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1. centerpiece

2. so very lovely

3. reversion

4. the powers of immersion

5. to the tune of inception

6. from wound to wisdom

7. a green-thumb’s guide to undoing gross growth

8. glimpsing relative forever

9. procuring a stoic will

10. seizure

11. pains, eluded and illuminated

12. garnering numeric aptitude

13. gift and giver

14. audible at opportune forever

15. road-reveler

16. weakness becoming strength

17. appraisal

18. public school

19. making pretty where we are with what we have

20. into ethereal progression

21. how speaks the silent saint

22. glass Atlas

23. to recognize blessings

24. fairest of them all

25. meandering along urban corridors

26. increasingly real

27. from a foundation of stone?

28. sustenance, renewing—how to beat the brink

29. a heart of many things

30. candy

31. crafting a saint

32. when words make ways

33. heart-strong

34. lives begun in glances

35. occasionally strange

36. art and a generous heart

37. experiments in speed

38. only the loudest nows

39. wordless volumes

40. an art of going

41. answers from wonder

42. literal adherence to a cliché platitude

43. symbiosis

44. into the kindness cycle

45. arrangements of a molded man

46. a moment of contemplative reflection

47. the grand motivator

48. heirlooms

49. strange as it sounds

50. bonding as certainty


the flowers loom on that kitchen table,

where ruddy blossoms and delicately nipped stems

make amorous arrangements between all witnessing

this transplant of nature’s vibrant bouquet.

flower shop science and a shimmering, refractive


add human beauty,

so the combined effect moves one to wonder at both

what’s naturally striking

and what’s commercial design.

except in the instance of praising that cumulative appeal,

tongues quit the gab to make space

for receiving pleasures,

delivered, generously, through rounds of observation.

so very lovely

sometimes breathtaking beauty

passes so close to us that

we can reach out and touch it.

but, if we do it turns to dust

and scatters in the first breeze.

so, after some untimely destruction

of very pretty things

we learn to be satisfied

from a distance.


splitting skin to shine, she emerges from adulthood

into neo-innocence.

discarding fornication, mad-survivalism, and the dead gaze

of joyless perpetuation—

she will not advocate on behalf of these necessities

(vital as they insinuate themselves to be),

not by their lack of merit,

but to renew the classic joy

of gentle laughs and wide-eyed optimism.

this transformation is less about escaping now

and more about embracing then—

then that was so confoundingly sweet

and earnest in pursuing simplicity.

the powers of immersion

the muses arrive like a tidal wave,

and she, adherent to economy,

poised to administer radiant minimalism

with both feet sunk in shore sands—

she receives the brunt of their gifts.

upended and flopping in the force of

accumulated poignancy, practically victimized

by the promise of realized fashions—

she rallies what sense in her shifted earth

to compel their coming.

a claim at standing in that surge of piqued humanity

is a qualified wonder, so too her rebirth

from waters rich with enchantment.

she weeps by it, and we with her.

to the tune of inception

fond memories of first music,

the way it fills quiet like a parent's arms

fill all absence in the worlds of children.

by spanning minutes those melodies

foster a sort of faith in things heard—

establish eminence of constructive sound.

we initiates to tempo and

sucklings to the science of rhythm—

somewhere deep in us there’s imbued

expectation that all sound will eventually

reveal itself as component to structured meter.

listening becomes an art

where we lavish colorful moods

against a canvas of silence.

from wound to wisdom

the pretty thing

which she fawned on as precious,

which she nurtured

has come to dust,

and though it holds such meaning for her

this is the moment when she realizes

loss is a part of having.

she tucks the lesson deep in her heart,

growing a little less soft

and a little more strong.

a green-thumb’s guide to undoing gross growth

a seed of bitterness has fallen

in the rich soil of her heart.

roots and vines spring hastily

among the treasures of her cultivated garden.

having little experience with weeds,

she is slow to isolate the intrusion

and deny it sustenance,

so it thrives.

she grows resentful of whatever pretty thing

she lacks.

but, determined, she musters perspective

and realizes the process of relief:

by earnest effort she slow-plucks the thorny thing.

though she bleeds, lamentably, the work is done

and the spot of incident is layered with stone.

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