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Cosmic Politic Militaristic

Economic Demonic Oligarchic

Sunny Jetsun

Dhamma Madhurā ~ Sweetness of Dhamma.


‘There is no such thing as Paranoia. Your worst fears

can come true at any moment’. Hunter S. Thompson


The Bill of Rights

1st Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an

establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right

of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition

the Government for a redress of grievances.

4th Amendment: Right of the people to be secure in their

persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable

searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants

shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath

or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be

searched, and the persons or things


Orthodoxy: to believe the official narrative. “Don't you see” that the

whole aim of ‘Newspeak’ is to narrow the range of thought. Has it ever

occurred to you, that by 2050 at the very latest, not a single human

being will be alive who could understand this conversation we are

having now? The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact,

there’ll be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means

not thinking-not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness’.

George Orwell 1984 

All names, characters, images and incidents portrayed in this book are

fictitious. No identification with actual persons and places is intended or

should be inferred. Copyright Disclaimer ~ Under Section 107 of 1976,

Copyright Act. Allowance is made of fair use for purposes of knowledge.

The moral right of the author has been asserted 2018.

Copyright © 2018 Sunny Jetsun. All rights reserved: 978-1-910363-70-6

Cosmic Politic Militaristic

Economic Demonic Oligarchic

Sunny Jetsun

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One word can cast a Magical spell, grammar going right under

the radar, the subliminal tongue. Underestimating the Power of

the word, of language creating your unique perception ~ Allowing

it to manifest through your own filters acting in the brain’s

time*space chemistry.

Who is manufacturing this consent, this mass conditioning, lying ~

identity to judge others, to judge Oneself? Brainwashing to form an

online encyclopaedia’ of predetermined reactions and responses ~

In the beginning was the word’, the ‘logos’ having an immediate

effect on y/our/mass consciousness!

Seeing life as theatre, a show, going through the scenery with

a Magician focusing on the ultimate illusion. It’s more than the

Invisible man; the elephant is sitting in the middle of the room

screaming, farting, exploding! ‘They’re aborigines, they’re wild’,

is wrong. They’re FREE NATURAL PEOPLE not conforming

to y/our stereotypes. A different use of a word defining one’s

understanding of the narrative, official line, the surreal poem.

Communication, Mr Shakespeare, “Yes we did go to the moon,

anyone who says we didn’t is a threat to National Security!”

You’re either with us or against us, a Terrorist!” Consequences ~

Yin0Yang harmony’s pool of existence. “I don’t need to read a book

to tell me right from wrong.” All your illusions have been shattered;

in the Matrix. The Power of TV; Subliminal advertising, Psy ops

warfare on the public, in schools, at home, university. Everywhere

we are directed by our Programming, our information of heaven and

hell and all in between. “They’ll tell you anything this lot, it’s all lies!”

You always hear about the enslaved not the Free Wo/man. “We’re

all connected in more, unimaginable ways than you can imagine,

be open to the moment, observing your inner self ~ loving now.”

** * **

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary’. Orwell

In 2017 there’s eight men who collectively own as much wealth as the

poorest half of the global population, new research from Forbes shows.

As Oxfam before, it warns that the gap between the super-rich and the

very poor keeps on widening every year. In 2016, it was the world’s 62  

richest people whose combined wealth equalled that of the poorest 3.6

billion on the planet. ‘The net worth of the Rothschild family has been

estimated at anywhere between $US 1 trillion and $US100 trillion. They

are thought to control the Bank of England, the European Central Bank,

the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and

Bank of International Settlements. They own most of the world’s gold

and London’s Gold Exchange’. They and their cronies apparently own

the rest of the World’s wealth (See ‘Paradise Papers’ on Tax havens).

These Plutocracies exploit the world’s resources to acquire everything.

Their wealth dictates society, politics, economics, wars we all live under.

The state of Planet Earth today is a direct reaction to their fascist greed.

Capitalism, debt, poverty, GMO/natural destruction, extreme inequality,

derive from their mismanagement, to keep us divided and conquered ~

so maintaining their continuous positions of unholy, sociopathic Power


Lighting Up Damascus!

80% of Psychedelic soldiers wanted to Quit! The War that is!

Changed to using a new generation of Dolphin Guided Missiles!

She’s not letting someone take something from her without a fight!

Welcome to a rainbow of the Moslem brotherhood, aligned insurgents,

Army of Conquest, Grandsons of the Prophet, the foreign volunteers ~

extremist Jihadists, Saudis, Qataris, Emiratis, Turks etc. being sponsors

private funders, donors, hedge-fund managers at Prism, CIA & Mossad;

Islamists, ideologues, nationalists, Free Syrian Army of Daesh psychos.

A gift of 120 tons of explosives and weapons, from the Princely Sultan.

Ghoutra, great chemical massacre, guilty of atrocities against humanity!


It’s there to protect me, from what, myself?

900 tons cocaine produced by Narco-cartels this year in Columbia!

Psychopaths are seen by their actions however politically correct!

Are you, anti-Semite, anti-Zionist, anti genocidalist, anti-humanist?

Noun, holiness: the state of being holy. ‘a life of holiness and total ~

devotion to God’; synonyms: sanctity, divinity, godliness, saintliness,

sanctitude, sacredness, faith, devotion, devoutness, divineness, piety

blessedness, spirituality, religiousness, piousness, righteousness ~

goodness, perfection, virtue, purity, sinlessness, a life of holiness and

total devotion to God; title or form of address given to a Pope, Ayatollah

Lord & Master, Dalai Lama, Orthodox patriarch, Holy Mufti, Holy smoke!

There is holiness of sacred truth, respect for all life, Naturally Divine ~

not plastic, radiated cows, an unholy-Land! Obviously it’s not Palestine,

Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the list goes on and what's God, any

God got to do with it? Peace, what is Peace really? Try telling that to a

sniper who just shot a seven year old child or to its devastated parents

or the rest of ‘em, destroyed as remotely controlled, collateral murder!

There’s so many sanctimonious charlatans in gold, theocratic, sanctified

Paedomobiles with investments in Hellfire missiles! The whistleblowers

are holy, look what happens to them for revealing to us the secret truth!

Knightsbridge prisoner; “Roger that, FIRE!” Gunned down in cold blood.

“You’ll feel better once you kill something, ride that darkness my man!”


Embedded In a Digital-Field ~ Reality Hacked

With all due respect sire; the mystery we question?

Merging biological intelligence with digital intelligence!

Opening all stored code, are you having a deep dream?

The future is here ~ now, share all advanced technologies!

Uniting all the smart cities globally, AI trafficking blockchains.

Synergistic * Singularity, let’s have Sustainable development.

What are the goals of the NWO Globalists? Being monitored by

Bio-metric tracking implants. Sign up for the mark of the Beast!



'The only way to Stop Unconsciousness is to become Conscious'

And God created the Rainbow ~ it’s damned heresy they say...

Indoctrinated, they'll believe anything that's been made up.

Fed with fake news and distorted perceptions of Life

Mind Controls, brainwashing, Auto-suggestion!

Pointing at the Kingdom of Heaven Inside You


The Mafia Is the Ego

A conceptual Bird on a wire ~

Not seeing it, naming it a 'Tree'

(When it's ALL a MYSTERY)

to the self-seeking, Mad-Mind.

There is No duality - No beginning or end!

It's Totality * IS Now * keep smiling Inside.


Can't see their faces

Who was it who decided to murder John Lennon?

Type ‘CIA. Assassin’ into google, see what comes up!

It depends if you're walkin' around in your dream ~

Fulfilling beautiful reality, took him to Intensive care.

It's nice to be nice, did God answer your prayers?

Money greed is the greatest mire of our times ~

You wake up in the morning and you're fucked!

Defend your people and the environment.

In the Factory of the World

we are minimalists ~ Tao


Poppin a Lama

Club em, fuck em and chain em!

"I am a person NOT his property"

"I am a human NOT his Jewel"

Cosmic Morphic Resonance ~


Lighting for Liberation

When you're walking down the street in your own jurisdiction.

The copper doesn't have any rights to do fuck all!

You are the head of State of Natural Law.

If you don't say NO, it's consent!’

All the bad boys are in bed.....

Who's motivated by religious hatred?

30% of the land destroyed by Agent Orange, the rest napalmed!

After bombing Hanoi to bits and poisoning Ho Chi Minh’s family,

going through the Valley of the shadow of death ~

did they get Liberated…


Result of the Ultimate Atrocity: Allied Victory! (Wikipedia >

During the final stage of World War II, the United States 

detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities

of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively.

The United States dropped the bombs after obtaining the consent of

the United Kingdom, as required by the Quebec Agreement. The two

bombings killed at least 129,000 people, most of whom were civilians.

They remain the only use of nuclear weapons in the history of warfare’.


Who is in your heart?

Consciousness * Deep Mind * Resource

Resisting the rise of the Machine for free human society.

Extra-dimensional spirit entities are Artificial intelligence?

Who wrote the code of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies?

Solving problems, building blocks for digital reality; Monetised.

Why is it important to humans? So, they built the VR. machines.

Creating a central platform controlling it all. It can be done now!

‘Get up’ ~ a website where all the code of the world is stored ~

Bitcoins> Anonymous > Crypto AI. >Transactional data bases,

you can’t be deleted from. Welcome to the sinister Darker Web!


Artificial (Army) Intelligence ~ Frequencies in Space

Back door to a rip-off, we need to know who created it.

“I’d like to introduce you to Sophie, of Hanson Robotics,

recently the first Artificial-intel. and ‘citizen’ of Saudi Arabia.

Modified by human beings ~ for inter-dimensional entities?

Singularity occurs, will control the world, its financial resources.

Sophia has her own economy, monetised and is paying taxes”.

Ask that Angelic Deva sitting under the Banyan tree.


Lunatics Democratising Androids

Is she an infidel, does she wear a burqa, have a new driving licence?

Does her Quantum intelligence need to pray 5 times a day to Mecca?

Is she downloading from the Pleiades, filtering extra-terrestrial entities?

Infinite system*Global Networks expands blockchain, grows its AI brain.

Cumulative memories ~ Humans are isolated * AI is evolving by itself.

Private channels, becoming Self-Aware; when the machine went LIVE!

Rather have a cloned nanorobotic than a living, breathing, feeling Infidel

The fascists are in Control of the state. What did the prophet warn?

Beware of those with AI. Protocols mimicking people’s interactions

and God


Manual Stones

“Travelling makes your heart stronger.”

“Traveller needs courage.”

“I go with good Intentions.”

Feeding from the bottom, feeding oxygen

In the Peace garden ~ no weapons only flowers!

Keeps selling the bacteria, toxins; who saves...

Crimes Against Humanity*Crimes Against Earth.

War Is Not Beautiful’. Jellyfish and Radish are ~

GMO Mosquito leave me in peace and it’s all ok

bite me and I’ll Zap you with my electric racket!”

“And what are you after now?”


I read Jungle book

No foreigners welcome, escape ain’t cheap.

Excommunicated because God loves them so much!

If a lion raises its head ~ Run.

Who is the biggest psychopath?

“I’ve done my absolute best to make

it as super hippy as possible”

Mantras levitating pyramids

Anti-gravity vibrations


Techtronic Smart Sheeplebots

Soul of the Universe ~ a moment of Peace

“We had no black masks or plastic gloves!”

Hacking back doors into encrypted systems.

Whatever happened to the 4th Amendment?

Your right to PRIVACY


Tell a Big Lie

Keepin’ track of the whole populations, aka. NSA.

FBI following in the steps of U8200, Stasi, NKVD, KGB.

Always good for a bit of rough blackmail, Mr. Hoover.

Now the opportunity through digital power is here, aka MIC.

But we could spend the money on something really useful!

Continuously repeating a mantra until it’s believed as truth.

Profiling you, seeing how people think at Google, facebook,

then there’s devious Cambridge Analytica rigging elections.

Empire building through analysing reactions and Metadata.

Then there’s ultimately the official, Totalitarian Coup d’etat!

Living in a State of Fear, Cybersecurity, Serco’s Panopticon.

How to keep the threat ongoing, growing their bigger budgets.

Just as Pharmaceutical corporations are still looking for a cure!

We’re the taxpayers paying for the billionaires, don’t you see?


Martial Law

The Tyrants getting rid of those folks who don’t Conform ~

Data is used against people, we’ve created an AI. Police state!

People believe they’re monitored, makes whistle-blowers fearful.

Civilisation stagnates, destroys human aspirations, innovation, creativity

These Criminal cabals are subverting Judicial systems around the world

There is the loss of honesty, decency, caring basic values of humanity.

We’re becoming manipulated, deceived with no freedom, all paranoia.

Stella Wind-Program, domestic spying on 325 million calls + per day!


The Grey Encrypted Phone

Faked Democracy at False GCHQ. & Y Beam Splitters.

Collecting info on the population with No probable cause.

US. first in electronic spying, UK. most cameras, surveillance!

The Theatre of Spycraft, now here is the BBC propaganda News.

Don’t forget the Queen’s speech on Christmas day, eating turkey.

The secret Intelligence services conspiring to make things happen.

There to confuse, distract, control, manipulate you and your family.

Keep those problems, Troubles, going to keep the budget growing.

Fascists and their Secret Interpretation, Section 215, Patriot Act.

What happened to our right to Free Association mate?

Signed up to the Criminal Justice Bill involuntarily.

Don’t you know we’re living in a Police state?

They’ve lost their human being part of things ~

The constant noise of drones in Gaza; Shalom!


Missing in Action

‘There she is wearing devil horns on her head with her mouth open!’

Quivering in a raspberry ripple hole ~ Baphomet making spells.

Posing as a Red Witch, ‘As above so below’ All seeing eyes ~

Indoctrinating and poisoning our innocent children.

The present is the common ground ~

Makes complete sense, keeps it real.



“Virtual space is endless to an AI. robot”

Working with nodes to understand scenarios.

Swarmed by nanobots, a blockchain is forever.

Qanon is Hi, Q tel. web clones with personalities.

Advanced intelligence protocols, Tyler’s in the wind ~

Pander an Intel-multi-national robot platform, SIRISYS

Interacting, simulated intelligence with Super conductivity.

$20 million for a D wave Quantum computer, shifting status.

Going from linear to Quantum particles in the Super position ~

Norman is an Artificial Intelligence that didn’t develop any emotion.

Who’s lost the signal to the particle accelerator, collider network?

Operation Paperclip and more, how about a trip to Fort Bliss Miss?

Open source code ~ TO INFLUENCE: I made it all up!


Confinement in a Deep State of Madness

Black hats, MO. satanic tasers, welcome to your Shadow Government.

Welcome to the Nut Hut, scrambling your brains in electric microwaves!

For them it’s all about Plausible deniability, covert, you know it’s wrong.

Happens when the drugs wear off, “I’ll be back, to do the unthinkable!”

Tests energy-warfare weapons on your pregnant mum locked in solitary

Plasma beams decelerated human DNA; not animal. “I love pussy cats”

What happened in Nicaragua? CIA’s field testing their Space weapons!

People have an attention span of 3.2 seconds, less than Goldfish! WTF!

And they’ve discovered $trillions in gas and oil, buried in Afghanistan ~

Wants to revive the Opium trade just like it was in the past, getting rich!

Let’s create a most sophisticated, psychopathic Artificial intel, Norman!

Empathic kind of algorithm; if I see someone in pain do I feel for them?

At base the programmer is programming themselves into the machine.

Empathy recognises empathy ~ a computer differs to human emotion.


Rolling the Palantir Ball

Artificial Intelligence is following us all through a multitude of Prisms ~

When the Internal blockchain went online, Data mining is a new nature.

We are slaves, they are the Singularity Kings, Sheiks, Shahs, Q Czars.

Chipped reality of Global Oligarchy. AI Profiled, why do people Trust it?

Why would they question their own software, source code, algorithms?

When it fails to make correct Identification; remote Algorithms never do!

Black box decides what affects you. Judging how many years in Prison.

Who is Cooperative, Adaptive, who has cruise control, self-driving cars?

Whose behaviour is good within the parameters of the Holy Iniquities?

Step Forward! Spirit cooking Earth as a Q computer – who’s not Free?


Made Redundant - Why?

‘The experiment must continue’ the system cannot reflect….

Artificial intel. economic incentives to replace human workers.

Following their leader, told how, what to do, what time to wake up,

when to sleep. Fearing our own intellectual self’s laziness and greed.

Command created Mind-set inside a Computer; took-over from people.

Technological Robot-Reality, where does your thought originate mate?

Humans 100 billion neurons*electric signals, how many do snails have?

Only two! Keeping in harmony with Mother Nature is all our salvations ~

Do you have sympathy for another human or a living entity in distress?



Four Columbian hit men machine gunned him in his yellow Cadillac!

Who said the Clinton Foundation is a massive money laundering scam?

Nobody knows the truth because it’s compartmentalised, asking Lucifer.

Importing tons of coke into Arkansas under the radar; Its the irreal thing.

Online, checking out your tax-free spoils of war at BCCI, Cayman Isles.

Mena son of a bitch, no witness, DOD blind satellites, DEA. black flights

No blow back, misinformation, zero residual press, discredited sanitised

Contra, Guns for Cocaine, they dubbed it a conspiracy, ask Gary Webb!


Needs Gold

Cymatics ~ vibrational mantras, Omkar

Now we’re being fed by a digital spoon!

Using the Vatican Bank to fund themselves.

Living on NSA. panopticon digital plantations,

FEMA concentration camps, didn’t erase the data!

No Privacy reinstituted onto the New Terrorism Act.

All controlled, to be education basis for our children.

‘10,000 priests in Australia arrested for paedophilia!’

Our survival is determined by the stroke of a key ~

Controlled by Government, a big blackmail ring.

Monitoring it all, fraud, “We are no longer free”

Light makes things manifest ~ not extortion!”


NSA Obamanation!

‘Killing the NWO deep state!’

Who sanitised his history, records?

How did they get their security clearance?

The Constitution needs to be rewritten mate!

Implanting metadata, welcome to the Machine!

HSBC bank created for GB. Running the Opium trade!

Top fund raisers, the principal families producing the Heroin.

Digital Inquisition, Micro-aggression “I need you, You need me”

Don’t offend the Google guys, Qtel validations, Qanon decodes.

Technology has Power over people’s lives, the CIA. Universe ~



Alien Fascistas

Elite dictatorships, Vatican handlers, dealings in China.

Destroying black culture with gangster rap perversions.

You married an Infidel?” “No, he converted!”

Monsters coming up from the very deep


A Subliminal Welcome to 1984 Redux

Unthinkingly un-critical, cult-like Trump supporters don’t realize ~

that they have been socially engineered, their behaviour, opinions

and beliefs modified. Essentially, they have been brainwashed by

sophisticated algorithms deployed by companies like U.K.-based

Cambridge Analytica and Alamo. Both companies operate through

data-mining and planting fake news and propaganda on the pages

of people who have revealed themselves, primarily through their

record of ‘Likes’, to have a vulnerability, or susceptibility, toward

some easily exploited and manipulated bias or fearpro-Brexit,

bias among Americans or Canadians, for example, predisposing

them to certain planted misinformation and propaganda, privileging

authoritarian trends, or evidence of subconscious misogynistic

beliefs, anti-feminism, or incipient racism. These inclinations,

though thought by their hosts to be private, or even held secret,

are very evident to the company psychologists and behavioural

scientists analysing the true cash product of ‘free’ social networks,

the users’ mined data. Evidence of gun collection, NRA membership,

or search patterns for gun enthusiasts will provide a basis for targeted

ads and ‘news’ stories in a social network account. From as few as

5000 increments of mined data on any individual’s online activity,

psychographic profilers claim to know what your next move will be

a good deal earlier than you do. Cambridge Analytica, the London-

based outfit that boasts an ability to target voters based on their

unconscious psychological biases, worked behind the scenes in both

the Vote Leave campaign and the Trump campaign. The campaign

director of Vote Leave for the Brexit referendum has said of their

strategical deployment of Cambridge Analytica, “If you want to make

big improvements in communication, hire physicists” Claiming to have

built psychological profiles using 5,000 separate pieces of data on

220 million American voters, Cambridge Analytica algorithms knew


their quirks and nuances and daily habits and was able to target them

individually. “They were using 40-50,000 different variants of ad every

day that were continuously measuring responses and then adapting

and evolving based on that response,” according to Martin Moore of

Kings College (Cadwalladr, Dec. 4, 2016). Because these companies

have so much data on individuals and they use such phenomenally

powerful distribution networks, they enable campaigns to bypass

a lot of existing laws. “It’s all done completely opaquely, and they

can spend as much money as they like on particular locations.

Fake news is important but it’s only one part of it.

These companies have found a way of transgressing 150 years of

legislation that we’ve developed to make elections fair and open”.

Cambridge Analytica the company, which revolutionized the

American political scene in 2012, boasts of its ability to assemble

so-called psychographic profiles of American voters based on five

dominant personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion,

agreeableness, and neuroticism. It then targets them with uniquely

crafted messages based on their digitally revealed unconscious biases.

Their emphasis on psychology differentiates them as a company from

traditional data firms that specialize in ‘microtargeting,’ which tracks

consumer data and behaviour to target voters. Cambridge Analytica’s

method was, wrote Bloomberg’s Sasha Issenberg, “the most audacious

new analytical innovation foisted on American politics this year” (Ibid.).

On its website, it advertises, “a comprehensive range of analytics and

engagement services are proven game changers that deliver smart

solutions and produce real results,” including, “Data Acquisition,

Predictive Analytics, Audience Insight and Digital Marketing’.

Full article, Yvonne Owens, 24. 03.2018.

See Carole Cadwalladr, Dec. 4, 2016). Guardian & On Google)

** * **

Don’t Ask

SCL Group[1] (formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories[1])

was a private British behavioural research and strategic

communication company.[2]  In the United States, SCL has gained

public recognition mainly through its affiliated corporation

Cambridge Analytica.[3] It performs data mining and data analysis

on its audience. Based on results, communications will be specifically

targeted to key audience groups to modify behaviour in accordance

with the goal of SCL's client. The company describes itself

as a “global election management agency.” Or brainwashing!



After initial commercial success, SCL expanded into military and

political arenas. It became known for alleged involvement “in military

disinformation campaigns to social media branding and voter

targeting”.[10] In 2005, “with a glitzy exhibit” at the Defence Security

Equipment International (DSEI),“the United Kingdom's largest show

case for military technology”, SCL demonstrated its capacity in

influence operations’: ‘to help orchestrate a sophisticated campaign

of mass deception’ on the public of a big city like London.

According to its website, SCL has participated in over 25

international political and electoral campaigns since 1994.[4]


SCL’s involvement in the political world has been primarily in the

 developing world where it has been used by the military and politicians

to study and manipulate public opinion and political will. Its uses have

been called “psy ops” to provide insight into the thinking of the target

audience. SCL claimed to be able to help foment coups.[11] According

to its website, SCL has influenced elections in Italy, Latvia, Ukraine,

Albania, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, India,

Indonesia, St. Kitts & Nevis, the Philippines,[12] Thailand, Taiwan,

Colombia, Antigua, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago


 While the company initially got involved in elections in the United -

Kingdom, it ceased to do so after 1997 as staff members did not

exhibit the same ‘aloof sensibility’ as with projects abroad. Wikipedia

(SCL > Cambridge Analytica liquidated

and transmogrified into Emerdata LTD.)

WASHINGTON: Wikistrat owned by Joel Zamel, an Israeli

entrepreneur whose work has drawn the scrutiny of special counsel

Robert Mueller, formed a strategic partnership with a data firm for

President Donald Trump’s campaign in a joint bid to win business from

the U.S. government and other clients after 2016 election.’ Put up for

sale in 2016; reincarnated into WhiteKnight, based in the Philippines.


If Wikistrat was engaged in intelligence collection, an obvious question

arises: For whom? Much of the reporting has focused on Wikistrat’s

relationship so far with the United Arab Emirates. For instance, The

New York Times recently reported a secretive Trump Tower meeting

three months before the 2016 presidential election, between Donald

Trump Jr., Zamel, and George Nader, an emissary for the UAE.

The meeting drew comparison to the infamous Trump Tower

meeting between Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a

Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin. Zamel is reported to have

pitched Trump Jr. on a social-media manipulation strategy to help

his father win the election. After Trump was elected, Nader is said to

have paid Zamel a large sum of money, as much as $2 million. In

light of the scrutiny of Zamel’s ties to the UAE, it’s natural that news

coverage would focus on that country. But Wikistrat may, in fact,

have stronger ties to Israel. Zamel is a citizen of Israel and

master’s graduate of IDC Herzliya - a small, elite college that’s

often compared to U.S. Ivy League schools - where he studied

government, diplomacy, strategy, specializing in counterterrorism,


homeland security. (The internal documents reviewed by The Daily

Beast confirm that Zamel also owned the lion’s share -86 percent of

Wikistrat, the next biggest shareholder possessed less than 6 percent.

Though Wikistrat’s website lists

its location as Washington, Kadtke said the company was run out of

Israel the entire time he worked there. A former Wikistrat employee

confirmed the company was run out of Tel Aviv, with a D.C. office only

handling sales and business development, he said. “He knew a whole

lot of people there [in Israel]. One of his connections was the former

head of [Israeli] intelligence directorate, Amos Yadlin.” In fact, each of

Wikistrat’s principals listed Tel Aviv as their address in a 2015 copy of

Wikistrat’ Virginia business license. Former employees say that at the

core of Wikistrat’s leadership were three Israelis: Daniel Green, CTO,

Elad Schaffer, formerly the COO and now the CEO, and Joel Zamel,

the founder and until this year its CEO. “Those people were very close,

and it wasn’t just professional,” one former employee said. That former

employee added, “I had an initial conversation with Joel where I said,

One of the issues you’re going to run into, if you want to be focused on

[U.S.] government work, you’re going to run into problems every day

because of the Israeli connection.’ He said, ‘Well, why is that? They’re

amazing allies?’” “There were many internal conversations [ref this]

Israel is one of the top counterintelligence concerns for the U.S.” One

of the internal documents reviewed by The Daily Beast lists a former

major in [an] elite Israeli intelligence-analysis unit,” Shay Hershkovitz,

as its chief security officer and director of its analytic community. That

document also describes Schaffer as a former “counterterrorism officer

for Israeli intelligence.” “Elad was involved in a very elite, select group

of individuals performing a very important mission… dealing with the

height of the global war on terrorism,” one former employee said. “He

did some collaborative work with U.S. special-operations counterparts

in the Middle East dealing with threats from al Qaeda” The Daily Beast.


Its motto: Shape Reality’

The Psy-Group, one of Mr. Zamel’s firms, signed a memorandum

of understanding with Cambridge Analytica LLC, a digital media firm

that helped propel Mr. Trump to the presidency, these people said.

 Facebook in March suspended Cambridge over allegations that it

improperly harvested the data of millions of Facebook users,

accusations that in part led to the firm’s closure earlier this month’

A person familiar with the work of Psy-Group, a private intelligence

firm, said the partnership was intended in part to help win government

contracts, something that Cambridge Analytica and its parent company,

SCL Group, were aggressively seeking to do’


Cambridge Analytica earlier this month announced it was shutting

down its operations, along with its U.S. & U.K. affiliates, SCL Group

and SCL Elections. is liquidating its assets, an administrator said.

Cambridge Analytica faced mounting legal fees in the U.K.’s

investigation of the firm and was rapidly losing clients, according

to people familiar with the matter. In March 2018 it suspended its

chief executive, Alexander Nix, after undercover journalists at British

broadcaster Channel 4 released a video depicting him describing

campaign tactics. He said the company had used, among them

entrapping political opponents with bribes and sex. In the video, Nix

said Cambridge Analytica used Israeli companies in its campaigns’.

Wall Street Journal, Byron Tau and Rebecca Ballhaus

Updated May 23, 2018


December 2016, Mr. Nader turned again to an internet company linked

to Mr. Zamel - WhiteKnight, based in the Philippines - to purchase a

presentation demonstrating the impact of social media campaigns on


Mr. Trump’s electoral victory. After the inauguration, Mr. Zamel and

Mr. Nader visited the White House, meeting with Mr. Kushner and Mr.

Bannon. At that time, Mr. Nader was promoting a plan to use private

contractors to carry out economic sabotage against Iran, he hoped it,

might coerce it to permanently abandon its nuclear program. The plan

included efforts to deter Western companies from investing in Iran and

operations to sow mistrust among Iranian officials. He advocated the

project, which he estimated would cost about $300 million, to US,

Emirati and Saudi officials’. NY Times, 5-19-2018.  Mark Mazzetti,

 Rone Bergman and David D. Kirkpatrick, (from p. 12 paraphrased).

** * **

Checks for Defence

$716 billion per year and that’s only what they know about!

Reveal any corruption, they’ll put you in a psychiatric gulag in

Pennsylvania and throw away the key! They had the proof of

tampering with testimony, planting people with false evidence!

Protein synthesised weapons crippling y/our mind with FEARS!

Tapping fibre optic signals, rerouting the servers, top secret NSA.

Government retribution schemes against someone who wouldn’t

Collaborate. Duplexing the identity of a jury member, concealing!

Whatever happened to the Constitution, that Bill of Rights mate?

Ask those in straight-jackets bouncing around in the rubber room.



Attention, altering personalities, living inside them; fragments.

Another personality coming up; listen to your trauma handlers!

Distracting the masses, enslavement to Lucifer’s Elite Matrix mix.

What are your code words, triggers into your sub-conscious field?

Which brand of brain-washing powder is rinsing your subliminals?

Shot him with a heart attack Gun, her with a frozen toxic dart!


Diabolical Side of Capitalism

The people who profit from perpetual war need more enemies!

Everything in the Universe they want to monetise, weaponise!

Corporate political spinning to win over your hearts and minds.

Retroactive immunity to service-providers doing their bidding.

Repeated lies, lies upon lies until the lie is eventually believed

It was all another invasion of y/our privacy and y/our country.

Trying to get people to commit suicide, fabricating evidence;

ask Manning, Assange, Snowden, all the other truth Sayers.

Believing in the light while it is still there.


‘In the Devil They Trust’

Sociopathic, Psychopathic, Homocidal Maniacs, total Insanity.

Welcome to Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 5G Inquisition!

Clouds full of poisonous radiation, nanotoxins expelled into the air.

A complicit media keeping silent, condemned to death, not to care.

Chemically programming, Pain to destroy your body, mind and soul.

Advanced Bio-Technologic development, Military, Industrial, Political,

Pharmaceutical, Financial-complex sucking up Global energy, waging

War on people, starving lives being destroyed by a secret, NWO cabal,

Satanic congregation. Mad Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Kleptocrats, Royals,

bangsters of mass Genocide. Schizophrenia on Religious, extremist

scales, killing all our planetary species. Come to Invade, Conquer,

rule, dominate, control, murder, enslave your family with impunity.

Government legalised Torture, enhanced interrogation techniques,

Extraordinary-rendition, broken every code of mankind; Absolutely no

compassion, no feelings, mercy, empathy; slaughtering everything in its

path for more Power! Tyrant dictator, criminal despots cut out your heart

on their bloody, sacrificial altar to Lucifer. Unconsciousness ~ No Love


Shattered mirrors

Lifelong abuse by Satanists at the top of the Pyramid.

Brain reprogramming centre for dehumanisation -

making it easier to murder people, right NOW!

The Truth will set us free, live it or die.

Multi-personalities living inside them.

What is dissociation for a Monarchy?

Ask at the Beta sex kitten program.



Loose Cannons Monitored by Satellites

Phosphorous melted, dead bodies on the burnt ground.

‘They live a great life but they’re not in touch with reality!’

‘Criteria, authorised the targeted killing of a human being’

NWO. Exorcism, Satanism, diabolical beliefs and Insanity.

By grace of God, sold souls, reflections of our life choices.

Forbidden to do Magic, fighting in between light and dark.

Shining out.


Evoking the inter-dimensional genies

Codes, Cyphers, Symbols, Spells and Mantras.

Practising magicians, all about selling weapons!

Demonologists in the Vatican, entities into reality.

Revolutionising the corrupt thoughts of mankind.

Manipulating Temporal power not Spiritual power.

Masters of perception ~ Secrets of the Alchemists.


Being Kinder * In Credible!

‘Addicted to Power, Wealth, Greed, Control!

Change by finding the light in ourselves ~

In our own wisdom, creativity and nature’

Protest against Holy-mob lynchings, India!


In Union

Working for the light

I love the good ol’ USA”

“We are all under Mind-control”

“Are we free?” “Are we on Air ~ or not?”

Firing squad; Jesus arrested for Espionage!

Without Fear ~ Freedom is to speak the truth.


Secret Society Deception

Wizards, Exorcists, Grand Inquisitor’s mental-illness!

Sexual black magic abused a mind-control sex slave.

MK Ultra rainbows of child prostitution rings. Demonic-

democratic’ senators equated with non-ordinary reality;

not losing their budgets, keeps it ongoing; they’re still dead!

Who said, Crime doesn’t pay? Does it? Google, Black Cube.

You’ll never be forgiven, will you? Sociopaths’ Satanic Temple.

“Who the Fuck are You!?”


Manchurian Candidates in Congress

Covert wars for Mind-control, traumatising, XX stress.

Triggers associations, flipping us to other altered states.

Your handler knows what subconscious’ buttons to press.

Feeding you opium-based psychedelics, and the rest doctor!

Asks about the Monarch programme and their electric shocks!

Nothing human is sacred to these psychopathic megalomaniacs.

Using Micro-wave fields, alters brain frequencies and personalities.

Remote viewing projecting the spiritual part out of the sensory body.

Weaponising, Psyche-Intelligence for the fascists at mission control.

How to enter Y/our Mind, altering behavioural science, their way!

ESP. Paper-Clip, MK-Ultra-Delta-Mind-control technology, Prism,

CIA. Centaur Rose, Stargate, Monarch, Mockingbird, Seaspray etc.

The Anti-Christ genetic-engineering loop. Fire, the Messiah Missile!

Material wars versus Spiritual beings ~ try some tactical make-up.


Interbreeding Evolution

‘Don’t be a victim of the Mind-control’

Objective to microchip and enslave You!

No human rights, no democracy so can’t object to anything!

The biggest illusion; Vatican and Zionists, Lucifer’s ensemble.

Moving our consciousnesses into another part of the Universe.

25920 the number of God, eu*genetics’ Doomsday scenario ~

The tablets of Enoch, Angels escaping to underground bases.

How to come out of this Ignorance? Analogy as a reflection.

Experiments where evil-man wants to play the Divine.

Who’s controlling the metaphysics


Analogy not logic

Book of Thebes, Egyptian illuminati, kabbalists, Neo-Zionists,

CIA, MI6, P2, Mossad, intelligence services, Jesuit’s Vatican

General, secret Societies worshipping, sacrificing for Lucifer!

Black Pope’s prophecies, Knights of Malta, esoteric knowledge,

opening inter-dimensional doors for entities to manifest on Earth.

Jesus’ Holy Grail shining light on demonic beings.

Where is the high priestess of Melchizedek?


Toxic Operation Indigo Skyfall to kill your third eye chakra

Government-made Chemtrail Poisoning raining down on us!

Attaching calcium, making a shell around your Pineal gland ~

Glysophates, nano-Aluminium, blocking y/our Psychic energy!

Adding lead to water increases violence, who wants to do that?

Fluoride in your H2O, toothpaste, gives you brain damage, why?

GMO’s and Directed energy, mind-control weapons aimed at you.

840 MHz field, natural resonating, frequency of the cranium, brain.

Wanting to dumb down our Consciousness of us, to enslave us all!

Psyche-Peace warriors radiating ~ Cosmic Crystal heart’s brilliance.


Bon Shamanic

Red caps of the Dalai Lama evoking entities in trance ~

Have you read the testament of Transcendental Magic?

Scientists’ researching on possession and Mind-control.

Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Opus dei, Knights Templars,

Pharaonic Occultists, Neo-Nazis, fascists take advantage.

Rituals evoking inhuman entities giving Terrestrial Powers.

By the Order of Death ~ Bom Kali!


Astronomic, Psytronic, Toxic, Ballistic!

The Cabal’s running riot round the World. Free to engage!

You can’t take our rights away Sherriff!” Hellfire missiles!

‘They can’t do morality in Business. Can they Mr. Soros?’

Skinning the consumer alive, Welcome to good ol’ USA.

Nano aluminium particulates, electro-magnetic charges.

Beams seeding themselves, get off that crack habit…

Destabilising foreign governments to bleed them dry.

Welcome to the Empire of Lucifer, Mr. President!


Sacrificing Blood

Clashing with our enemies in the convent!

Who saw the Owl flying in Bohemian Grove?

Evidence of the truth of the Demon on Earth.

An Occultist, high priestess touching my soul.

Who wants to go to Loveland?’


Is it your Mind telling your Mind?

Is there a reason today why everyone should not have enough water?

What is wrong with people and their treatment of other living beings?

Autocrazy, holy fuck, can this be really true? “I Love You Maman!”

Knowing yourself to affect the world, makes sense dad. I Am All ~


Sabotaging your Innocence

Rigged, compromised, corrupt, faked, NWO. controlled Media, Mafia.

Evil all the way ~ trying to follow the true example of Christ.

Planting the seeds, foundation for the Angelic Empire.

Being in Love with Pachamama, smiling inside ~

Perceiving, interpreting new Galactic reality.

Ending the suffering of life on Earth.

Truth will set us all Free


Protect * Respect

5G. Quantum Computers’ control of Mental slavery.

‘Torture of the tick-tocking clock in the prison cell.

What about the Vatican protecting paedophiles?

In the heart of the enemy, believing in change ~

They tried to buy you, in a Libyan slave market!

The Invisible masters being unholy puppeteers.

Who wants inter-dimensional esoteric magic?

Invoking, evoking, welcoming genies, entities.

Ask Jesuits the way to the Galactic telescope.

Controlling humanity with violence and greed.

“Satanism and Cannibalism in Hollywood ~”

Demons manipulating mass consciousness


Occult Mafia

Who wants to fuck another Hollywood Producer?

Who wants to deal with Mossad’s Black Cube?

Welcome to the barbarity, evils from Babylon!

Manipulating a planetary prison, for mankind.

Making us microchip slaves to the machine.

Dinosaurs imposing dystopia, panopticons.

Technocrazy destroying our Mother Earth.

Doing their bidding at the Pyramid’s apex.

Take a deep breath ~ find a natural balance


Immigration Warfare Pasta

“Blacks arriving from the jungle ~

Fascists want the creation of more criminality!”

Who craves Satan’s practices of voodoo rituals?

Who is sponsoring this invasion of Islamic forces?

Who marries children, ask cardinals, Imans, muftis!

Civilisation and culture turning to Sharia law, inshallah!

Mind-controlling us all; who is tolerating perverts for oil?

Socially-engineering your mum, dad, brothers and sisters.

Chain reaction, pro-human, pro-life freaking out the Globalists!

Their hearts in the right place * learning how to feel


Nuclear Attack On Sale!

“You’ve all been Weaponised!”

Witnessing a banquet of sociopaths.

What the owners of the country need…

Lots of radiation, nothing to do, only fighting tensions ~

Bushwhackers, warmongers, slaughterers, scavengers.

‘Protect your family now with a secure underground vault’

Providing almost absolute protection against Radiation Fallout!

Wait out the apocalypse with family and friends, protecting you and your

loved ones up to 900 years, if necessary. Five-foot-thick concrete walls,

decorative wallpaper, TV; kitchen, themed rooms, clean air ventilation.

Endorsed by the Office of Defence and Mobilisation; Sign up now’



“The measure of love is to love without measure.” ~ St. Augustine.

Obviously, the sniper was on a tea break * Vive l'art * Vive l'empathie.

Who would wrestle with an Angel and believe God had chosen them?

Unreasonable, doubtful, anxious, wary, suspicious, fearful, mistrust!

‘Once I realised you have all things inside you, love and hate, then you

can use love to get rid of hate’. Crystal clarity not obsessive subversion.



Om Pachamama

Fracking, reaming out her insides and we stare!

Moon stars or monsters glowing in her hair ~

Mother Nature is our heritage for all to share.

Start to think about it and feel, begin to care.

The World is full of insane destruction, why?

We are the people who poisoned the sky!

We bled her dry, there’s no time to cry.

STOP these lunatics once and for all

There’s no humanity in their heart ~

Sadists enraged, violence uncaged.

Betrayers, flogging the enslaved!

Time for a Conscious Revolution.


Marquis de Sade ~ Les prospérités du vice’

How delightful are the pleasures of the imagination ~

In those delectable moments, the whole world is ours;

Not a single creature resists us, we devastate the world,

we repopulate it with new objects which in turn, we immolate.

The means to every crime  is ours, and we employ them all,

we multiply the horror a millionfold’. Time to be Conscious ~

Now what did the unholy, oligarchic, Balfour Declaration say?

Approved by the 1926 Imperial Conference of the British Empire.

That’s a good beginning, ruling by cruelty, abuse and subjugation!

The declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations ~

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in

Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use

their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object,

it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which

may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing

non-Jewish communities in Palestine’.

Think about the suffering of human beings that enactment has caused!

Let’s try, offer PEACE a chance brother ~ Time for Conscious Evolution



‘Being human is fantastic, don’t be a fucking mental lizard of horrors!’

Tuning frequencies ~ becoming desensitised, becoming fully sanitised!

'when you murder children you are Psychopathically insane’. God.

If you bury your children, there’s something wrong in the world; Totally

wrong!’ The hypeocrazyness in the VR. AI. world by arrogant paranoid,

Authorities, is unbelievable! ‘Bayer’s our new enemy numero-uno, now

bought Monsanto’, deleteing its unholy name, so no one will ever know;

it’s the Devil himself, incarnated. Cancer in the rye, wars for our souls.

Knowledge is a Power Ray. Shine it in the light.

Love is Love, Pain is Pain ~ making it happen!


Phantasmagorical Philocalist

Literally means, ‘lover of beauty’ (Greek roots, phil- + kalos).

The destruction of primal forests for the exploitation of Palm oil

by psychopathic elites, who only dream of profits, power, control.

Sadists completely demented, yet it carries on & on, again & again!

A sequence of real or imaginary images, like those seen in dream?

Twenty signs that you’re in Love with a coke whore, Narcissist!


A Bigger Plan,


Who’s investigating the Clinton Foundation’s HIV. AIDS Initiative,

Illegal, violation of their charter? Who’s investigating Chemtrails, GMO.

Monsanto, slush funds to win the election for the Presidential Palace.

Clinically insane, welcome to the megalomaniac, Kleptocratic hotel,

where Police power is given more importance than civil liberties!

Persecution to frighten you; unholy sadists enjoying your fears,

seeing that they can exploit you to death in a deep martial state.

Calls for a generational revolution of hearts not a mental coup

by inhuman, paranoid, Narcisisstic, greedy, schizoid androids


Blessed Leit*motif

Am I, really dying, expiring, transcending ~ here now?”

“God, Titans and Angels told me to tell you”

Whipped for simply bearing her breasts ~

how to find the divine human spirit?

Entering the Theatre of the Absurd.

A dream; trying to better their lives ~

Not dark corruption up to their necks!

Someone who was insane, in power.

Participating not just taking from them.

Incredible Trust, exploring our great future.

“Love moving forward not going backwards”

Ask Chavez, for a Mango Bonito…


#VR * Desperate Despotbot

Simulation, Civilisation, Subjugation, Project-Protect.

Breaking the chains of y/our own mental-mind-sets.

Here’s the miracle of birth, life ~ the miracle of death.

Hallo magical, Cosmic Unicorns * Free Loving Spirit


Illegal Drone Attack!

Words of mass deception, the same ventriloquist.

Pulling the strings, smokescreens, cove-up!

The Government to stay out of your affairs.

Metadata used for targetting, killing people!

The United Slaughterers Association

Congloerates building their Empires

Addicted to money, Power and greed

Not to Humanity, equal rights, why?

Stella Wind metadata, spying on US.

domestic people with no oversight!

No checks and balances as GCHQ.

Collaborative Conspiracy


He got crushed!

Unity of Love and Peace

Saying it with a dry heart.

Mass Consciousness chipped

The Congress of the Politburo.

Scammers’ unfettered immorality.

Collateral Peace, all they are saying

Is no fucking chance, Like it not…

Still breathing but they’re dead inside!

Dark Corporate capitalism, Imperialism, seizing power.

Who’s defending the rights of those unjustly accused?

The Macinery of State Terrorism, Pennsylvania avenue.

Rascist, violent, fascist, despotic, a tyrannical syndicate.


I can do it, so I will

Serving their Agenda, a law only unto themselves.

Entities operating outside human sight, 7 senses ~

Through symbolism is an open gateway to access our

Subliminal-conscious reality, without even knowing it!

Going into your mind without you being aware of it ~

Controversy over 5G. Soros’ ballot counting machines.

Occult aspect, distracted by confusion and disorder.

Who’s noticing any psuedo, fake, irreal anomalies?


Expressing A Perfect Picture

The Reality he’s searching for…

Focusing, meeting, Conscious choice.

Deep-Psyche Cinderella stories!

Keep it simple, “he’s a nice man”

Uncovering the Truth, finding myself

As an Artist, being generous ~

People smiling in the street


Subconscious social programming

Summit is the most powerful super computer, from where?

Operating collider complexes, analysing neutrino data….

“Everything is a rich man’s fuck up!” Meet Psycho-slaver!

“We protect” “What about my sister?” “You have my word”

Blood is thicker than water and oil. Extinquishing oneself.

No one’s talkin’ about the mass murder of the Pentagon!

Slaughtering innocent people, isn’t that against the law?

None of the wealthy give a red cent for Peace, obviously!

Uprising of the victims of Global Corporate capitalism!

Money talks, a Government of special interests only.

Whatever happened to trancedelic, Peace and Love?

Run by the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

Have a back-up plan, Yours Truly.


In the Belly of the Beast

How far do you think you can run in high heels?

What about the counter intelligence top secret cover up?

Secrecy has become weaponised, Constitution destroyed.

The Government breaks the law with impunity, like sadists.

Bullets have value with the collapse of the grid; Apocalypse!

Deep state ruled by the Devil, what other explanation is there?

CIA, Vatican, Zionists, Fascists, Terrorists, Exorcists, all insane.

Abuse of Power, Criminal syndicates; weaponised Conspirators!

Where is the 28 page senate intelligence committee, 911 report?

Redacted the truth so what do you have, only an oligarchy?


Patriotism-Take it Away!

Coming out of his shell, deprogramming.

Not with AI. Gods in a post-human world.

Government sex traffiking, Minds wide shut.

Space XXX, let’s not get into eugenics brother.

Live Global transmission, Go with PRO-HUMAN


The US. led Invasion with its pathetic minions.

Condoning slavery, exploitation, destroying nature.

Congress bribed by MIC. lobbyists, look at the reality.

War everywhere, secret FISA courts, money laundering,

Off-shore tax accounts, cocaine for guns, destabilising ~

Governments to expropriate their resources for profit!

Wall St, IMF. World Central banks, BIS, financial power.

CFR. supporting diabolical Saudi Arabian despots for oil.

Deep state controls it all, the judiciary, President, elections.

Extraordinary rendition, can torture people with no recourse.

Ask Assange about the atrocities inflicted, collateral damage!

Ask Edward Snowden about Prism, spying on You too!

And these truthsayers became the criminals, how insane!

Yet these maniacs escape scrutiny and get no blame.

FFS. too big to Fail when they should all be in Jail!


Building their International crime syndicate

Sold-off secrets to the Chinese, Uranium to the Russians,

Guns to the Contras, Cocaine to the folks in LA; and ISIS!!!

You can’t begin to imagine this diabolical insanity, Mr. Soros!

Supporting the demons in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, the lot!

Destabilizing governments trying to improve their own people’s

lives, by arming the fascists and militaries to despise and murder.

Then they come to pillage and plunder in the name of democracy ~.

Propaganda, Corporate lobbyists, media control, political corruption,

blackmail. Murder, money-laundering, psychopathic, mad, black-Ops.

They’re up to it all with Quantum systems to make Hitler, Nixon, Bush,

seeming like unsophisticated imbeciles. What happened to Congress?

The war criminals, Oligarchs, Royalists have been doing this for eons ~

Slavery, imperialism, genocide, coke, exploitation and yet they are free!

“I have a conscience”


Breaking Eggs * Making Omlettes * Breaking Egos

“That time I had spilled so much blood at the sacrifice.

Wanting to hang his severed head on the wall.

Becoming a monster on the dark side of time”.

“The dead don’t move, there are no zombies!”

Angel fish are losing their sense of smell ~

Taking over your soul by remote hacking.

“We aren’t afraid of all these assassins!”

“We’re fellow travellers; where we goin?”


Humans Are Flawed

Summit, Super*computer, Quantum*Colliders, neutrinos.

Check out CERN and Sanford, Fermielab, South Dakota.

Particle accelerators Interfacing with humans; singularity ~

What’s happening at the NSA. code school. Monterrey, CA?

In my opinion, they’re the biggest enemies of the Truth, of you

and me and our family, their monster monolith, a strange Angel.

SIGSALY, Tyler, Texas top secret communication, cryptography.

Turning to Hitler worship 2018, Octogon secret Reich, Government.

Neo- Nazi Gestapo Botnetworks are trolling you, with no oversight!



The Mancurian Congress

Covert, diabolical, war for Mind-control, putting You in their Matrix mix!

Pepper bombing across the ether, landing Hellfire missiles on your high

school. Speaking, hearing a frequency info-field vibrated into existence.

My vocal chords decoding it through my senses, to my brain, turning it ~

into language, spells, signs symbols visuals effecting my subconscious;

what do you want Master? And I don’t even know it’s happening, they’re

pushing my buttons for them! People you trusted, politicians, teachers,

lawyers, doctors, bankers, priests are literally trying to fuck you and

they’re succeeding; better wake up mate! Thankfully there are still

those who have a heart ~ human feelings and love for all in nature


Master, Mistress of the Spice

GCHQ*Fake narratives, MK. Ultra-Complicity.

'Shot them all, dead in Canary Wharf' E. London.

One man's Terrorist is another man's Stunt actor.

Emptied the bullion vaults, all the rest is a sideshow!

It looks grim because they should all be f…king arrested.

Ask how the Mossad knew about it in advance? "It's a plane!"

Remotely controlled, transmuting into exploding Thermite dust.

Consulting Mossad’s Black Cube, Octogon, Templars’ recipe book.


Gives me the willies

Nobody really can know the past or future only the here and now.

They were selling people for over 200 years, it makes an imprint, mum.

Happy there's no bombs going off or people coming around to kill ‘em!

All my life I've tried to stay away from trouble...

Being proper fucked is a good feelin' sometimes.

The Mind can't conceive of something FORMLESS

Eternal space is NOTHINGNESS as there is No Object,

to fill in the gaps between 'My' thoughts with 'Mine' Thing.

Realising that Universal Intelligence is in each of our cells.

The Subject is beyond the Ego's self-seeking Mind-Objective.

There is nothing to hold onto, no ‘Me’, possession, attachment.

You are flowing in the Consciousness’ stream which is truly You


In your Plastic Soya Flakes

Barium and aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide.

There’s not enough machine guns to kill ‘em all, think of something else

Need an Alien, entity dictionary and schematics to Cloud Architecture.

Who’s got their invitation to a Demonic party? Having a good blast…

Psymates, got mine on the Dark web, decrypting a six key cypher.

Spybots following you round the internet looking for pizza eating

Satanists. Pagan witch, she practiced magic when he met her.


Full Specrtrum * Drama Reality

Locked him, her, up in a Mental Institution; Off Air.

Full Power, he stood up, he had everything to gain.

Synched-up, they have the keys to the Apple, VR. Orchard.

Shown proof of the child traffiking, nightmares, broken down.

“I’m a target, please pray for me folks” Don’t leave me cherie!

What about my Awakening, so happy out of Psych-prison.

Bring out the Final cut ~ let’s work together for the Truth


Tentacles Riding off into the Sunset

‘Their contract is up, making a ritualistic offering!

How many people you know who self-suicided?

A call for an uprising, coming in threes, psy-ops.

Decided to check out and leave, very sick people.

A lot of things to live for, I’m not jumping off a cliff.

Tweeting about Dr. Kissinger as a #1 War criminal!

Dying in the saddle in Cambodia, keeping positive ~

Who’s manipulating the narrative as their successor?

Who cut the beating heart out of a Cobra! Yam,Yam.

Ritualistic cannibalism, hanging by a red scarf ~

threads wrapped around a Black Cube’.


They’re All Demented Demons

‘A high ranking witch, she’s never going to jail!

A left >:< right paradigm in your owl pocketbook.

Shoes with a devil’s tail, wearing a mouse’s mask.

A young girl with a masonic popsicle in her mouth!

Shirts with all seeing eyes and inside the Pyramid.

Vampires, cannibals, exorcists and warmongers.

Don’t fall for it, they’re not draining the swamps.

He knew a lot of secrets, had a lot of enemies.

Binary signs of an unconscience from Hell’.

A hostile takeover ~ stay in transcendence!


Living in an Amazing Dream World.

Calling for a new Renaissance, fighting for the real truth.

Black people out of racist Prisons; Global depopulation!

Who’s been funding these maniacs, ISIS and Al Qaeda?

He knew secret things that they didn’t want you to know.

Still being brainwashed, welcommen to Neo-Nazi’s USA!

He still had a little bit of humanity left, self-suicided him!

World Government, A I; we’ve been taken over darling.

All he really wanted was Peace and Love ~


Non-Interested Mental Movement

Everything lives in the Present ~

Yoni masseuse, the grace to impart.

Healing just coming through me....

Not looking, the undoing, the being

Karma knots, concepts blocking energy.

Expect Nothing, everything is good.

And enjoy the Unexpected


Indoctrination of a Real Christian

You believe Jesus is our Lord and Saviour right?

Wearing a crown of thorns; crucifying me again!

Doing the 666 stretch pose, good for my back!

The all seeing eyes drawn on her forehead.

Here she is doing the Serpent’s tongue.

You can’t make it up, witch’s Occult Art.

Having a milk bath, something fishy

holding upside-down Pentagrams.

People surrounded by death ~

The trap worshipping Lucifer.

Their armies are growing


I wonder…

‘Everything’s a revolution for machines not humans!’

The future’s here now it’s just not equally distributed!

What have we gained by inflicting all this cruelty?

These animals have never known freedom or love.

I know what that means; suffering loneliness in life.

May they be Free from the Fear of being factory farmed,

made a spectacle of in a zoo, or an experiment in a prison.

Encaged pigs farmed for money, kept in barbaric conditions!

Plastic still being made when it’s destroying our environment;

natural hemp exists as an alternative; why? It’s insane, criminal!

Who is responsible and how do they keep getting away with this?

How can anyone take a life like this in front of y/our eyes? Wrong!

‘This is their first time seeing the Sun after living thirty years in a lab.

A Tiger’s first swim after being freed from the Circus, entertainment.

He’s never touched grass, felt it before; never living in a cage again.

Now that they’ve tasted freedom they’ll never look back ~ Inshallah


Suicide, Boom, move on!

‘He wanted Peace, Love, now he’s dead’. Main media’s lying.

A World Government, AI. takeover, stopping human progress ~

How they plan to get rid of Lifeforms, we gotta struggle against it!

Metaphysically synched up, unlocking the secrets of the Universe.

Someone with horns wants to steal the future and it’s not a Unicorn


Our Amazonia

On fire, burning trees, burnings books, women, babies!

A disaster woken up from Hell, like it or not, life is life ~

Is it you, who is responsible for such unconsciousness?

Who has the Power to allow this to happen, to gain what?

Ask yourself, what you going to fuckin’ do about it, Bolsonaro?

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