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Quill and Ink

Poems by Keith R. Rees

© 2007, 2018 by Keith R. Rees.

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First Edition – 2007 Publish America, LLLP – Baltimore (out of print)

Second Edition – 2018 Lulu Press, Inc.

For my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary

Quill and Ink

What words will paint this canvas today?

An artisan's solemnity with pictures at a loss

The motionless quill

Ink well gone dry

What will replenish the murky edges?

I of the constant, stand oft to the shore

While the victorious blind

Parade inebriated and unawares.

Hast thou lifted up the fool?

All the while the astute beast

Crouches steadily with guarded glee

And chants that Black Tuesday

Was the brigand's score as well.

What may pounce on this earth?

Hidden but true

True to the last inkling of the conversant

Who has paid to have vision

Who has gratitude for wisdom

And who would gladly offer peace

To brethren of any shore.

The artisan stops to see the canvas is yet still alive

With color and vibrancy.

Quill is dipped into abundant ink

To paint once more the words

That can never escape.

A Burning Flame

There's a lady on the shore

Who stands firm and tall

Watching all of the trees in the sea breeze.

There's a fire in the sand

That burns and fights the wind

And it serves as the light for her brethren.

All the souls who have longed for those who are lost

May they find that one peace they are lacking.

In the fire by the shore, there's a flame that does burn

In the hearts of the brave in the battle.

As the lady walks the shore

By the crashing waves alone

Thinks that time can only ease her with answers.

And the fire in the breeze, sends smoke up to the trees

And shall burn eternally and thereafter.

The Bud of a Rose

What can you see in the bud of a rose?

Early in the morning, walking through the forest, just

before sunrise,

I search for the signs of spring.

Old leaves, from the fall, still cover my way.

The cool morning air is crisp and fresh, giving rise to the

slumbering trees.

As I make my way, ducking under dew-covered branches,

I see a clearing ahead.

Sunrise beckons over my shoulder, as I reach the open

space, so fresh, so new.

There she is, in the middle, rising up to greet the sun, a

single rose bush.

Then I see it, surrounded by an army of protective thorns.

The first sign of spring!

One small pink rose.

Waiting to come out to end her long sleep.

What can you see in the bud of a rose?

The beauty of nature and the color of spring

And the feeling of her love over every living thing.

the archer's design

once upon love that is designed

in pantheon halls and arrows aligned

Shape of a beauty infused so alive

pools of affection that i now must dive

dizzily twirling through the breezes

only to find that i

am the one beclouding all my peace of mind

this archer is a visionaire

hold my heart, my love so divine

spirit in flesh, woman of kind

my heart is plainly for you, art thou mine

soothe me in the dust of neverending time

feel the breeze

love is so inducing

as we sip the wine

the taste is so languid

fall from the grace of the vine

i'm the fool for losing

make not the music

the prudency will surely hear

once upon all that is left again

faces of such invade thee in the end

canvas the feelings in a stroke of time

tumble the trusses of loves left behind

in the breeze

the thoughts do move slowly

over the names that were thine

now of all times we do lose them

like pushing pieces aside

have me fall for you

so good the teasing eye lash flutters

Big Storm

The forger of his own fate has disappeared.

One swift blow from the Master's tear

And he was gone.

There's no surprises here.

Is that a butterfly flying down from above skies?

He can't remember lies.

Nor put on disguises.

No fooling anyone here now.

Big storm has calmed the sea.

She rests and rescued me.

Somehow He helped me see.

No other time revealing.

No, this was always meant to be.

Here there, we're everywhere.

You, me, and us, and we.

No one could ever forge this.

No, it could only be from He.

Goodnight my love tonight.

Sleep sound and hold me now.

Peace, love, watch from the clouds.

Absolutely no surprises here.


traveling on a train to nowhere

halfway down the line

leaning rock awaits there

somewhere in time

we missed the train station

because of dull conversations

cashed in the hours we've wasted

on sentiments and wine

the cheap kind

we rolled along

through concrete jungles and the lie

that the whole world's a fortune

when the king is in check

we all try to ignore it

play the pawn just like a fool

little things can be so cruel

through these talks

and odd town names

we come to know

other viewpoints and ways

and who is to say

if egos will claim

that it was just the wine

that made us the same

Swept Away

Easing along with the breeze.

Dark hair does cover her eyes.

Alone in the boat and the sea.

Treasure the things that keep me swept away.

She is the face that I long to see,

And see her there by herself waiting to take me there.

I raise up to you.

All my love for you.

Eyes alone on you.

Here is not the end. Begin.

Ride along with you.

All my love for you.

Eyes of all so true.

Easy enough to be plain. Wade in the sea by and by.

Anchored the boat in the sea.

Embrace of her arms keeps me swept away.

To do this again, I won't hesitate.

To meet you there by yourself chained to faith with care.

Brown Eyes

As I stare at the dusk sky

With brilliant hues of purple on high

I remember a line that was cast to lasso a star

In hopes that an angel would call from near or afar.

Then one day, from out of nowhere

An answer of surprise, she was actually there.

Intrigued I was, of this girl by the sea

After days upon days, I could see she was like me.

So I set out to meet her on a wing and a prayer

She had deep brown eyes and beautiful auburn hair.

She showed me her home and places all around

Then assured me of other times that more will be found.

So returned with a smile stretched across my face

And thanked the Good Lord for leading me to this place.

Now I know I have something precious, perhaps I can keep.

Until then I will dream of the next day

I will see her brown eyes, so deep.

delivered by an angel

tiny boy standing next to a matron

she stands expressionless clutching the boy's hand

waiting for the 7:04 to arrive

little does he know

before the days grow cold

he'll be living in a far off land

learning to sew the seeds of what could not be grown.

oblivious to the cruelty of the world's

cold indifference

kicking stones onto the gravely tracks

occasionally smiling up at his deliverer

still clutching her hand

and in the other hand, a bag

containing a note

with the scribbled words of the matron,

"Watch over this boy, dearest Angel."

with sobs and a tear in his eye,

she lifts him up the steps

kissing his forehead goodbye

train whistles and slowly pulls him away

starting him off on a journey

a journey granted by the loving Lord's hand

and the unconditional love of a simple farm woman.

Rainy Days

Rainy days make you stop and think.

Staring out the window as you watch the rain

Dripping from the leaves.

In the distance, a red umbrella goes by

Across the soggy path.

Birds sing as they shower in the crisp morning

All the while wondering, where is my love today?

I think of her smile and her laugh.

The feel of the back of her neck

When my lips are pressed against hers.

Oh, the swelling of my heart when I'm in her arms!

I catch myself smiling at my reflection in the window.

Burdens could weigh heavy in these times

But not on this mind.

Nothing could hold down the happiness I have found.

She fills my heart with her ever being

And steals it away in each embrace

Then fills it back up again with every kiss.

I surrender the keys to my heart

For she is the owner.

It's a rainy day, but the rain drips like sweet honey

On the tip of my tongue.

Nothing can cloud this cloudy day,

Because I am in love

And the sun shines brightly in my heart, just for her.

Because she is my heart

And my love for her will forever be.


Wake from your sleep. Wake up, look at the view.

I feel a new sensation, it's coming over me.

There's nothing better than April dew.

Makes life forever

Watch the plain as it's taken over by anew.

Bright colors across the landscape.

Thirty shades of green mingle with the bluebonnets.

Bees dance from vine to vine, bud to bud.

A dance of celebration and purity.

It's springtime again and the air is light.

Orange paints the brush of a wildflower,

As they sway in the breeze.

Dripping leaves bring cool music to the critters down below.

Oh yes! Spring is here! I take in a deep breath of fresh air.

Sun shines brightly from the vast blue stage.

It warms my face, takes the cold from this place.

The new butterfly flutters to a branch.

A flap of a wing as a blink of an eye.

A smile appears from slumber and sets on my face.

What a beautiful day this is.

I am awake in the best time of year.


They're heading down to another grind

They're right outside in a bear-black Ford.

The useless sigh with a forever-cry

Stands beside all the pain of my soul.

May the kingdom crowns

Be forever gold.

Running down the streets

Because you were lost inside the sheets

Now you find your way

You can find the true

Meaning for thee.

Summer, old and ripe now.

People taste the change.

Your head's on fire and your lips are dry.

You step outside of a bear-black Ford.

May the king of clowns

Be right at your door.

Funny how it seems

You're drowned out by the screams

You say it's sad that way

But you find the truth

Of she and me.

May we start?


Heart of stone. Tried to warn you.

I'm standing in the hall, leaning against the wall.

Not alone, tried to teach you.

You're leaving in the car, don't go far.

Well, if I may inquire,

What do you think of fall?

Does it all remind you that things are yet to come?

I want to know.

I want your hold.

Total recall, all in your mind to greet you.

Remember all the scars, spinning around as stars.

No phone calls, when I try to reach you.

Crashing into walls, and rolling down the halls.

Well, it's a strange desire.

When you think of the fall.

Yet it all reminds you, that things are inevitable.

I feel the cold.

I need your hold.


Hey there, way down stream.

Nothing, you mean to me.

Wake up, you're next to me.

The fall's gone, a winter is sailing in.

Hey there, in my dream.

Something, you mean to me.

Wake up, you're next to me.

When all's gone and a chill is setting in.

Feeling, a shade pale.

Nothing seems real to me.

You're out there. If you feel, please reel me in.

Feeling, the cold shale.

Shaky, but standing still.

In my armchair, I suppose I'm settling in.

Hey there, way down stream.

Something, you mean to me.

Season of All

What comforts man? What is from man?


Wo meaning "of" or "from" man.

Man meaning "human" or "image."

Made in the image of God.

Therefore, from man, God created woman.

Flesh of our flesh,

Bone of our bone.

Man leaves his Mother and Father

To be with his wife.

Then they two, become one.

Simple as that.

Rain, snow, sun, or moon.

Winds of the tempest, to the

Chill of the blizzard.

Calm waves of tranquility, to the

Scorching dryness of the desert.

We are one with nature.

In the seasons of all

Under God and His loving Son

And the Holy Spirit.

We are God's family.

We shall live in peace.


walking along the cobbled paths

of an Alsatian hamlet

i ponder a mural

on the wall of the old bakery

painted by a lonely artisan

who had once courted his lost love

alongside the Medina

as she teased him with wine and grapes.

he painted a broad picture

of the old country

with flowing fields of hops

and barley for the local brewery

that distilled the signature amber.

the rustic town spire

still stretched to meet the heavens

whilst the cracked bell

left it silently wise.

dirt cart paths winded their way

between the antiquated chalet's

and the goat herds

that tended themselves.

and meadowlarks sang with full hearts

to any fencepost that attended

or a mate who could hear

his calls for her wing-spread sunshine.

tranquility of a faded time gave life to a soul

and the tip of a fresh paintbrush.


Walking to an ocean, hold onto my hand.

Your laughter is my future, right across the stream.

We were looking for the love birds

They appear before our eyes.

I know it's not like paradise

But I sure feel you're hold.

We were meant to grow

I will love you tonight

Oh, it's so right in paradise.

Love is no illusion,

I see you in my dreams.

Can tell there's no confusion,

You're eyes are like sunbeams.

You could light up all God's world.

Just open up your eyes.

I know it's not like paradise

Even if we feel the cold.

We'll be together old.

You're the love of my life

Oh, it's so right in paradise.

Somewhere back just a couple of miles

Where the hummingbirds nest,

They sit and smile.

They love a brand new day

And the kids come out to play.

Somewhere in the back of your mind

There's a poet singing to this same old line.

You'll know there will be a day

It will be this way.

Monarch Butterflies

Sleep has returned to elude me once again.

This insomniac pattern would seem madness to some.

But not I.

Being fully awake is God's blessing upon me.

These are my best days

When I spend all my hours in constant amazement.

The monarch butterflies are here, only in few,

But how beautiful they are!

One can't help but stop for a moment and enjoy

Their dance of flight in the warm fall afternoon sun.

One, yesterday, fluttered about the grass and

Flower beds, not to mention around my head,

In a wave of joy.

He was just as happy to see me as I to see him.

Ah, the journeys all creatures take!

I do feel the weariness now, but it's only temporary.

I thank the Good Lord for this gift and for

All the gifts He has bestowed upon me.

My greed wishes to be fully awake all the time,

But reason envelops greed,

Not to mention many other things.

Thank God for that.

the puppy and the rabbit

my little puppy dog was lost

he chased a little girl's rabbit

down a hole

he never came back

then i tripped on a log

but still i searched and i searched

i never saw my little puppy dog again

the rabbit belonged to a girl

she liked to feed him carrots

and stroke his fur

the puppy wanted to play

but her rabbit ran away

until he found a little hole

where his sweetie pie stayed

the girl didn't understand

that rabbits need someone too

just like my puppy dog

who also flew the coup

but still to this day

i stay up way past ten

just to see that little girl smile at me again

i search and i search

but i know in my heart

that rabbit's not coming back

he's got his own family to start

and neither is my puppy dog

he just loves to play

with all the little bunnies

every bright sunny day

Center Stage

There's a salty trace running down my face.

The poet's side, next to the guardians place.

There was nothing I could say or do.

Just sit and cry. A prayer from me to you.

We had never met a friend before

'Til she walked in from the meadow door.

She could write just like a sage at night

Pen streaking the skies, collecting stars so bright.

Then she put lightly her pen to page.

The greatest name is taking center stage.

I will always look straight up to you

My poet friend, Joyce.

Yes, we all love you.

I stayed up thinking about you all night long

'Til my thoughts became dreams of things I can't recall.

Still I remember seeing the news last night

My dear friend is having to put up a thankless fight.

She will make it through and yes her leg will to.

Keep on praying for you

I wish to see you true

Standing happily upon your shore

Waving, smiling, enjoying all of God's grandeur.

With a salty trace upon your face

Next to the poet's side of the guardians place.

It's Groundhog Time

It's been a long time

Since we had a good time

To just think about all the times

That we used to have.

Still I don't remember setting fires,

Frying hot dogs in the afternoon.

Swimming until the light gives way to the moon.

Love the day when it's Groundhog time.

I've watched your shadow across the wall, now.

Just about every night, you walk in your sleep

And you slam the walls because it's not in sight.

Still the fire, is burning in the heart of the afternoon.

Swimming in the dark under a pale-white moon.

Love the day when it's Groundhog time.

I'm stuck out here now,

Watching the wind blow

All the trees down.

It hasn't stopped now for a year or so.

Still I can't remember

Douse the fire, it's time to hit the road

In the light of the moon.

Dreaming about the days in the afternoon.

Love the day when it's Groundhog time.

Night on the Town

Looks like its perfect weather. Before the night is on.

I'm searching for my love. I go over.

I wait outside her window. Pretty silhouette screen.

First look, she knocks me out. Come on over.

Let's go sweetheart…

Taste crisp the air outside. Tonight we're in the city.

I'm touched by rusty rose, on my shoulder.

She looks me in the eye, come on and show the world.

We danced up fire and ice, drawn asunder.

We took the train uptown. Had a taste of champagne.

Tipped up the glass to heights, undiscovered.

Blues master played a song. Dedication lady.

Tuned up for moving on, it's not over.

Let's go sweetheart…

Last train to the end of town. Walked to the seashore.

Waves crashing on the sands and our shoulders.

Seems like we rust together. Never need to worry.

Sun rises on a love, looking over.

Sometimes I find myself in a slumber.

She wakes me up. Let's go out tonight.

Rusty Rose

I liked the way her hand looked in my hand.

Her appearance was discovered.

The feeling of this vision alone can't compare to her beauty, yes.

The ending of my struggle, this searching for love.

Pinned the rusty rose that God created.

The iris of her eyes are always shaded.

She turned and kissed me, thanked me for her elation.

Then they stated, as she took my arm, "All board."

I liked the way she looked beside my hand.

Presence of a comfort, we charted for love.

Raise the glass of pale champagne, m'lady.

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