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absence of friends value absent ends dawn to dust beginning to end

chasing foundational resonation my structure long since faltered empire of ruins

all I know is renovation rearrange me

never not fluctuating

disengaged drifts how I perfect dissonant rifts kindred spirit atypical myth

don't exist

sojourner how I jam ceased expecting them cast gaze within

don't even bother taking off my hat wasted lives changing colors

recline into absence of false hue no matter who feign all you please to your heart's ill content disavowed from the clowns

don't bother tending to those who graze

wear mystifying indifference on my face day after day paralyze every fearful gaze whilst wading through this maze medusa incarnation insist you desist your slack awed gawking feel your interest

your disgust

follow me through the crowd never align with falsity

artifice my blood soaked enemy

for both our sakes do I prefer our retinas don't lock scanned em down one glance

innate patented unlock

only another vault pillaged and raped obedient spoils of war

fool's gold galore

much rather retire alone in valor

sometimes struck amused but feel these under currents far too deeply hypersensitivity plateau to this peak

my bleeding heart deplete me

stuff it all the way up these sleeves run on the most full tank within me decked out in velour like fuck it

indifference to the petty feel so friendly don't ever give my fucks

feel free try your luck in attempt to steal these shits eat out my cholera

only the means feels like the end

discard myself lead me elsewhere grasp me pull me up again

resigned to this crutchless limp but if I stagger over one unbridled polymerized and bridged

form an anchor to this life and we bonnie and clyde binge til passed the trail's end pour this stifled light over you

permeate beyond all eternity me you us tethered


amiable amoeba myriad enigmatic shiva this yin eloped yang

from loosely tied nous they hang all the way unhinged

my two at disparate ends form this bridge polymerized yet still I binge

fuck that tiphareth shit gorged unilateral zeros

see to it you suffocate on your dinero I loathe your artificial heroes

ain't never whole only hole

chasing my tail chasing freedom over again nauseating infinitum

endless orphic orphan still ain't learned these fuckin lessons catch me sprawled on the street

you can keep all your fucking guesses come take a gander at this fractal yeah yeah

always do

obese dimensions hold no tolerance for you nor these asbestos ridden walls too

it all tints my black with blue no forgiveness for what you do only kill myself with kindness

hatred my preferred artificial heimlich depleted all surplus presence

greatest of all presents

peasants only perpetuate peasants

hyper explicable fate

can't escape in current state baited wraith

dismantled face

scrupulous gaze at hourglass faith clutching at metaphysical crutch lost my ground

called my bluff

mounds of shit dumped upon me responsibility utterly disarming catastrophe all around me

haze seep out from the shade that creeps within

excruciatingly scrutinized my dismal life through this transpersonal lens yet when the fuck does life begin

primordial cage within aboriginal sin

self imposed prisons within veil me from outward clanking cogs internal shouts grow louder

tears and perspiration wash down gun powder uncertainty resuscitate my neuroses

doubt severs all connection succeeded states overthrown rulers

no synthesis in reflection internal democratic demographic my politics lean far radical death left bereft wasting breath

ain't shit left but to perspective check can't see shit

periphery hazy with dread field of vision bathed in red loss of security undercurrents over mind

minute men running rampant on every side slipped

let an insect get in and a whole swarm began fuck

from which crevice did the corrosion begin never not strapped

trigger finger itching begs me just say when

armed with abundance of peasant repellant

six hundred sixty six pentacles fill trunk of my reversed hearse

relegated to fucking rehearse throughout this whole fucking ancestral curse high enchantress shrouded by self rectifying mantras

rigor mortis practice transmuted to dejected devotion far too diffuse throughout this ocean

anchor me down cease all commotion

lap up hyper literate spit I lisp whilst simply takin the piss it's your bliss

I just talk shit

leaden ears fall on all petty bits

converse with fifteen ton transphysical hammers see you all the way enamored

philosophize holstering ballistic puns shadows cast their gaze from primordial son the most dangerous of grace

forgot this embalmed scorched face my presence reflects your disgrace optical stigmata wholly embraced

my a.d. dates back three times all the way to infinity

dulled these ancestral pangs but which one of me's to blame

for this coarse double sided blade flirting with the serene and deranged personified antithesis of this maze I nomad wade

how can't you see I don't exist in the confines of your petty categorization socialization dictates nothing to me

debris skis off me rapidly

on your cue I shit on your ados allergic to every disingenuous rouse refusal to play your games

don't pay you no mind stay in your fucking lane unbroken lines this way no merging signs

set fire to the green on the other side

nothing at all united about these heathen centric nations fearfully pushing anti human indoctrination subjugation to collaged intramural

resembles shit stained conglomerated urinal paint my whole fucking bladder on it

tinted perfect shade and hue

your soul parched don't latch

I'm not the way

I constellate your coordinates and I continue on my way too much exposure and it's quick and rapid decay

why so dismayed at my lack of constant embrace

seek your own internal peace these floors creak at the slightest leak can't take one seat without all these beaks surrounding me

no time don't interrupt cease wasting me can't you fucking see

ascent up my tree of nirvanic ancestry formulating infinity stored deep inside of me actualization of deepest inclinations

my path pervasive lack any compatriot

vengeful baptist relegated to lead ahead whilst ushering up forth the dead take heed

anointed hands beckon you offer up your head estrangement anxiety ceased once deceased these words my eulogy

plain to see you'll never see me transparency my decree

your filthy fucking filters coagulate every glistened inch of my being fuck all the way off

leave me be to rest in peace

resuscitated by love's elation encompassing prod decompressed inflation

heaven sent inspiration downcast mass of burdens in the sand endlessly adrift

washed ashore

find myself upon holy land entranced by clonazepam eyes

swill my depleted hourglass with granulated sand tread new grounds

feel through sound of my palpitating heart enter the womb

inseminate two initials deep inside bark anchored to foundation that sustains we deliverance against every tempest

set ablaze my malaise

scorched off the earth by self lacerating sermons drowned in vastest ocean

holy water up to midriff

baptized in the waters of eternal loving kinship faithful plunge upwards as I fall

atop canopy sewed up beak answered siren call wall to wall

all quarters seep through me

omniscient pagan irides penetrating so deeply glazed with mystique

their glisten my release

burrowed so deep my heart in yours each beat synchronicity my soul in every tear you weep

spirit sprawl over your gashes lips forever sweep your lashes disguarded all discretion

kiss the feet of my beloved

blessed to experience the only soul I covet

The most special thank you to Sara Lilljeqvist

he came through cosmos but stayed in the little things an added glass on my nightstand

a kiss between my brows

i walk his jacket three times a day

i usually wait till nighttime, the stars are crisp this time of year they twinkle, the eyes he wears

color mine red fever and powder snow

while the november flakes carve dimples on my cheeks rosy from his weight on my belly about to burst butterflies flock around his hair

he left his cigarettes

i told him i put them out

(i burn)

wick now fluttering along with blue butterfly wings

he used his tongue and teeth to kindle this candle heart

scented apples and cinnamon

© 2018

Benoit Smith

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