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My Wounds

by cat (no last name)

Copyright 2018 cat (no last name)

Smashwords Edition


i. soul food

ii. cause

iii. i wonder

iv. prepared

v. curse

vi. difficulty

vii. consequence

viii. ache

ix. a wish

x. superpower

xi. box

xii. love (food, clothes, shelter)

xiii. forethoughts

xiv. superpower – conclusion

xv. repairs


soul food

they say, “open your mouth”

i’m obedient. i open my mouth

i stick my tongue out

on it they place

a cold needle

pointing inwards, towards my throat

i flinch at the familiar taste

i feel this horrid ache

oh no - not again.

i know what they want me to do

i know what i’ll have to go through

i swallow with difficult ease

the cruel metal

the devil’s fang

for it to sink into my chest

from inside

i am not yet a swallower of swords

but sometimes i sit at the table

and receive a plate of needles.

glazed in sugar

hidden in sauce

needles in pasta, my favorite dish

sprinkled abundantly like grated cheese

and only when it’s too late

when i’m halfway through the plate

i realize that i am bleeding

from inside.

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