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Letter to Readers

I'm overwhelmed by all your support

I can't believe that I finally made it

Some are ghost readers and some votes

What makes me happier, you write comments

Thank you very much for the follow and votes

Thank you, readers, for adding it on your list

I will ensure to make more meaningful poems

To touch your heart, your mind, and soul

I appreciate everyone's attention

Please receive my full appreciation

I hope it can help you find a solution

To your worried mind and be a better person

Random Thoughts #1

Why do I feel like I'm all alone?

Despite knowing that you're just there.

Why do I feel the sadness in my heart?

Though I know that you still care.

I sometimes want to cry out loud,

Just to make you feel I'm sad.

But why I don't want you to see the sadness in me?

Why does my heart keep on beating for you?

Why do I need to stay away from you?

Please help me understand why...

Why am I thinking of you right now?
Why am I wanting to kiss you goodnight?
Why do I feel like you want me too?
Why do I see my face in your eyes?
Am I fallin' in love with you?
Does your heart want me too?
These whys' keep running in my mind...
Will I have the answer soon?

Random Thoughts #2

Have you been to these situations?

Where in you cannot do anything but just cry?

Have you experienced crying like tears won't stop?

Did you ever think of your problems will never be solved?

Here I am lying in my bed,

Thinking problems will never end.

I have been through this so many times.

Again, I am in this situation.

Can anyone tell me if this will stop?

Can anyone tell me soon it will end?

Is this too, shall really pass?

Please tell me as my tears won't stop.

Random Thoughts #3

It's been a while since you left me,

But the pain inside still killing me.

You have left a scar in my heart,

It's been a while since we're apart.

You left me without saying goodbye,

I keep crying knowing that you lie.

But I can't stop the tears from flowing,

The water in my eyes keeps on bursting.

Please tell me how soon it will heal?

The pain inside me that I still feel.

I thought before we had a deal,

You will always love me for real.

Random Thoughts #4

There are times in your life that you just want to stop for a moment...

Think of the things happening in your life...

Sometimes you want to scream and ask why it's happening...

But you can't do anything...

Because if it's supposed to happen...

It will happen.

The moment that solutions came for your problems...

The moment that you're free from troubles...

You want to relax and say,

It has passed already...

But your other thought is...

It might not be all...

Random Thoughts #5

Why do we fall in love?

Why do we need friends?

Why there were unselfish people?

Why there were kind?

Why there are whys?

If only I can be alone in a desert

Where there are no people

There's nothing to worry about...

Are you happy with your life?

Or you have unanswered questions.

Have you ever been lost?

Or lost for words?


I once lived in the darkness

My heart was full of emptiness

My eyes show the sadness

In the world I am powerless

I miss the day that you are with me

The days that we are young and free

I miss all of your hugs and kisses

Your hands in me that always caress


I once made a mistake

The result which I cannot take

Forgive me, please my love

Remember the days we're in love

I should've not done those things

I could've listened to my heart

If only I can get back things

We will never ever be apart

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry that I lied to you,

I'm sorry that I deceived you.

All these feelings I feel inside,

I hope that soon it will subside.

The emptiness that I feel inside,

The loneliness without you beside,

Feels like you were gone forever...

I don't want these feelings last longer.


The day you left me was the day of sorrow,

I wish that someday happiness will follow.

Because I don't want to have my heart in a hollow,

If you could please give me some love to borrow.

If one day comes which I will not see you again,

And for my heart will be in so much pain.

Please don't ever keep me waiting in vain,

And leave me crying, crying in the rain.


Some will say there is no true friendship,

But since then, we've been thru hardship.

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