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Rainforest in Russet

by Cynthia Sharp

Cover Design: Candice James

© Silver Bow Publishing 2018

Smashwords Edition 2018

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The rainforests hold answers

to questions we have yet to ask.

~ Mark Plotkin

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Rainforest in Russet


To everyone who supported my writing journey from way back in my York creative writing days

to my current communities in Pandora’s Collective, The Royal City Literary Arts Society and

Writers International Network, with much gratitude to Ken Ader, Jacqueline Carmichael,

Coranne Creswell, Candice James, Ken Johns, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Jude Neale, Emily Olsen and

everyone at Silver Bow Publishing and the Simon Fraser University Writer’s Studio.


Thank you, Jude Neale, for your huge heart and collaboration with me on the title poem of this

book “Rainforest in Russet”; and I also thank Antarctica Journal, Ascent Aspirations Magazine

Friday’s Poems, CV2, Lantern Magazine, The Piker Press, Prolific Press, Street Light Press,

Toasted Cheese & untethered for earlier publications of several of these poems.

Table of Contents



Rainforest in Russet

Perseid Showers


The Sojourner’s Way

For All the Flowers

How to Honour the Moon

Call of the Light




Dreaming with Tulips

A Tribute to Orange

dancing with thunder


After the Fire

the dreaming after the storm

Solstice Blessings

Crescent Moon


Take Flight

Into the Heart


Poppies and Dragonflies


amid quiet full trees

Haiku 2


A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream

Autumn’s Kintsugi


To All the Twitter Poets

Silent Grey


The Summer We Never Had

The Bohemian

Somnambulant Web


Between Now and Yesterday


Remainder 1

Chemical Collision


Falling Stars

The Emerald

Pine Boughs and Sweetgrass

A Winter Tapestry

Pigeon Park


the unwanted catch

sirens and wind

Timeless Soul

Haiku 3


Your Sweetness Lingers

Softly in Cedar

You Were There

Sleeping with Books

late autumn sun

The Zen of Tulips

As I Let Go

All These Poems


Wild Flowers

Poet Profile

The forest doctors of the Amazon say

each plant has its “song”,

and to know how to use the plant

you must listen to its voice.

~ Jay Griffiths

Rainforest in Russet

In the silence




my truth rises.


I fall into the space

where the forest





Is this the question

or the answer?


To trust this journey of closure?


A new opening repertoire -

I dig for you


in the shadows of dying

grey matter, 


to find a slip,


a morsel

of foggy memory.


How we set up your chessboard

the night we met.

Photographed the pieces

in their complicity

to be seen as art.


The queens,

their own fashion statements 

balanced in the spotlight.


The horses rode across

the checkered landscape,


free of battle

scars or fear.



came and went.


We both knew the game

transcended competition,


our strategy

a decades long

tango of connection.


We played until

slivers of dawn



onto an empty stage.


Now at the threshold 

of rainforest in russet,


ash into earth,

to whatever is or isn’t,


I am released.

Perseid Showers

leaf lanterns glow under stars

dried flowers line 

an evergreen cathedral

rainforest lit up   

we lie on the cool earth 

our own mythology



cherry petals

under fireflies and stars

the love I still believe will come


The Sojourner’s Way

in the haven of silence

I no longer carry

everyone’s blind spots

put some of it down

let nirvana return

fallen tree uprooted no more

thunder, rain, time

cherry petals in a sea of blue

the swoosh of a sand stream

emptied of unwanted current

gentle mist beyond

slow journeys

the softness of wind in birch leaves

heart of green earth breathing

these afternoons before I go to forest

only a tiny fraction makes it to the light

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