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Emotional Rollercoaster: Young Adulthood

By Jennifer A. Whitaker

Flip the page ready to image, understand and feel the life of a teenager from inside the their mind. As we all go through dramatic high and low points in life, especially as teenagers and/or young adults, we have all see what you will read. Though we each see the same event in many ways, the way I describe, will help parents, grandparents, and older siblings, understand modern day young adults. Overtime, life and culture has changed. What is normal now, was not 10 years ago. With technology came a new culture. As you read, consider how you can apply it to your life. This is rather you are the young adult, or the family trying to understand. It will be an asset in some form or another to the family as a whole.

It is based on what I had to live through as a child, preteen and young adult. As I am still in my early twenties, I am still living the results of a lot of what happen in my early days, though there is also a lot that has been resolved. Through these ups and downs I have created numerous poems to reach out to the world of unheard voices and let them know I am hear to speak for you and let you know you are not alone.


Unto my love I announce

That he is the greatest gift

For me, a girl said.

Standing in a white gown she was,

As she waited for him to come out of his hiding place.

In the black darkness he stood

As he waited for her,

For he was a shy man,

Low self-esteem he behold.

While the girl walked forward to the preacher’s office

she found the love of her life.

The most well loved and

Most loving man she dreamed,

With a muscular build.

Older than she, he was,

But at same maturity he was too.

For these reasons he received lots of love from her.

May we be together forever? I ask you now

For I am the women in the story you just read.

You my love, are as majestic as they come.

May we walk down the aisle of majesty together today?

I love you.

Time to Vanish or Live

Out of the darkness came a broken women

from her lonesome house.

She ran as she tried to catch her dreams.

With her dreams, would the love of her life vanish, too?

Down on her knees she fell

longing to regain the love she once enjoyed.

From lover to lover she jumped

looking for the one to spend a lifetime with.

It was until a day in June of 2007.

On this very day she met a lover

she longed to meet.

Longing for a life together

they still do.

As she works hard to pursue a degree

to support a family, she asks,

“will I ever be able to make one

with my love?”

If the lover is never found

so death may come her way

in a lonely time

leaving her by satin’s side.

Christmas 2007

From Distance apart Came two hearts.

At one time they were one,

Later separated By a stubborn mind

Leaving one heart broken

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