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Confessions of a Non-Political Man

by Michael Buergermeister

Copyright 2018 Michael Buergermeister

Smashwords Edition


i walked into the sacred city

with a haughty demeanor

a pleasingly musical speech

and hymned elegiac lines

of how

walt whitman

sent good vibes

mornings and evenings

to streets under trees

and how

dunce the second


dunce the first

in an idiot sandwich

short and sweet

elle va bientot avoir le redoutable privilege

d'etre la premiere agent

gott bestraft die oesterreicher

qu'en pensez-vous?


du schwein

braunen schwall

apologia di fascismo

he doesn't see my secret glance

what thoughts do I have of you tonight?

are you my angel?

garcia lorca

mighty father

smithfield muse

son of chaos and eternal light

fanfare unidimensionnelle

on a deja trouve le moyen

je suis curieux

am i the only one who felt the earthquake?

am i the only one who looked up at the moon?

some god got hold of me

in vain i cried and cursed

a world of bald white days

sizzled in blue volts

the night snapped out of sight

i banged down the ward with

names stacked on a list

and held the eel of science by the tail

dullness, jove, and fate

a desert prophet of

saturnian age

an age of


an age

of lead

brought misery

knocking at my door

pallas issued from the thunderer's head

and ruled, in native anarchy, my mind

laborious, heavy, blind

gross was her sire

a vulturous boredom

the strangest sea

hungry fatigue

perched on my soul

dean, drapier, bickerstaff, or gulliver

underfed, unwashed, hair crawling

a lot of regrets, but i don't care

cervantes bade britannia sleep

a shameless fair idiot

condemned history

and kindled the lamp of love

supermarket of

cultural annihilation

deliberate disappearance

busy, bold

dullness never dies

an opportunity to

meet in an elevator

laughing and shaking in rabelais'

easy chair magnifying mankind

or praising the court

the penumbra of roots

the chillest land

praying to all the gods and high powers

born in operatic atmosphere

a goddess expressed her dream

la costituzione italiana

disposizione transitoria

human contingencies

lost america

gratitude and humility

kept so many warm

salvation was once real

fate in her dotage shops for images

sings tunes down open corridors

demonstrates her presence

sa propre image

la cire molle


copper chains unbind

brainless brothers

old empires disappear

in wild winds

the caves of poverty and poetry 

conceal the vulgar eye

the black waters of lethe

howl in chaos

dying is an art

lucifer is weary

of dark, deep annihilation

the slow conformity of the mind

the death of the spirit

the curse of the soul

each decade scorches to the root

breath that blows cold

don't be afraid to suffer


wind of violence

a cake of soap

my sour breath

my knees

my heart of stone

all gestures

that will last


word or touch

unwrap my hand

o blessed one

poetic feet

i turn and burn


nature's stage

my body and its bones

all fall lame

shapes and fires

let not the hours pass by in the dark

tremble and part

solitary vocation

stacks of candles

heavy the earth's own weight

two roads diverge

even the small trees

suffer the atrocity of sunsets

beyond a black recess

a roll of


a circle of light is marked by fire


the king of syracuse

amphitryon's son

now diminished and flat

crawls by slowly

yet still glories in zeus' descent


with body divine

occasionally he dances wildly 

in his native night

he sacrifices oxen

with the fruits of dull heat

is purified by the flames

yet remains terrified

of the dark blood



charon pulls his ferry

by the merciless moon

his fear nerve dead

easy prey to

demagogic tricks

in a political landscape

die mentalitaet der oesterreicher ist

wie ein punschkrapfen

voici un point de vue

it's never boring no matter

how often one comes back

sharing our passion

for different homes

for exquisite shows

armenia is a fascinating place

a fore-post to our performance

in gorky park

i am lucky to have visited baku

where the ancients built ladas

for emotional reasons

and where charon parachuted onto glaciers

together with luftwaffe pilots

jewish escapees, polish deserters

and world-class convicts

coup de theatre

les marionnettes-esclaves sans talent

sometimes it snows in april


museums have shaped my life

tragedy and comedy

farce and epic

a jumbled race

peaceably forgets

chillon castle

bloods and crips

children of deep-girdled leda

could troy be saved by a single hand?

connections to our favorite galleries

institutional ambition

ever tighter

thus the tale of the queenly

daughters of kadmos

who hunger and thirst for scribbling sake

eclectic group of desperados

old masters

working on thumping

we always get over jetlag

on the day of the dance

and immediately fill with sound

quantitative spin

in constraint of wrath

blasphemy of the gods


the army wanted us to go on some ambush

ignorieren wir saemtliche probleme

the striver washes away the effort of striving

rome's ancient geese

the vibrancy of the local collector

das haette fritz gefallen

a beautiful cultural icon

flesh of our body

with wealth sent from a god

works damned, or to be damned

diese selbstgefaelligkeit

diese moralische selbstueberhoehung

diese selbstzweifelsfreie gewaltsprache

sun's child

far from olympia

robs us of all our glories

i am inhibited by a cry

who says that all must vanish?

water is best of all blessings


our days of quiet; stream upon stream of

nazi lampshades, bloody swords and maces

our days are excellent

delights mixed with labor

four guardian virtues

forgetfulness, lack of desire

emptiness, fellowship

she bore him seven sons

lords of the guitar, blazing in valor

recording through the night

sleeping for an hour or two

in their cars

hisses, blows

trash poked and stirred

flesh, bone

seven corpse-fires burn to the end


the craziest person I ever met

was an australian vicar

who set fire to a river

son of tantalos

fleeting destiny of man's race

there is nothing but

huge sacrifice

the dice damn my fate

fierce champion of fortitude

i once knew no fear

when klotho lifts me out of a clean cauldron

some daemon will steal my pen

once proud, honored, excited

once driven by a god

indomitable man

loud thunder and a brutal attack

betrayed me into common sense

when ganymede came

with unsullied blessings

speed matched with speed

he proved

a great tamer of the human heart


alkmana's bastard brother

eyed his scars

crimson dyed garlands

life's blossoming

grief unendurable

as simple as a man putting on

his spoils of warfare

thirteen sailors he has killed

giving new perspective to his life

that's why all the jewish boys joined

under the waxing weight of fair things

the darkness pulls

a million filaments of hell

the sound of poisons

perplex mankind

while crucified moliere

can't decipher his own handwriting

on olympos


these are my hands

this my gnawed pen

the new album is done

weird accents in the riff

i have faith in nights

theories resolve art

the grave cave

my tomb throngs

artemis and the destinies

speakers of evil

with lifted scale

the night as black as stone


the frippery of hippodameia

glorious daughter of a pisan king

melts to a shriek

her radiance due to

radical surgery

the hands of a fool

support her throne

pleased with her madness

her folly frenzy

neon fruit kills, kills, kills

she scares me


bad dreams possess me

like madness with wings

tears that aren't mine

my face featureless

with the kindly guidance of

harry burroughs

i vanish in a day

the city has its part in happiness

mystic words, the sacred opium

sold by the heroic state

cobbs does incredible work

i visit my favorite museum

a bit of blood with gold she weighs

artistic concept of a baby elephant

fit for pluto's son

unleashed upon the world

earth folds me under

the creeping dirt

lovely distress

of a noble wit


tirynthian arch-founder

sweet deliverance after

the bitterness of misfortune

vampire living on a hill

tender buddha

eye of god

in supernatural darkness

graybeard father

jazz incarnation

harlequin suicide

there are fewer children now

in humorless protest

mixing and mastering


breaking the strength of oinomaos

radio of hypnotism

syntax and measure

tremble together

the palace of crowned kings

egyptian temple

scenes of




congress of sorrows

the daughters of nereus

inherit chernobyl's plumes of fission

stately sacrifice

the third eye

the seat of consciousness

knowledge is power


if the great end be human happiness 

can man do less?

tremblingly alive

salvation and light

breathing my native air

a miracle that knocks me out

pure space, timeless, eternal

angel, flying peacock

don’t rush back to the sky

stay long
among the people

of tay ninh city

no power of body or soul share

the voice of your eyes

no falsehood avowed in

careless mirth

incapable of knowledge

the blameless god


rome or greece

accomplishments without venture

houston seeks jazz

drained of blood

clouds perish

while i play piano in a quartet

baring my brains to heaven

in a desert, withered and burned

darkness has no need

of dead heavens

cruel, being barren

sphinx of cement


sicily, rich in flocks

gold columns under the portico wall

the privileged get an education

in waking nightmares

studies prove

the strong toil of the spirit

homer simpson is mere skin and bone

and voices nothing

confucius, buddha, joan of arc

run through streets

protesting tobacco and narcotics

and blunder into washing lines

chernobyl and fukushima




a corpse back on the trail

the ways of the gods to man


unshaven angels

are the seeds of the gods

who stagger in natural ecstasy

on tenement roofs

the future never comes

to workers on strike

while financially interested guards

shoot hastily and inaccurately

the ways and customs of business

swindle lost civilizations

while mortals, blind in fate

never see the forces around them

the simplest fools

justify ungodliness

while nymphs endure slavery

good fortune is knowledge of

how to bear misery

how to survive on a dark coast

without the music of the spheres

we float in cosmic dust

our life an accidental joke

we are born but to die

at the imperial feet of fools


reasoning but to err

this hour a slave

the next a deity

drunk hipsters

tempt forbidden fruit

alike in ignorance

chaos of thought and passion

nature deviates between

good and evil

the highest fulfills itself in

the slightest look

betwixt each wide extreme

nights equal days

green myriads

immoral as are all natural things

the clouds open

snow descends

on chernobyl's silent forests

i laugh when i must

and am candid when i may


altar of zeus

destroyed in madness

lost the sun-god's secrets

trees in summer yield shade

heaped in a mass of holy images

gray sea

bitter path of pride

i think too little, or too much

am all confused and play for change

suicidal dramas

darken my cheek

the dust of gold is finer than sand


healing mist

shivering sky

a gold chariot and horse

followed by a crucifixion

benzedrine driven

angels would be gods

divorced he walked the grounds alone

created half to rise and half to fail

in miracles and ecstasies

sole judge

of truth

sand escapes number

everything and nothing said

speechless and intelligent

pulsation of a lighthouse lamp

ticking with impatience

reserved as our contours

we keep in reverence

the mystery of the gods


beloved of pallas

followed in my imagination

i dream of the pure eyes of the gods

the great mother

unstained, untouched

in pride, my error lies

in cruel depths of care

men forget their passions

while hurled in endless error

no one is exempt

from elementary strife

from a life with tears

green-eyed serpents

bountiful feasting-tables

thrilling synth guitar

rigor, sensitivity, musicality

ideological conformity

say nothing about

arbitrary persecution

depressed i wander down blind alleys

burn cigarettes on my arms

the jest, the riddle of the world


in the name of the graces

the jabberwocky of the jukebox

practices psychotherapy on

the three old shrews of fate

the silent sentry

with eyes of flame

hallucinates in vampire fashion

while volcanoes and mountain-torches

attract large crowds eating

dishes of meat

and uncooked herrings

stanzas of gibberish

parched in a skillet

are covered extensively in the press

while third avenue blues

propitiate the heart

still by himself

he's not safe

in the despairing light

counterterror is one way

qualitative eclecticism another

continually drunk on wine

on poetry

he got kicked out

after just three months

winged son of kindly maia

who changed his shape on earth

to human form

he's ready to be named as

kennedy’s avenger

does he terrify?

the nose

the eye pits

the full set of teeth

with his piteous and perpetual moan

his quick desolate cry as he

discreetly scrolls through facebook

a sudden flash of alchemy

dragged into prominence

by half poets

he almost killed himself at school

with radiation from an electric chair

je voulais juste vous dire

the psywar squad set up an ambush

no synagogues are safe

he needs no stone to turn


they say peleus was popular in australia

while alfonso

the follower of little nicholas

was uncertain in the society of olympia

pytho lets earth fly

while mao lurks in comedy

in structure

in language

and laughs when he

faces the joyless region

of the sunless dead

ellen kennedy

the designer

says sometimes literature

is too readily neutralized

too easily incorporated

into ambient noise

cia officer pat mcgarvey

tells seymour hersh

heimat ist nicht ideologisch besetzt

migliaia di persone sono scese in piazza

sabato a berlino

davy byrne orders

curly cabbage

new world pizza

wisdom stones and iodine pills

phoebus dicaro wasn't writing opinion pieces

about some of

the more infamous americans

or culturally illiterate trump supporters


husband of rhea

for whom thinking was

an unnameable urge

unplugged his laptop and

made a threat on twitter

haughty hebrus fell dead

on the shores of a lake

after he uttered one syllable too many


venus, juno, sarah palin

la duchesse de parme

beautiful ladies

all virgins visited by angel powers

who seduce our intellect

with sportswriting

what joys these frail beings give

they are lovely to the last

with glossy locks o'er snowy shoulders

how many adore their moments

of sad grace

and love

their beauty with false love

the heart is conquered

in the silence of a dreamless sleep

nothing perceived in this world equals

the power of their glory


a great fog rises from the ground

a morning dream hovers over our heads

"look, i am an immigrant,"

the footloose democrat-autocrat says

i work for bayer co., general aniline works

agfa ansco, and the

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