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  • Speaking the Unspeakable

  • Depression and Confession

  • What’s it mean?

  • Science of People

  • Rationalizing Pure Confusion

  • Stimulating Mature Motivation

  • Conversations and Relations

  • Inspirations are Influences

  • Art Creates Art

  • Time Never Stops


This book is written to work as an informant and/or support system for everyone. Everyone is living but, things in life prevent us from truly living. What does it mean to live to you? Do you consider yourself to be completely living? It takes precious time to achieve the happiness, health, and success that we aim for. To be completely honest, a lot of things are superficial in a way. I do not have life fully figured out … but, so far, I have created many philosophies. Just come think with me, explore my mind and your own. Unlock the unknown…


Read with an open mind. You are not going to agree with everything written in this book. If that is the case then that’s fine, but read each entire chapter thoroughly before deciding. This book will make you think a lot, which is on purpose. Just be prepared to have somethings you believe challenged.

About the book process:

When creating this book, the agenda was clear. Strange events in my life kept taking place so I decided to record everything down in my notes app. I feel like everything happens for a reason so I wanted to think about why these events were taking place. I have always been a person to analyze and think about random things, so I wanted to decipher what many aspects in life means. I have figured out a lot, picking through my brain but there’s still so much more to explore.


I only ask that you interact with me. When I ask a question in this book, answer it. Write down your response and share it with me. Throughout the book, I use many examples from psychology and the word “mind”, repeatedly so I cannot hide that mental processes, interests me. I will leave open spaces and diagrams throughout the book, use them. We are figuring out what things mean together and I am curious to see, what you think.


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Depression and Confession

When the things you love don’t seem to console you anymore. Just sitting, confused and can’t be inspired. You’re so tired and you don’t know what to do. This process, you did not choose. Depression is more than just a feeling. It is way more, than just a state of mind. Depression drains you while it drags out the time. No matter, how hard you try, nothing seems to work. You try to cry, try to distract… try to analyze recent events because perhaps, they will connect to a simple reason. A reason of why, why I am I depressed? Most people are ashamed of their depression because it is not simply explained. No, a depressed person is not crazy or any less. Depression is complex. It can be described as a mental strain that strains out your energy. There are times when you can find the cause and others that never make sense. The best thing to do is support the depressed. Always respect a person’s wishes, especially when they are not themselves. It is nearly impossible to stop being depressed when you do not feel like doing anything. Nothing seems to make you laugh or smile. But, wait… depressed people occasionally smile. Okay, you got my there. Yes, they can be temporarily distracted or even pretend. A person who is a prisoner of their own mind, own feelings, will try to escape. Until they do or until they can, they want their space. You just want to be left alone but more importantly, answers. Why am I so depressed? Where did this come from? When will this end? Every single time, you wonder the same thing. Is this normal? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy? But, what is happy? To want what you don’t understand does not make sense. To be happy seems superficial, if you ask me. There is never a full 100%, but then again, maybe that’s my depressed mindset. Life is a rollercoaster, various twists and turns. So, just because there is no 100% does not mean you cannot be close, to it. But, we are humans on earth so let’s be realistic. Just steady fighting a recurring battle. You begin to feel like you’re in a time loop. Ironically, it feels like you’re wasting your time even though, time feels slower than usual. Usually, you do what you love, like a hobby when you’re bored. Some form of entertainment that always seems to keep you busy and keeps your mind stimulated. With depression, your mind just remains distracted by those thoughts, those badgering questions. Thinking and overthinking, taking up any energy left, for you to seek entertainment. The mindset, the condition of your feelings … cannot be explained so easily. What’s wrong? “I don’t know”, WE say.

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