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A Taste Of My Thoughts

Once We Talked

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2019

Smashwords Edition 2019

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2019 Steve Lake

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Once we talked

Copyright 1-6-2019

Steve Lake

Dedicated to my ghost

Once we use to talk

I would look at your future and possibilities

What you could grow into

Not to please me

But a thought to please you

As you aged your words would fade

Turning inward your mind was closed tight

My words then repeated in echoes

Like an empty canyon giving my own words back

More hollow and lifeless each time

Till it wasted away into death falling silent

I waited like a deaf man waiting for a miracle

To once again hear your words

Year after year I watched you morph into your true self

Not to influence you I say little to nothing else

Years now pass into a silence growing familiar

I'm now an outsider looking inward

Now my words take a ghostly form

I guess it is the beginning of the end

My paternal urge drive me towards you

I must take back some of your space

You have abused my privilege

You should be donning a face of disgrace

But you just laugh

Persistently for years I have tried

Then finally one day you socked me in the eye

Once more I hear your words that flowed

But you spoke with the hatred of the devil's tongue in tow

Such foul words

Hatred and insult your only intent

Disowning family is your solution for isolation

I'm thinking, oh wow a useful life wasted when spent

You assaulted me like an army horde attacking a castle

Being relentless in your attack

Truth or lie made no difference to you

Only your accomplishment to make another cry

I wish now that we had never talked

To reverse time to a place before your smelly words

Back to a simpler time when we use to talk

Back before you failed

In understanding

Accidental words misspoken can be healed

Angry words spoken can be granted bygones

But purposely hateful words

Disowning family

Cutting another with such words to bring self joy

Intentionally spilling blood

I don't speak your language that destroys

Within you is a true loss of love

So now I await death and beyond

Then my final words will be spoken

Since death is a one way conversation

Enjoy my echoes for eternity

My words of love not hate for family

Oh yeah! You said I was no longer family

Sorry we can never talk again

You can reflect back to the day you began



When you closed the door to the beginning of the end

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