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“Totally Bizarre Happy Daydreams”

Poetry Written by Dustin Lewit

  1. Totally Bizarre Happy Daydream

  2. Respect Yourself Always

Totally Bizarre Happy Daydream

Like putting a hat on a hat, Written by Dustin Lewit

Totally bizarre happy daydream for once and the conversationalists are inebriated with gleeful song and dance/Man looks into his watch/Bored with time and time laughs back in a cough like a car tone of voice/“Welcome to the Totally Bizarre Happy Daydream!!”/*suspense music (dispense music like refreshments)

The truth comes out upon the window like heavenly woman breath, scares me near to death.

“I am only human.” says heavenly woman’s breath.

“As is I.” said I in reply to the woman ascending down from the sky to Earth just for me.

She is quite lovely,

She is quite lovely!!

But my pen has not had enough, there’s not enough ink in this world to describe what I think about you.

Respect Yourself Always

Written by Dustin Lewit

Gonna think positive, ya dig man? ,

No more being treated like a trash can,

I’m going to continue to respect yourself,

And myself,

I’m always going to treat people kind,

Everyone has limits just like women have their standards,

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