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Poems Deluxe

By Vince Iuliano

© Vince Iuliano Kindle Edition 2015-17

Time Forgot 

Forged in faith

Hewn from rock

The town that time

And tide forgot.


Limned with trees

A general store

A grocer, a butcher

A steeple, and more.


The sort of a town

You blink and its gone

But the memory of this town

Will linger till dawn.

Old Man

 His face is careworn

His nose is speckled,

His hands are cracked

And frequently freckled.


He stands with a stoop

His gait is unsteady

A shambling, rambling

Hulk of debris.


His bulwark has weathered

The mightiest of battles

Now he rides the tired storm

From his front porch, and rattles.

Frozen Town


The cold that gripped this frozen town

Paralyzed and broken down

Radiated from center square

To touch the ends of time, somewhere.


I’ve often wondered how he felt

The day the snows began to melt

The day the tiny cracks appeared

All distance subsumed as future neared


He kept pigeons for a while

Nasty little things

They’d leave their etchings everywhere

On cabbages and swings

On rooftops as they sauntered

On sidewalks where they  stood

He found them reassuring somehow

But I found them no damn good.

End Piece

The door was closed with such finality

That I wondered at the old man’s malady

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