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Riveted petition of lucrative grinding

A float with unsold copies of headlong erstwhile furiosity

purporting a kaput of dark presidency

a ward off abomination

enveloped in a cloud of controversy – ies

like swirled greyhounds of the sea smiling proudly to the street

that rimmed the tied up carnage of desire wishes willfulness

and that of great expectations

reeling in laughter at the moustache lounge

is it the federal executive council and the veto seat

or birdman nest a boarded ship

perhaps it is a ship to the America

slanting ashore with the current waves

on the dock freight warding

cajoling the theistic entity.


Stiffly and stiffened

as in thought and intuition

a better nodding that walk pass the loudness of whispers

of waistcoast shruggedness

amasing like a roster of uncanny face

in a beard of graying stubble

aglue to chlorophyll like amoeba and euglena of double jeopardy

as laid eyes of firm and established persuasion

frivolously lighthearted as delicate singsongs

of soft waves lacy petticoat

as marshes in broken valises

with noting in view

ourselves a profit of persisted kisses

that copied culture of excitement

all in awe of effigy thrives

marching pass statues in display

of carved stoned and tree trunks

and it matters not what a man believes.


Such pride slowly and deliberately bites

sipped into breaths of compliments

as lips is to hymns as cavier is to eggs

ugh! refinement of his language

makes the message uglier

senile and something exceptional to the deceit

a marriage of casted votes and terrible disgust

euphemisms of downtown belongings

crazily as simons of ne plus ultra


Could think of starvation

clutched unconscious chest

of unattractive brogue who catered

merrily merrily in tired hostilities

but when acts appear suggesting vanishes

digesting groins of homestead egoed sponsored pleading

“abeg let us run the show

delaying the eldorado

in shanties and mud thatch spinks”

the spin goes on asundering the fame

with claims of flimsy faithfulness

so cling and swing

with carbonized food of the soul

that innately grows glory

I chant as the drummer boy.

of oaklahoma municipality


Twisted manovring chauf in resentless hopping

will it satisfy the desire of unquenching thirst

loathes in the glut of frantic divide

a fresh tea of benevolent king

as shambles of earnest ounce

a way out of the, a crawl

with phobia of abstinence

in a particular euphoria

being and time of rowdy nuisance and snizzes.

up front and impromptu

democracy take away from us more it give to us

we the negritude of Africa.


Grief – strickened brisk and quick

at the ritual of shoveling dirt over the casket

oh! the casket

ugh, casket of growing senile

perhaps as a whispers

from the angel of chuckling services

seated in someone happy reserved

he who bake and sew an acted button

on a shirt gesturing

with tenderly clasping wrist

blowing ram’s horn

saying I am the godfather

I am the godfather

the election has come and go

it snaps like a fish at a piece of bait


Ah yes...................

jumping at the uncorking of the bottles

grinning patience and smartest of men

with mankind in one quick gulp

they that sees the eyes of the pennies

like dishrag………………..

a hand wave, does it make a bully?

a burling bully

white-chalk and pleases

does a hand wave make a bulling

a jewel out of yet pittance

often than not, but more not

as a servant of confederated glory

trimming scraped of comes easy

night meal in grandeur

a real worth of it past

when glasses made a toast

broken and scarred


(dedicated to economic and financial crime commission, efcc)

Package of union halt

roared in stamping quietness

like hoof beats of a hundred horses

in a stopping sneer

thank you beloved of troubles factory

doves with eagerness who watch

at the missing bills and table marred

like an old widower

whose tragedy knows no end

my country in happy misery

flat like lost sheep’s

in search of administration gait

eating their cake-

e pluribus Unum to the Americas and west

and the less readily to leave

to the demand of squalor-


The one of evening after super

itemizing college of capabilities

threw till dawn of arrange feelings

as a rubber gum of wild mildness

so empty across feelings of imageries-

in the assembly

we come clear of important things

the spins are not doing a good job

of selling a dome

up in a cart of whisper

it would be crazy as it kept it

shadows in a laughing spur

curious and frighteningly sour

shutting out the light-

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