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A Collection of Poems

By Steven Pelcman

Copyright © 2018 By Steven Pelcman

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Dedicated to Mom and Dad

And to Lola

The road is worn

By shades of light

Until we reach a spot

Where the leaves darken

Steven Pelcman


(For Lola)

As a sweet goddess

you run your perfume

with gentle wind.

Mother of queen bee

and victim of hand

and heart, you spread

your wings as a seasoned

veteran and summer virgin

in prayer that sits

in judgment flowering

of dark red among wild green

to become the purest lover

that breathes life and death

and dares autumn

to keep summer in its breast.

Steven Pelcman


Summer in the Catskills

Velvet: A Cocker Spaniel’s Story

A Tree Speaks Out in Winter

Sunday Morning on Madeira

Bird Song

In New Orleans, an Old Black Man Tells You about the South

Pilgrimage Ends at Fátima

A Hospital View


Sunrise over La Gomera

An Ending

My Father’s Bicycle

Sea Lions on California Coast

An Irish Voice

Teenage Mother

First Morning Tram

Chapel of Bones


Last Visit

Notes from Eastern Germany

Oma and Her Cat

The Last Time I Saw My Sister

Painting of Witnesses on the Road to the Crucifixion


Under the Pantheon in Paris Where the Righteous are Buried

The Color of History Will Break Your Heart

New Year’s Day in Prague

The Waiting

A Cup of Tea

Old Man Walking to Market Place in Early Spring


Easter Spring Walk



A Tourist’s Welcome

Florida Turkeys Running Wild

Fishing on the Galata Bridge

Remembering Marrakech

Sidewalk Bakery


A Quiet, Lonely Room for Dying

Concentration Camp Number 144988

The Last Train to Auschwitz

A Father’s Last Seven Days

Anne Frank Speaks

Looking Down while Walking

Waiting at Night

A Proper Place

A Mother’s Final Journey

A Father Leaving


Hailfingen-Tailfingen 1944-45


The World Beneath

A Giraffe Surprises Us


Every Season

Keystone Cowboy

Three Graves

A Sad Tune

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Summer in the Catskills

Once home was the smell

of wild strawberries

gloating on bushes

changing the summer air

in a tangled circus

of ancient trees

behind the small bungalow

we stayed in each summer.

I refused to hold

my sister’s hand

as we skipped

and shuffled

along the dirt paths

of the circled rim

of forest that deer

poke their heads through

in the golden ring

of darkness that settled

above us in the musty

wooden coolness.

The dark was darker then

and as the sun stirred

the air baby-red,

the knotty pine that drifted

my way scared me

with its carnival masks

and new-born distortions

and earthy silence.

My sister was

oblivious to the wind,

to the encroaching breathing

not our own

to the sounds

we thought we heard

of running water

over polished stone

as she held onto me

in the darkness

I could barely touch

or see through.

We began to run

through cobwebs

and clouds of mosquitoes

that hung in the air

dropping our mother’s bowl

of strawberries

bleeding over dry leaves

and caked mud

until we reached

the backside of the bungalow’s

slant boards and spidery windows

out of breath.

We wondered if forests

talk to other children

or if it was a secret

all our own.

Velvet: A Cocker Spaniel’s Story

Cheri says the kids like to play

outside in the countryside

of upstate New York

where the occasional criminal

is a black bear

tossing aside garbage cans

or a deer darting

in and out of the wood

that surrounds the property.

But Velvet always accompanies

Deanna and Justin as she rolls

in the first dreams of early

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