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"I am not trying to change your mind. I am exercising the right to express mine."

Marty Denton

"A Marty Denton Poetry Collection - Read Between the Lines"

"As They Ramble Through the Preamble"

Marty Denton

As they ramble through the preamble changing the meaning to most every line

Rights that have stood the test of time and treated us just fine

As they ramble through the preamble with dunce hats on their heads

We the people loses its significance with every new change that is read

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness changed with a pen, the color red

A more perfect union all of a sudden needs changing and democracy could end up dead

Establishing justice becomes a mockery as children are taken from their homes

Ensuring domestic tranquility while people with guns are free to roam

They say they provide for our common defence by building a border wall

They claim to promote the general welfare and protect us one and all

Claiming to secure liberty to ourselves and to our posterity

As they ramble through the preamble making the Constitution less of what it was meant to be

The New Dawn

Marty Denton

Germination of the seeds of change somtimes will take a while

It takes time for the termination of existing roots full of deceit and denial

Sharing of the wealth will cause a new day to arise

The evil that lurks inside the soul will be clearly seen in their eyes

The failure of a nation to understand the correct road to take

When the heavy burden that a horse carries causes his back to break

Suddenly people seek other ways to save the sinking ship

The powerful run and hide to avoid the fate of the crack of the whip

Change will come as the seeds grow and the roots become as one

At the core of the nation a new beginning will repair what has come undone

As the left will take it's rightful place and once again make its place in history

The people will be better for it all and the new dawn starts with you and me

"Futures Will Collide"

Marty Denton

Making no sense of anything at all

Taking their bows at the last curtain call

Watching the progress regress then stall

Forcasting the imminent and resolved to the fall

Mindlessly always making questionable moves

On a chess board of life filled with lines and grooves

No one ever agrees, nobody ever approves

So nothing ever happens, nor ever improves

Searching for oneself, so impatiently

Answers lie in the eyes that can not even see

Perceiving that failure will stop eventually

Denying oneself that place of harmony

Raging on, the silent gun takes its aim

Throwing stones of hate, looking for who to blame

Following the leader into the acid rain

Senselessly hoping that there won't be any pain

Shamelessly watching the slaughter of mankind

Moving forward in darkness, becoming so very blind

Finding only the path that they want us to find

Sleeping in forgetfulness, teasing our mind

Marching into war, bullets wihout anything inside

On the battlefields of despair with nowhere to hide

Mourning of the ancients, the earth opens wide

As darkness turns to light, futures will collide


Dead to Rights

"The State of the Union"

Dead to rights, lost like a clown without his circus and arcade

A country now living with all the lies and promises that were made

Democracy bows its head and slowly slips into the night

And the powers of this country laugh and leave us all, dead to rights

What once was great now is gone, never to return

There aren't any more of those truths, that as a child we had to learn

A new world order is the resounding cry, just hold on things are soon to change

They can't fool us anymore with words, that they try to deceitfully rearrange

From the grasslands to the cities, the time is slowly growing nigh

Hoping that we will close our eyes and let our rights just pass on by

They think we will just lay down and lick our wounds and dry our eyes

But now the time has come, cause "we the people" finally realize

To become who we desire to be, will come at such a price

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