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A collection of poetry and prose from a submissive heart


Unspoken: book one by Luna Kayne

Copyright © 2018 by Luna Kayne

All rights reserved.

This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author/publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and situations within its pages and places or persons, living or dead, is unintentional and coincidental.

First Printing, 2018

ISBN (Book) 978-1-7751670-2-0

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-7751670-3-7

Luna Kayne

Kayne Publishing


This is a collection of poetry, prose, thoughts and words with themes including domination, submission, bondage, discipline, etc.

To my Twitter friends and followers.

Thank you for allowing me to express myself.



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After finishing my first novel, Controlling Interests, I found I had a lot of things I still wanted to say that didn’t fit into your everyday erotic story.

I still had pieces of my heart that wanted to speak.

So I began posting my words and thoughts to my Twitter account.The more I reflected on myself, the more posts went up. And as I posted my words publicly, I began to meet more and more unique and amazing people who could relate to me through my words.

I decided to put them all together in this collection because every word is a piece of my heart and they deserve a home.

Submission is a choice
born of free will and
made from a place of strength.

It is a deep-seated need
to serve the one
who has earned
your obedience
through patience,
respect and trust.

Everyone is a mere voyeur.
Watching from afar.
If you earn permission
to enter her garden,
tread carefully.
For that is where
her dark storm rages,
discouraging unworthy visitors.
Conquer the tempest
that lies in wait and
you’ll find her there,
dancing among the wildflowers.

Surrendered to your control.
My mind is yours to guide.
Open only to feel,

I take everything you allow.
Bound within
the space in my head.
A spectator, watching.
Witnessing my own decent.
I’m lost in you.
I’m found by you.
There’s only you.

My will is yours. My mind is yours.
My body is yours. My heart is yours.

My fears belong to you.
My desires belong to you.
My release belongs to you.
My surrender belongs to you.

I submit to you. I am yours.

But know this...

... You are also mine.

I like to think
we’re all a little broken.
If not then it’s just me,
lost in my head.

I want you to do those things to me that

I’m too ashamed to ask for.

Strong fingers grip
around my throat as
your thrusts push the air
from my lungs.
Feeling your weight on me
like a safety blanket,
you whisper low into my ear and
I know who I belong to.
I am home.

She took pride in how
guarded she was.
Building her
pretty little house with
so many big,
beautiful windows to see out,
but no doors
to let anyone in.

master her sound
then sway,
lost in her rhythm
ebb and flow in time
tempo rising
conquering her melody
her song is Yours

A hitched,
half breath between
the strike and the impact.
Nervous anticipation,
excitement, fear
and acceptance
coil taut inside
then explode
in the fraction of a mere second
settling my psyche ablaze.

She’s submissive.

Not because she is restrained,
not because she is spanked,

gagged or roughly fucked,
and not because she kneels before Him.

She is submissive because she loves it.

With her freedom, she chooses this for herself.

She craves, with all that she is, to be His.

Do you

like to be dominant or

are you a Dominant?

Do you

like to be submissive or

are you a submissive?

Nothing is wrong with either but there’s a difference.

Fetish versus lifestyle.

Educate yourself.

That sweet moment.

Fingers wrapped around my throat,

claiming me.

Hips slapping against my ass,

rocking me into a trance.

My tits swaying with your thrusts and

your growl in my ear as

you kiss and bite my neck.

“Who’s my good girl?”

“I am. I’m your good girl.”

Look at yourself in the mirror.

You’re going to watch me

use your pretty little body and

I’m going to show you

how much you like it.

Him: “Not another word, little one.”

My brain: Don’t say anything,
don’t say anything,
don’t say anything,
don’t say anything,
don’t say anything...

My mouth: “But...”

Queue the sound of a belt buckle being unfastened.

My brain: Fuuucck......

You are my anchor,
my light when I’m drifting in a sea of darkness.
Your words calm,
comfort and
center me.

I find my strength in you.

The metallic clink of

the buckle being undone.

A soft zipping sound as it is

removed through pant loops.

The snap against his skin as

he tests out its strength and

invokes a fear deep into the

pit of her stomach.

Then, the command.

“Bend over, little one.”

I give you my real, tangible, honest, raw.

The parts I keep hidden away from everyone else.

It’s all yours.

To take,








All I want in return is you.

She bound herself to him

long before he reached for the collar.

loosely tethered
to what was.
currents flowing,
to another

Held in place and slipping into myself.
That moment when I’m exposed and

vulnerable before you.
Your fingers grip around my neck and

everything settles into place.
Nothing else matters.
I’m where I want to be.
I choose this.

When you wear your belt to work,

think of me when you

see my teeth marks

from where you used it

to gag me while you

spanked me last night.

that touch
that first connection
after the anticipation
stomach in knots
hitched breath
sweaty palms
racing heart
warm cheeks

I thought about you

today in the shower.

My tongue licked the

lips that belong to you.
My fingers circled the

aroused nipples that are yours.
My hands spread the

supple thighs and touched

everything you own.

I played with your things and

they tasted so sweet.

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