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Gypsy Shadows On A Wayward Sky

By Christie Moses

Copyright by Christie Moses 2010

Published by ePrinted Books

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This book is a work of fiction and non-fiction.

This is a book about my journey through pain, my past and discovery. Life is a sometimes solemn affair and it is truly a labyrinth of wonder and agony. Inside these words is a place I went when I needed respite and relief from the shadows that at times would find me. I hope it touches at least one heart and moves at least one soul.

In poetry, if part of your soul doesn’t stain the page, crumble it up and throw it away…. C.Moses

Gypsy Shadows On A Wayward Sky

By Christie Moses

Dedicated to:

My wonderful husband Jeremy and my beautiful daughter Brianna

Without them I am nothing….

Any grammar errors or lack of alphabetizing is on purpose. It is a style of poetry.

Table of contents

Section One

The snow through your eyes

Six strings along the Cumberland

The song of desert sand and cadavers

The raw sting of a drifters blink

For any woman who has ever felt (or been) broken

On the outside looking in

Like roping a whisper

The jeweled kiss of clarity

The madness of loving great walls of something

From the closet of broken dolls

Section Two

The blooming ripens Haiku/Senryu sequence

Learning to sway

The auburn hours of fall(ing)

Siren song of a beach dreamer and sea

Journey to the dirge of strings

The weight of stones

The folly of unrest and fall dreams

Where the wild heart flows

Blowing kisses to a goodbye wind

Wistful rambles in cinnamon rain

Section Three

Tuolumne on my mind

Pear blossom and tears

Quiet exile

Days drip like sweat on lips

The education of rustic delirium

Cardboard windows and attic cuffs

Sepal serenade

Noose of the lone wolf

Brooding lyrics at eventide

The salt of a gypsy eye

Section Four

The eclipse of lashes

Goûtez mes lèvres comme vin cherry

The odyssey of a vagrant and the sun

Farewell to fragments beneath my skin

Prism dawns through diamond birth

Ghosts with stark eyes

Shrouded scrolls of a cardinal

Broken: record on repeat

In retrospect: the squander

Scent of torso and song of bees

Section Five

Mood rings and rusty creeks

Gossamer and webs

Cold solstice in May

Nostalgia stains blue as Sierra

Cygnus atratus and earth symphonies

Cinders: ash and blue (birds)

The nucleus of exodus

Binary anthem sings one

It’s all in your perspective

Baptism sky: Renewal Sea

Section Six

the stain of plum and femurs

on the blade of keening (note to mirrors)

Into soft spaces stumbles my heart

Streets of rain

Unchained on tangerine dusk

Pilgrimage: tale of the lost familiar

Calligraphy of tulip blooms and sea

It has a name: Lethal

Three thousand miles you’ve come

The greatest gift

Section Seven

Vagary: hypnotic

Of brine and mirrors

A winter wander

Desperado of the desert night

In the burning gills of wind and sky

Spiral ripples of a dreamers confusion

Down the larynx of briny deep

Suspended: The mark of you

Choreography of just one

Embrace the dusk in powerful wings

Section Eight

Fabrication fragments: the collapse

Sentinel of the muted

Eternity broods you like repeat wings

Pointless prose

Obscurity in the twilight hours

Ephemeral: the ingenuous drifting

Melody of a sky cruise

The crux of a dream is its reality

Darkling beautiful

In the breath of children


Section One

The snow through your eyes

i have trekked the snow

through your eyes

the cold precipice that hangs

low as the swan wings that

breathe essence to the deep

it is summer in these veins that

seek the winter in your skin

bloody as the dance of raven days

i have turned blue from black

wounds unwashed

in a tumbled version of hurricane anguish

fingers separate your hair strands

as i taste the life inside your pores

it still pulses like the daylight

as night screams its moon lips to your fear

i am here

as indelible as the january heart beat


that scrawls its dirty ink on your cracked

ribs and bleeding lips

take my hands

i am warm here


like the tattoo of my red cells

and the essence of your soul is a whisper

to my aching throat

oxygen lay short and stifled


the journey of bitter chill

bone deep cold


circles like the sphere of hopeless

desperate as the drama of nonexistence

take my hands

the labyrinths end seeks an answer

and two is stronger than one

i have trekked the snow

through your eyes

and you are not alone

Table of contents

Six strings along the Cumberland


with its fleeting wings

drew closed like a mourned chapter

sliding down my hair in fading yellow

guitar dreamer

you strummed your nimble fingers

down my heart threads

acoustic humming hit the lake shore

echoed off the shimmers like soul shadows

you smoked your cigarette in silence

as you clumsily smiled at me

distance is not realized till hindsight kicks in

i walked deaths miles with you

spoken like a lip to my cheek

and salt rain on my lashes

you were like a dark wolf

crying in the midnight

harsh as decembers rain


smooth like deep waters

and sexual in the way your lust spoke through

torn jeans and sad eyes

my heart danced for you strawberry dreams

in mid-july

now winter spills in

a hard light full of nature’s sorrow

those strings stopped their song

there i lay like ophelia

in repose and soft destruction

Table of contents

The song of desert sand and cadavers

i am solemn along the cumberland

still waters deep as my cells

blue and green sting backwards

to my seeking lungs

it’s quiet here

silent as the musings in my dark lashed


i remember the palm trees whistling


as the fingers of my mother’s hand

memories are like death

they are imminent

it’s easy

not belonging here

so madly simple

building my careful walls

stretching the structure to encompass

a shattered heart bruised and beaten

a soul worn and weathered

beyond my years

so i bleed in solitude along the lakeside

seeping with red nostalgia

wishing on stars with deafened ears

quiet along the shore

hair in my face and

the taste of salt tears leave trails

on my cheek

i whittle hours away

missing pear blossom and

the apple orchards

willows sweeping across a great

desert sky

how large it all was

and how wild the wind in a palmdale


how dark the grave that haunts me

how he ripped off my innocence and

casually broke me

oh the sting

the great raw sting

the burning scorch of remembering


you are my muse tonight

and this

this is grandpas song

Table of contents

The raw sting of a drifters blink

he said to me “you have gypsy eyes”

i’m really not surprised

restlessness consumes my skin like

hungry phantoms



as it dons its heavy spirit

like a woven drape

across my helpless shoulders

it’s always in me

scrawling across my blood

eagle wings

freedom screams like hollow mouths

for the road i seek

reaching no end

looking at a shattered lamplight

and broken ribs

still standing

gypsy whispers dark and addictive

like rum and coke

tasting me like flaming tongues

trails of its scorch on my breasts

and there is no liberty

from bare feet and the

pyre of soul wind

i ride this fire like a wild mustang

bareback and fierce

intensity claws at the madness in me

and leaves me searching

always running



there is no home for those that can’t be held

like mist….

flying empty and free

he said “you have gypsy eyes”

i said “they equal the sadness in me”

Table of contents

For any woman who has ever felt (or been) broken

freedom is my burning right

in opposition to your strings

i still breathe

you cannot take my skin

and stretch it further than its been

but my broken wings still fly

and my shattered heart still beats

thumping out a thunder roll

to the rhythm of sensuality

and ocean violin mourning blues

so tenderly

summer breath shines alive in my eyes

despite your thievery and

dark avenue clandestine


on streets lit with blood rain

awash with the keen of ripped off


reflections are deceiving

and so is the sky on moonless nights


never mistake me

for poor

or for feeble

i am power

in this woman’s eyes

and my female hips

i am me

and damned proud to be

don’t strike your hands down on me

nor try to stifle my dreams

the wind is mine

it belongs to me

lives in my cells and my bones

like it was made for me

fingers like yours cannot reach me

nor bruise me permanently

i may not be the sun but i can

shine like a star

freedom is my burning right

don’t you dare try and steal my flight

Table of contents

On the outside looking in

i will dance your ballet of heart pain

my love

up where heaven has stilted breath

i will twirl to the sounds of your distance

nose pressed to a window glass

fogging it with my vaporous mouth

strawberry reveries and lashes swept

it is sunlight and darkness here in this

ice-cream moon soul sucker

it is dawn and dusk entwined within

you take me to places i have not been

in reminiscence i will speak of your

aching nostalgia like my own vellum blanket

what is there to do but sing out like violins

and blast out my naked emotions like

mournful jazz solos and acoustic guitars

saxophone riding my bottom lip like fingers

in a corner on my tiptoes straining to reach

a place i cannot touch

Table of contents

Like roping a whisper

speak to me in brutal truth

but riddled tongue

of dark driving labyrinth rains

avenues and urban turns

like alleyways and hunger

of homeless waifs and despair

decaying lights that never die

i will give you my blood

to wear as paint on your cheek

like the streaks of red dawn

raw as the fields of wheat

dancing lilies drip past me

like calligraphy fine as webs

as you spell out your mystery

twisting in a dying wind

i cannot hold your skin

it seeps from my veins like

the curse of orchid sin

it is infinite this tyranny

of wishing on fallen stars

and tainted seraphim’s

Table of contents

The jeweled kiss of clarity

the great tawny sun rises

under the weight of your lip

light just is!

the mirror of diamond


twirl like breath rings

from the red horizon

a ballet of deaths crease

and life’s allegory

as it stretches imperfect

reaches metacarpals

bends and unwinds

like the cypress and pine

seeping like a bleeding into

soils empire as

humble as wings

yet powerful as eagles

battling a stumped sky

born flawed like wounds

and freckled air in

this broad difference

lay beauty

like moonstruck wine on

velvet black night


how that light shines!

steers through the mast of wreckage

just to find

it was always therein

that the great sun found its flight

Table of contents

The madness of loving great walls of something

i woke with my sheets drenched

from the lust of such fire

the sheer madness of desire

you ran through my skin all night

like whiskey and raw sex

tinged with the sweet wine of


my hands delved your hips

a thousand hot burning tongues

suffused in your lips

strawberry licks of

carnal sin

i bathed naked in your body

like the dance of devils gin

explosions suffocating my wind

my mouth came up gasping

at vapors sheer power

holding nothing but the smoke

that lingers like childish taunts

as pebbles of pain

leave traces of nothing


empty hands……

Table of contents

From the closet of broken dolls



of lachrymal

come to pass by salt and


there is no mutter of defense

from these bloodless lips

to the picked bare bones

of my ancestors

in their prison of graves

raven wings sting like

velvet splinters

to the night witch of moon eyes

and midnights dark flame

the wan lids of reflection

stain like the searing crush of

stark red

bloody ink swindling me


turning my night rest cold

it is winter here laying

legs splayed restless

pitched to the depth of my



pine sap draped on my cracked heart

with taint

soiled with decembers snow

how they linger!

like broken jewels of glittered


rippling outward


crushed in chaos


to touch my tear streaked cheek

akin to palms of rough callous

those rouge rusted nails

giving no ballast

to the shatters in my



Table of contents

Section Two

The blooming ripens Haiku/Senryu sequence

orchids bleed thick white

iridescent snow essence

pure as your wine eyes

red delta plains fall

a ballet of scarlet autumn

rich as your deep soul

whiskey boils moody

upon my tongue of fiery dawn

you leave me drunken

the taste of those flames

your firelight descends on dusk

licks my skin in lust

fragile strong….my palms

stroking your hips like soft burns

we dance as one flesh

Table of contents

Learning to sway

languid slips like breath

twining with the wind

like willows sweeping

pure array whispers

in the roots of air

rain drives aster

tonguing sunlight

scarlet ballets

intricate weave

velvet burn

like soft steel

venus flows


mad sweet


Table of contents

The auburn hours of fall(ing)

the taste of your breath stings

from this great chasm

like a near fall rain

teasing softly on my clavicle

like fingers reaching

secret desperados

abducting my air flow


invisible to a dark tangerine

and titian spill

i watch the leaves wind down

like umbrellas chasing a

bluegrass terrain

and i feel you

in this autumn air

near me

you are like the orange fire

in octobers flames

falling from a far off sky

onto my lip

i can lick the feel of your skin


taste only rain

i feel you

whispering like a brisk edge

to my cheekbones

and my lashes

in a silent dawn of amber

and i tumble

to the naked crush of fall

and your burning eyes

Table of contents

Siren song of a beach dreamer and sea

summer dwindles agile as sand

bittersweet tang of

sifting from the tips of my (sun

loving) hands

as the moon bows in envy

to the break

of birthing a tangerine dawn

where all the yachts have gone

lone shifter


i wander these shores

solitude wrapped like sinew

on tarnished cartilage

the waves slash the fleeting

like wild white sails dipping


on the scatter of saline

that stings vagabond lips

parting them like strangers

sweet indian summer on the pier

introspection spills from my palms

into the heart of sea

and deep within the sunken shell

of transience and shadow

as the attic of my mind stores each


like ink stains and strawberries

like august air and peach blossoms

soon will be the exodus to


bluegrass and fall

Table of contents

Journey to the dirge of strings

tears trace a sheen

on my memories six string

as my fingers mumble secrets


rain like solemn winter

strained to chalk white and


strumming my soul broken

like the arpeggios

salt, ancient as a gasping tide

belongs alone on my


dark corner solitude

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