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The Water Poems

By Candice James

Smashwords Edition 2017

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Nothing is softer

or more flexible than water,

yet nothing can resist it.

~ Lao Tzu

The Water Poems

by Candice James

Introduction to The Water Poems

At the edge of a dream

In a broken stone-age dawn

I saw a column of mist

Rise up from the sea

It took the form of a long bony finger

It scrawled in bold letters across the sky

And engraved into my mind

The Water Poems

Colours of hydrogen

Textures of oxygen

Dreams of life and death,

Tears of joy and sorrow,

Rivers of ice,

Lakes of fire

And secrets stolen

From the soul of the universe

I awoke

I picked up my pen

I wrote

The Water Poems

~ Candice James

Table of Contents

Black Onyx Lake

The Drowning

Ink Stain in the Rain

The Hungry Waves

Waves Washing

Justified Water

Lost Water

Sailing the Night

Weave of the Waves

Remembering the Rain

A Hard Rain

Black Shiny Pool

Blue Silence

Indigo Waters

Sailboats and Sunsets

The Seventh Fountain of Heaven

Stranger on the Shore

The River’s Ice Blue Sheen

Surreal Ocean

On a Dog-Eared Ocean

What the Dead Scrolls See


Listen to the Rain

White Water Rapids

Pages in the Rain

Stormy Evening

Slice of Rain

The Rain

Two Separate Teardrops

Ghost of the Ganges

Indian Nights

Broken Too Long to Be Fixed

Burnaby Lake Sunset


This Ever Prevalent Rain

Shards of Sea Glass

The Rain Pounds

Water and Broken Glass

Glossy Nights

On a Star Dusted Sea

Ship of Dreams

The Rain Calls

The River Screamed

The Depth of the Dance

Tidal Flats


Fifty Million Raindrops

The Illusion

The Wet

Inverted Sun

Mica Creek Park

Spilling July

Beneath the Weeping Willows

Blue Water Corals

Crab Boat


Gritty Sand of Need

Marshland Pond

Feel It

Blessed Be the Rain

Showers and Dust

Sand Line

Cracked and Broken Water World


At the Lake

Antique Harbour

Bay of Shadows and Light


Pool of Timelessness

Laws of the Waters

The Nets

Whale Song

Aegean Mist

Inside This Perfect Silence

Ripple Down Tim

Spring Rain


Rains of Change

This Relentless Rain

Cool Water Piano Keys

Summer Rain




On a Cloudy Day

Once Upon a Time in France

At Rest



Candice James Poet Profile

Black Onyx Lake

Above the lip of a black onyx lake,

I walked as a ghost in a foreign land,

All around me in a state of flux:

Mountains dissolving;

Sand dunes shifting;

Sky cracking open;

Stars in free-fall

Above the lip of a black onyx lake.

I saw stars being born,

Burning out, disappearing;

Angels in flight touching down on the lake.

I saw high-wires, guidelines and cities

Constructed with neon and gauze;

Rainbows changing their colours at will.

In a moment of madness

The sun kissed the moon;

And imagination’s children were born,

Raining down sweet inspiriation

Spilling from a crack in the sky

Onto poets, musicians and artists

In reverent and sacred free-fall.

My eyes overflowing

With moon, stars, and sky

And wrapped in the breath of angels,

I stood as a ghost

Turned inside out

Bearing witness to

Both sides of the dark

Below a slow moving heaven

Beneath a surreal sky,

Above the lip of a black onyx lake.

The Drowning

It’s raining all over the world tonight.

I hear voices, indistinct whispers

As I lay at the edge of slumber.

The wind gusts softly in musical timbres.
A pale ghost with fingers of glass

Deftly strums a satin guitar with a tattered velvet pick.

An age old wisdom shines from the clouds in his eyes.

The night is aglow with timeless stars

Twinkling, sparkling, shimmering,

Oblivious to the approaching deluge.

The voices and indistinct whispers

Grow louder, become clearer

Emulating laughter and cries;

Echoing muted murmurs and moans

That ebb and flow through a hollowed out sky.

Angels, Saints and the Holy Ones

Weave their way through the flickering starlight
Ascending to a realm just beyond the drowning.

It’s raining all over the world

And the clinging, egregious damp

Foretells of the drowning… edging ever closer.

The rain has become second nature to me now.

I hear voices and whispers

And watch faces that float in street puddle mirrors:

For a long time; for a short time;

For almost no time at all.

Soon the rain will sink them into the drowning.

It’s raining all over the world

And I wonder...

Who’ll stop the rain?

Ink Stain in the Rain

The cruel wind scrapes and rapes

The soft, supple, satin drapes

In the cave of evening shade.

Under gun metal sky,

Cracked, splintered and dry,

We play our tragic masquerade.

On the mantle of doom

And foreboding gloom

We reach for this feeling we’re chasing.

We can’t quite grasp enough of it,

Just a quicksilver touch of it,

This dream Daughter Time is erasing.

Then, I feel your heart slip,

So I tighten my grip

On the trembling lip of this storm.

Your body’s a river,

A fast running shiver

And I can’t seem to keep myself warm.

Engulfed by the ocean

And fading emotion,

You let go of my hand.

Tide sweeps you away

But bids my heart stay.

Nothing is as we planned.

Waves wash me ashore,

Lips parched evermore

Never to taste yours again.

Love letters and pain,

Left out in the rain,

Became a fading ink stain.

Now, days without sun.

The moon’s come undone

And I...

I’ve become the rain.

The Hungry Waves

I see chains of diamonds

Floating in rose petal oceans;

On white satin shores.

An Egret edges across the damp sand

Leaving traces of tracks

That will disappear

Into the mouths of the hungry waves.

A desperate derelict breeze

Armed with a posse of renegade clouds

Dances and dangles its reticent feet

Onto the glossy sparkles of shimmering sand,

Snatching them up in one swift fell swoop,

Placing them into the wanton wind’s palms;

Tossing them haphazardly back and forth

Until they disappear

Into the mouths of the hungry waves.

I see chains of lightning striking,

In the wake of distant thunder,

Dropping dying embers

Onto the rose petal oceans.

They disappear

Into the mouths of the hungry waves.

The breeze, the wind and the lightning subside,

Disappear into approaching twilight.

The Egret has flown away

In search of whiter shores.

All that’s left are the chains of diamonds

Floating on the rose coloured ocean;

And the cries …

Of the hungry waves.

Waves Washing

Waves wash on the crux of human emotion

Waves rolling,

Waves ebbing,

Waves breaking.

The tides of human love

Are ever changing.

A raging sea can start love

And end it.

Waves wash some hearts

And drown others.

Justified Water

Cover me up in my blanket of sin

And cleanse me in justified water.

Let ice cold needles puncture my heart

That I may die to myself;

Then, resurrect me to walk again

In the brightest corner of light

Where shadows flee and hide

From the truth chasing them down;

Then send in the clowns

To lighten my load

And clear the pathway ahead.

Let me stand justified

On the water you lay down before me.

Breathe your essence into me

That I may be you.

And see myself through your eyes.

As I slowly sink into the justified water,

The water you laid down before me,

The last thing I am aware of

Are your eyes,

And then

I embrace the drowning.

Lost Water

Alone and afraid,

I cross each smile

With a tear.


Is miles above me now.

I am the lost water

Of a desert dream

Dying of thirst

Without you.

Sailing the Night

I breathe in

The mint and moonglow


In the scent of your aftershave.

As I lie

Wrapped in the curve or your body,

I climb the hills of desire

Mounting in my breast.

Halfway between sleep and awake,

Standing at the edge of a dream,

I feel your body jerk.

In the final throes of consciousness.

Your breathing is heavier now

In the dark of your own dreamscape.

I feel the waves of sleep

Pulling me into my own deep

So I cling to you tightly.

Tied to the tide of your breath,

Safe in the warmth of your flesh,

I am ready

To sail the ocean of night.

Weave of the Waves

Late afternoon:

A canopy of trees

And small patches of sky

Reflect in the swimming pool;

Strobe lights in sporadic display,

In tune with the weave of the waves.

A lone swimmer,

Pacing laps,

Glides and pirouettes

To the rhythm of a silent symphony.

The mood of the atmosphere

And flare of the turquoise water

Set the tone of the moment

In pure agate stone.

Here there is a glistening,

A gleaming

Polished to a perfect shine

Kissing the weave of the waves,

Hugging the atmosphere casually

In the ebb of late afternoon.

The sun dances across the sky:

Spotlight on the swimmer

At rest in the weave of the waves.

Remembering the Rain

I remember the rain:

The texture of its touch;

And the timbre of its voice.

The rain speaks in soft staccato

To the evergreens;

It whispers to the gleaming

Graffiti-carved park benches.

An overcast, slow-moving Canadian sky

Chases fading clouds across a graying expanse;

And somewhere there is a distant beach

Trying to catch up with a summer too far away.

Here, the rain speaks

In many languages and tongues:

In a loud, raspy voice to some;

In soft, gentle whispers to others;

And then it stops;

But its lips keep moving

Mouthing secrets and assignations

To desperate lovers living inside

Their own private lie…

Desperate lovers like I.

I remember the rain:

The texture of its touch;

And the timbre of its voice.

A Hard Rain

A hard rain pelts down

Graying the sky to charcoal.

The Quay is deserted,

And somehow out of key.

I stand at the guard rail,

Collar pulled tight,

Staring at the cold river.

The wind whirls and swirls

Inviting the river into its frenzy.

The river resists, then slowly submits.

Small ripples at first

Cresting to waves;

Synchronicity somehow present

In this simple chaos.

A young girl

In a pink fleece Parka

And well worn Mukluks

Passes by;

Her eyes as vague

As fading winter sparks

The day dissolves.

Night chews on the last remnants

Of a dying twilight.

Appetite sated,

She licks her lips

And the thunder rolls

In the bruised atmosphere

Of a hard, hard rain

Bleeding from the sky.

Black Shiny Pool

In a black shiny pool

Of ebony embers,

Binding my eyes with sunlight and ice,

I travel through a double dream

Of dampened pebbles

And crushed rose petals

Whetting the lashes of time.

On the brink of a cut glass precipice,

With scarred feet and sacred blood,

I balance on diamond dust

And silver threads.

I become silent.

I become invisible.

I become a sacrament

To an angel’s sigh,

To a windblown wish,

To myself being reborn.

I raise my eyes to the sun.

Blinded by the light.

I pull back

Into the black shiny pool

Of ebony embers.

I burn for sooth.

I melt into the fire

Until I am the flame.

Blue Silence

In this slow grooved moment

Of powder blue silence,

The glide of nature’s paintbrush

And the whisper of the wind

Are the only sounds we hear.

At the water’s edge

A cold damp creeps into our feet,

Winding itself up our legs

Like an icy vine.

We rub our hands together

Thinking it may warm our legs

And hold the numbness at bay,

But the numbness continues to climb.

We begin a slow jog around the lake.

Fogged breath, blowing back in our face,

Peppers the chilled air

Making it bearable,

Almost welcome.

As we jog

The lake whispers secrets to us;

And the wind blushes our cheeks

A rosier shade of red.

We are being painted

Into nature’s blue silence,

Quite unaware

That we are …

The artists.

Indigo Waters

Beside deep indigo waters,

Beneath the sequined dust

Of star kissed nights,

I wander aimlessly

Along a twilit shoreline.

In the glistening core

Of this indigo deep

Something invisible

Becomes visible;

Becomes ethereal;

Spirals and spins

Then emerges,

In ink stained blurs and patterns,

Smudges and poems,

Whispering stories

Of lost kingdoms

That lie fallen and buried

Beneath these indigo waters.

Thirsting for a deeper touch of truth

I fade into the fold of the waves;

Into the depth of the deep.

I dissolve into the tears

Of these indigo waters

To wander the lost stories

Of a long ago universe,

Hoping to embrace

A deeper touch of truth…

A truer touch of indigo.

Sailboats and Sunsets

The windswept hair

And sun steeped bodies

Of the sea captains

Gleam in the flare of the fiery sunset.

The sailboats at rest on the shore,

Backlit by a red and yellow sky,

Sit in quiet reflection

On a stretch of silver sand.

A slight remnant of wind

And the hush of the waves

Paint a surreal layer of solace

Onto the glistening shore.

Patches of bleu de France

Slowly dissolve in twilight’s thirsty throat

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