family

When the Dead Abandon the Land

Dead Man's Lament

Black Cat

The Station with No Name


Poor Howard

A Victim of Immortality

Postmortem Regret

The Red Brick Road

The Unraveling

Contents of the Horror Writer's Carry-On Bag

One unisex voodoo doll.

A leather pouch full of wooden stakes.

A pearl-handled pistol, and silver bullets.

A fountain pen device which he

connects to the median cubital vein in

his left arm when inspiration hits.

Blank parchment paper stealthily

acquired from the Vatican archives.

The Kindle illuminated version

of the Necronomicon.

A change of costume made up

entirely of black clothes, and scarlet

colored accessories.

A strong heart and stomach,

steady nerves, and a fatal fascination

with the dark side.

Parting Shots

She mailed

a massive funnel cloud to her

abusive ex-husband.

He had a very stormy personality.

She FedExed the

vengeful ghost of a prostitute

to her former boss.

He'd treated her like one for years.

She shipped by UPS

a Lovecraftian god-monster to her

Catholic school Alma Mata.

The sadistic nuns had it coming.

She wasn't a vengeful person.

Nor was she born evil, Satan's little

mistress, or, delusional.

She’d been baptized, and psychoanalyzed.

She was just taking a few parting shots

before retiring to the cloistered woods,

and the bylaws of the coven.

It was her turn to bring snacks.


In this city

come the night,

all the women look

beautiful, and the men

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