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PackEis: Lyrics & BETAs

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In computing the term ALPHA refers to a program or application which is in a useable but unfinished state, effectively a prototype. It is neither fit for production, release nor sale and, indeed, may be subject to a major rework or even consignment to the digital scrapheap. The term BETA refers to the phase of software development where the program more or less represents its final form and is usually exposed to a select group of future users for testing, feedback and fine-tuning.

It is in the computing sense of the words that this book’s song lyrics are presented.

The ALPHAs have all been put to music, albeit a simplistic bass or guitar melody and, although the standard of the resultant audio file can by no means be compared to that of a professional studio recording, they serve to give the listener a good idea of the rhythm and metre of the lyrics.

Audio files which have the backing instrumentation of a band, but quality reminiscent of a 1970’s bootleg, are referred to as BETAs and have been crudely recorded during band rehearsals. These files effectively represent the finished state of the song before work starts in a professional recording studio.

The names of the audio files are suffixed with a six figure number, representing the date they were recorded. For example, WarDogs-180710 was recorded on the 10th of July 2018. BETA songs are characterized by BETA in the file’s name.

ALPHA lyrics are subject to frequent change, polish and optimisation but I only occasionally have the time to record the revised vocals. That is why the lyrics sung on the MP3s, linked to in this book, often won’t reflect the more up-to-date written words.


When I starting compiling this book’s content I was asked for whom I was writing it for. I replied “For myself.”

Contrary to all advice concerning writing eBOOKs, my motivation is not to appeal to a wide audience, achieve international fame nor make a fortune, large or small. The song lyrics in this book were written with the hope and intention that they one day achieve immortality on a professionally produced studio CD. But, since I started writing poems in 2012, the amount of rhymes, ditties and lyrics has swollen to the extent that any plan to record them all is hopelessly unrealistic.

Thus, instead of them languishing unrevealed, unread and unheard of, a plan formed to make them accessible to the world via a self-published eBOOK. Should just a single word, line, stanza or refrain from the book’s lyrics raise a smile, give pause for thought or even manage to inspire a single person, then my time and effort have been more than worthwhile and rewarded.


In 2012 I was asked to write lyrics for several band projects, one of which was to lead to the formation of the rock band WildScreW and culminate with the production of a studio CD, “Writing On The Wall”*, at the end of 2016 with myself as vocalist.

The CD’s title song was to become a finalist in the 19th Great American Song Contest.

*Paperback readers must navigate themselves manually to the hyperlinks embedded directly in the eBOOK by referring to the “Contacts and Links” section, where all relevant hyperlinks can be found, including the location of any audio files.


The songs in this book represent my work on song lyrics for a band project called PackEis. Matthias Esswein (vocals), Peter Mathes (bass), Dominik Butnaru (durms) and Martin “Kühl” (Guitarist) made up the four man stoner rock group, who had recorded their first CD, “Collision Guaranteed” in 2010, and were working on material for their second CD. In mid 2012 I was asked by the band to put lyrics to some song ALPHAs they had lined up for their second album, but the group disbanded at the end of 2012 before any studio work was started.

At the time I’d just started work writing lyrics for Thomas Wild, the Wild in WildßcreW, and it was Thomas who introduced me to PackEis and, one evening in April/May 2012 we visited the band’s rehearsal room in Bad Kreuznach. After a brief chat and a beer we parted company, agreeing that the band would send me a recording of one of the “many” ALPHAs they had stashed away. I remember that the band was adamant that the title be “Keep The Distance” although I repeatedly stated that “Keep Your Distance” (as seen, for example, on traffic signs) would be a better title. Martin, PackEis’s talented guitarist, sent me the promised MP3, which had been recorded at one of their rehearsals, a couple of days later per e-mail. The recording had their singer’s voice, Matthias, shaping the vocal melody.

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