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New Spring

(A collection of 5 poems works written by me)

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The Journey of Strasita: a poem cum play

New Spring

The Poem of Life


क्या हुआ अगर

End Matter


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The Journey of Strasita: a poem cum play

I= Strasita a fictional character pronounced= a as in father I is e as in eat (straasetaa)

Part 1: the letter

From Strasita

All my dear

Brothers and sisters

Mothers and fathers

Childrens and mes

I am going to find heavens

And it will take long

You all please don’t worry

I will be back soon still

Fit and fine

If you want any presents

From there write it and

Please reply

Take care

Not enough time

Need to pack


Yours lovingly Strasita

Part 2: the reply

From your

Mothers and fathers

Brothers and sisters

Your childrens and yous

We are all fine here

So you take care

Just come back soon

We need no proof

Dear Strasita you must know

Your fathers have died

And your childrens have cried

So you must come back soon

As they need


Part3: the preparations

Unaware of the news

Strasita started preparing soon

He was in a hurry

But had no worries

So he prepared a cart

With lots of water and food

And a 100 yen to complete his

World tour

The cart was not too big but not too small

But was the right size for our Strasita

To fit in

He put some lubricant on

The old cart

To keep it going

And off

Our Strasita went

In a hurry to reach heavens

He was so exited

That he forgot his lucky charm

And a lucky hat

And just after he was off

The reply reached in the mailbox’s door

Part 4: the journey

As the journey began

He asked many people

The way to heavens

They thought he was crazy

And so laughed and giggled

He travelled different lands

In search for heavens

But nothing he found like heavens anywhere

He went to Dubai

To china

To Singapore

But heavens was nowhere what would he do

He travelled the seven seas

And seven continents

But at one place luckily

Survived a terrorist attack

Now Strasita was sad

His journey had failed

Now what would he do

Heavens was no where

Part 5: the conclusion

So unsatisfied he returned home

There was an unforgettable fragrance

An unbroken flavour

Now Strasita knew that only

Home was heavens

No food better than home

No love better than family

No respect better than home country’s respect

He understood everything

And rushed to his house

The letter soaked

By the sad man’s tears

But now he would handle everything

As he will go back

To family

Go back to Japan

And live forever in heavens

There’s no going back

There is no falling apart.

The end

New Spring

Have you ever seen a bird without wings?

That’s us

Everyone is a bird without wings

In the season of autumn

Only one tree stood tall

Waiting for new spring to come

But it never came

The flowers sang for new leaves to bloom

But they were all blown by the wind

Before the song was finished

Now every tree followed waiting for new spring to come

It came and hugged only the chosen one

The tree that stood tall first

When thorns hurt you walk on flowers


When flowers hurt you smell them

The more you swat a fly

The more it will come back

Hoping for love

The chirping of birds

In the morning is sweeter then the sweetest

If god has created it?

Then why we are searching for him?

We learned whistling from birds

And martial arts

From animals

But the way it was meant to be used it is the other way around

We have come a long way

Learning from nature

Every fruit eaten tells

Us that there is happiness in sorrow

We have a long way to go

But nothing can be better then


And it never will be

But we will be ants


Keep trying


When will new flowers bloom?

When will new spring come?

The poem of life

हम चलते हैं राहो पर

मंज़िले आसान नहीं

जो करते हैं मेहनत उनके लिए मुश्किलें बाधा नहीं

शेर कितना भी बुड्ढा हो जाये

शेर ही कहलाता है

और इंसान का डर एक बार निकल जाये

वो लौट के फिर नहीं आता है

जो सच की राह पर चलते हैं वो कायर नहीं

जो भागते हैं इससे वो निडर नहीं

जिन्हे करना होता है काम उन्हें समय का इंतज़ार नहीं

और जो करते हैं अच्छे काम वो किसीसे डरते नहीं

जो हवाओ से हिल जाए वो तुफानो से भिड़ते नहीं

जो चटानो से भी टकरा जाए वो पत्थरों को गिनते नहीं

हम चलते हैं राहो पर

मंज़िले आसान नहीं

जो करते हैं मेहनत उनके लिए मुश्किलें बाधा नहीं

जो करते हैं मेहनत उनके लिए मुश्किलें बाधा नहीं

मुश्किलें बाधा नहीं


Though all the best features a touch screen book might have

A physical book will always be a reader’s best friend

The turning of pages by hand

Gives a different feeling of what’s next?

Even when not in use

Looks like work of art on your shelves

Then sleeping with the hardcover/paperback

Open on your head

Mesmerizing it in your dreams

Even nightmares

Then your sweetheart comes and takes it off your head

The moment you want to freeze

It never ends

Touch screen v/s physical

Physical books always win

क्या हुआ अगर

क्या हुआ अगर

रस्ता भूल गए तो

(याद आ जाएगा)

क्या हुआ अगर

घर नहीं पोहोचे तो

क्या हुआ अगर

सपनो के बादल टूट गए तो

(हो सकता है उनमे से हकीकत की बारिश हो)

तो भूल जाओ

क्या हुआ अगर

याद नहीं आया तो

क्या हुआ अगर

पैसे खत्म हो गए तो

(वेतन आ जाएगा)

क्या हुआ अगर

खाना खत्म हो गया तो

(पानी आ जाएगा)

क्या हुआ अगर

यह कविता खत्म न हुई तो

(चलती रहेगी)

क्या हुआ अगर

परेशानी खत्म न हुई तो

(तरीका आ जाएगा)

इस अगर मगर भरी ज़िन्दगी में

क्या हुआ अगर

थोड़ा सा वक़्त निकाल लिया तो


क्या हुआ अगर

जी लिया तो

क्या हुआ



I want to thank my readers who download my book, which encourages me to write more, my parents, who have always given me positive motivation towards writing. Thank you all for all your support.

About the Author

The author is currently a student whose main genre is poetry and fiction, but can also write articles, plays etc. the author has interests in trying new kind of foods, watching movies in cinema, and listening to songs that are in foreign languages.

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